Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 26 August 2014 Rules No 511 "the Granting Of State Aid Procedures In The Milk Of Dairy Cows Breeds Productivity Data For Evaluation"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2014. gada 26. augusta noteikumos Nr. 511 "Valsts atbalsta piešķiršanas kārtība piena šķirņu slaucamo govju produktivitātes datu izvērtēšanai"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 474 in Riga on 18 august 2015 (pr. No 40 29) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 26 august 2014 rules no 511 "the granting of State aid procedures in the milk of dairy cows breeds productivity data for evaluation" Issued under the agricultural and rural development Act article 5, fourth paragraph 3.1 and make the Cabinet 2014 26. Regulation No 511 of august "national procedures for granting aid in the milk of dairy cows breeds productivity data for evaluation" (Latvian journal by 2014, no 176, 220.) the following amendments: 1. Replace paragraph 5 with the number "13 993 480" the number "000 7 600". 2. Make the following point 6.2.2: "6.2.2. herd, the owner of which in 2015 from January 1 until July 31 passed each month milk processing." 3. To make point 7 by the following: "7. the rural support service support for one of the varieties of milk cow dairy productivity data discovery and assessment from 2015 on august 1, the applicant for the grant: 7.1 as a one-off payment of eur 45 per dairy cow milk varieties (including pirmpien) to which the last sealed the standard lactation (240-305 days) up to 6999 kilograms milk yield and milk of dairy cow breeds that had a certain productivity; 7.2. as a lump sum of 60 € for the dairy breeds of dairy cows for which the last sealed the standard lactation (240-305 days) from 7000 to 8999 milk yield is kilograms; 7.3. as a lump sum of eur 70 for dairy cow milk varieties, for which standard the last concluded lactation (240-305 days) milk yield at least 9000 kilograms. " 4. Replace paragraph 9, the words "the numbers and the 2014 1 December" with numbers and the words "1 September 2015". 5. Replace paragraph 11, the words "the numbers and the 2014 15 December" with numbers and words "2015 15 September". 6. Delete the 12.1 point. 7. Replace the attachment name, the number "2014" with the number "2015.". The Prime Minister is the Minister of Agriculture of Rashness Newsletters site – Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis