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Original Language Title: Kredītiestādes darbības rādītāji

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Financial and capital market Commission Regulation No 145 Riga 2006 September 15 (financial and capital market Commission Council meeting Protocol No. 41, 2. p.)
The banking public quarterly reporting rules Issued pursuant to the financial and capital market Commission Act 7 of the first paragraph of article 1 and paragraph 2 of article 17 and article 8 of the law of credit institutions-i. General questions 1. "Bank public quarterly reporting rules" (hereinafter-the rules) with the aim of raising banking transparency and promote market discipline, timely provision of market participants, vendors, investors and other interested persons of comparable information on the bank's financial position and performance.
2. determine the bank statements in public quarterly (called a report) to be included in the minimum content of the information, as well as the publication of such a report.
3. The rules are binding on the Republic of Latvia registered banks and foreign bank branches.
4. the information contained in the report must meet the following criteria. It must: 4.1 comprehensive;
4.2. sufficient financial position, operating results and with the bank's operational risk awareness;
4.3. timely;
4.4. a reliable and secure, giving priority to information audited, if possible;
4.5. comparable to the reference periods and according to explain;
4.6. the essential decisions.
5. Bank's Management Board is responsible for preparation of statements and timely publication.
6. the Bank shall prepare a report that reflects the information on its financial position and activities from the beginning of the year to 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December (hereinafter: the reference period) to ensure that the report is freely available at the registered office of the bank and all bank branches free of charge or for a fee, not exceeding the reasonable cost of copying, as well as review the bank's website. The report must be freely available not later than two months after the corresponding to the end of the reporting period.
7. the report indicates that during the reference period or sworn auditors or certified auditor of the company (hereafter referred to as the Auditors) were taken by the bank or the consolidation of the financial statements of the group. If such a check was carried out, the bank additionally provides information for auditors who carried out such verification, indicating the amount of the check.
8. Foreign bank branch published the foreign banks, which it is, the branch was the last available public review of foreign bank and financial indicators that are prepared in accordance with foreign banks in the country of registration of the existing laws and regulations. This report of a foreign bank branch shall be made available in the official language of the Republic of Latvia.
9. Bank accounts used in the currency is the monetary unit of the Republic of Latvia. The report indicates the financial statements show the degree of accuracy of the figures.
II. Review of the information to be included in the report in 10. information shall be provided at least on: 10.1 the financial position and operating results, updating the each reporting period;
10.2. the performance indicators by updating the each reporting period;
10.3. the risk analysis when restoring it as needed;
10.4. Management, restoring it as needed;
10.5. the rating agency assigned ratings, restoring it as needed;
10.6. the composition of the group, restoring it as needed.
11. The balance sheet and income statement items and scoring rules are consistent with the financial and capital market Commission (hereinafter "Commission") approved the "banks, investment companies and investment management company of the annual accounts and the consolidated annual report rules ' requirements. The balance sheet and income statement items of the layout specified in annexes 1 and 2.
12. the following information shall be provided at least on bank performance indicators presented as percentage with two decimal places (annex 3): 12.1. return of capital (ROE). The capital return rate is defined as the period's profit/zaudējumu1 (after taxes) in relation to the bank's capital and reserves of vidējo2;
12.2. the return on assets (ROA). Return on assets ratio is defined as the profit for the year/zaudējumu1 (after tax) against the vidējo2 of the bank assets;
12.3. If the bank is calculated and included in the report in other indicators, other than those referred to in point 12.1 and 12.2., it shall provide explanations on this indicator calculation.
13. Providing information on the risk analysis, the bank shall contain at least the following: 13.1. risk management general strategy and practice, causes, risk management and risk control, as well as whether and how risk management is applied to derivative financial instruments;
13.2. the bank shall assess the exposure to risk for each relevant category.
14. Providing information for management, the bank specifies the message at least: 14.1. shareholders of the bank and their participation in the share capital, stating the nominal value of the shares and the number of votes;
14.2. the bank's Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Board, as well as the bank's Board members and a list of the members of the Board with this official name;
14.3. the structure of branches, representations;
14.4. the business strategy and objectives.
15. Providing information about the rating agencies assign ratings, if any, have been assigned to the bank separately: 15.1 rating agency name;
15.2. the assigned rating;
15.3. the rating assigned to a short description or a reference to the rating agency's publication;
15.4. the assigned rating changes during the last two years, if possible, with a separate indication of the date of the change of rating.
16. information on the composition of the Group If approved by the Commission in accordance with the "regulations of consolidated supervision of banks ' bank is the bank holding company group or the financial group (called a consolidation group) in the bank, responsible for each consolidation group of the bank, financial institution or ancillary, as well as the other subsidiary companies of the Group discovered the information specified in annex 4:16.1 the name, registration number;
16.2. the place of registration code according to international standard ISO 3166 "countries and their territorial breakdown unit name code" and registration address;

16.3. commercial activities (banks, insurance companies, reinsurers, insurance holding company, the investment brokerage firm, investment management companies, pension funds, other financial institution, financial holding company, another company);
16.4. share capital/voting rights shares, directly or indirectly owned by the bank or its parent company. For the bank's parent company the share capital of the bank notes/voting share, which directly or indirectly owns parent company;
16.5. the justification for inclusion in the consolidation group (subsidiary company kopsabiedrīb, the bank's parent company).
III. Closing questions 17. provisions applicable to the bank in preparing public reports quarter, beginning with the first quarter of 2007.
18. Consultations on the preparation of the report provides the financial and capital market Commission and the regulatory requirements of the Department of statistics.
19. By 1 January 2007 the Commission shall terminate with the Council on 17 January 2003, decision No. 12-approved "public credit quarterly reporting rules".
1 profit/losses shall be determined as follows: profit/loss (p/l) (after tax) at the end of the reporting period multiplied by the number of months of the year, and attributed to the number of months from the beginning of the year until the end of the reporting period; such as (I) quarter: p/l * 12/3; quarter II: p/l * 12/6; quarter III p/z * 12/9; on quarter IV: = p/l * 12/12.2 average value is calculated as the monthly balance sheet asset or capital and reserve balances (the last working day of the month) from the beginning of the year until the end of the reference period the average size.
Financial and capital market Commission, the President of the U.S. When the annex 1 financial and capital market Commission 15.09.2006. Regulation No 145 annex 2 financial and capital market Commission 15.09.2006. Regulation No 145 annex 3 financial and capital market Commission 15.09.2006. Regulation No 145 annex 4 financial and capital market Commission 15.09.2006. Regulation No 145