Housing Monitoring System Creation, Maintenance And Development Agenda

Original Language Title: Mājokļu monitoringa sistēmas izveides, uzturēšanas un attīstības kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 772 in Riga in 2006 (19 September. No 48 15) housing monitoring system creation, maintenance and development of the order Issued in accordance with the law "on State and local residential privatization" article 59, first paragraph of paragraph 11 i. General questions 1. determines the order in which you create, maintain and develop situation analysis, monitoring, prediction and control of information systems housing (housing monitoring system).
2. Housing monitoring system has the following tasks: 2.1 ensure public administrations and local governments housing policy which required information to create the initiation, creation, collection, storage, processing and use;
2.2. ensure that natural and legal persons the necessary infor about housing in Latvia lag.
3. Housing monitoring system administrator is the national agency "housing agency".
II. Housing monitoring system 4. Housing monitoring system create on Uptown privatisation electronic databases, updating it, linking and adding in the following fields of information: 4.1: monitoring housing policy 4.1.1. with housing-related macro-economic indicators;
4.1.2. fiscal policy in the area of housing;
4.1.3. the availability of financial resources for housing purposes;
4.1.4. the housing program and project monitoring;
4.2. the housing, accessibility and choice: 4.2.1 monitoring population and households;
4.2.2. residential property belonging to the Fund;
4.2.3. housing: the total amount of housing stock; population coverage with living area; residential facilities and the quality of the Fund; the newly constructed residential Fund;
4.2.4. the rented residential Fund;
4.2.5. the non-profit rental housing fund;
4.2.6. the housing availability: breakdown by type of housing; household expenditure on housing; social rental Fund; harmonisation. help housing issues; municipal registers of registered housing assistance;
4.3. monitoring sustainability in housing: 4.3.1. energy efficiency;
4.3.2. Uptown technical survey;
4.3.3. Uptown management and renovation;
4.3.4. the quality of the environment;
4.4. housing development and market monitoring: 4.4.1. investment in the residence;
4.4.2. new housing construction, reconstruction, demolition of houses;
4.4.3. the housing market transactions, demand, supply, price, rent;
4.4.4. Uptown privatization;
4.5. the legislation be items provided housing.
III. The housing monitoring system maintenance and evolution 5. Housing monitoring systems operating in this State shall cooperate and municipal institutions: 5.1. Ministry of the economy;
5.2. Regional development and local government Ministry;
5.3. the Central Statistical Bureau;
5.4. The State land service;
5.5. the business register;
5.6. the administration of Justice;
5.7. The State revenue service;
5.8. the citizenship and Immigration Department;
5.9. city, County and district authorities.
6. Housing monitoring system data necessary for the operation of this provision in paragraph 5 of the said institutions are obtained using the integrated information system on national legislation.
7. Housing monitoring system uses the following State land service of the real estate cadastre information system state data: 7.1 for cadastral entities – name, surname, identity code (natural persons) or registration number, name (legal entities), the number of shares owned;
7.2. for the property – cadastral number, name, rural areas or supposedly part of the apartment;
7.3. for land-cadastral designation of units, addresses, area codes, the cadastre value, a burdens;
7.4. the building-cadastral designation, functionally linked object cadastral designation, address code, the total area of land cadastre value, the main use, first-time adoption into service in (year), the physical condition of the building (as a percentage), the constructive materials, arbitrary element construction sign, the total number of classroom group builds, transfer prohibitions;
7.5. the space group and the space-cadastral designation, address code, use, area, height, arbitrary construction sign, number of the building, the room number of the space group name (indicate if the project documentation for the relevant information is provided), the space distribution of the areas after use;
7.6. the nature and extent of the facilities.
8. Housing monitoring system uses the following State land service national address register data: location type: 8.1 8.1.1. District;
8.1.2. the city (district city);
8.1.3. the municipality;
8.1.4. the county or city rural area (municipality or province City County rural area);
8.1.5. village;
8.1.6. Street;
8.2. building land for construction purposes in land or;
8.3. the space group;
5.2. address code;
5.3. addressing the status of the object;
8.6. the processing status;
8.7. the building and land for construction purposes in the ground Unit coordinates.
9. Housing monitoring system uses the following registry data to the enterprise: 9.1. persons registered in the companies register (name, registration date, registration number, registered office);
9.2. residential houses registered company (company), a merchant, a cooperative society and the society.
10. Housing monitoring system used in such State for the administration of Justice in a single computerised land register data: 10.1 real estate, servitude and reālnast composition;
10.2. from real estate, land easements are separated and reālnast for modifications and deletions;
10.3. the property owner and the identity number or tax payer number, property location, right;
10.4. the marks of the prohibitions;
10.5. in case law that makes real estate;
10.6. the mortgage rights and their basis;
10.7. the mortgage modification law modification deletions;
10.8. the pledge of deletions (fully or partially).
11. Housing monitoring system used in the State revenue service data for legal and natural persons that are registered with the value added tax register of taxable persons (legal person – name, legal address, natural persons-name, surname, the declared place of residence, registration number, registration date, date of exclusion).
12. Housing monitoring system uses the following Home Office of citizenship and Migration Board: 12.1. personal code;
12.2. the person's name (name), surname;
12.3. the declared place of residence of the person.
13. The housing monitoring system uses the following city, County and district municipal data: 13.1. housing programmes and projects in the municipality;
13.2. data on denacionalizētaj buildings;
13.3. information about the underprivileged tenants and owners;
13.4. municipal property or possession of existing residential buildings survey results;
13.5. data on municipal owned by or on the basis of local usage in existing residential space;
8.5. data on social housing;
8.5. the data about the person with temporary living quarters;
13.8. the data on the benefits of living space rentals, the apsaimn setting fees and charges for services;
13.9. data on living space release benefits;
13.10. data on the provision of assistance to the living room to the acquisition or construction of;
13.11. data on operators established in municipalities;
13.12. the municipal residential Fund (including the social Web and social housing);
13.13. būvvalž Uptown issued building permits and related data;
13.14. data on municipal and standing features in addition to the necessary means to ensure the assistance of local housing issues.
14. the national agency "housing agency" and residential house manager may enter into a contract for the housing monitoring system for data acquisition, data exchange, the frequency of further use and transfer to third parties.
15. Natural and legal persons can register for housing electronic system for monitoring the status of the user application for a housing monitoring system holder. The application shall indicate the user's name, title, ID number, registration number, place of residence, declared legal address. The user has the right to receive a fee housing monitoring system information (with the exception of individual data protection statutory limited availability information) in accordance with the statutory fee service price list and payment of services.
16. Housing monitoring systems terms of use these terms in paragraph 15 the persons referred to in the regulation of the system and the relevant holder of the user agreement.
17. State and local authority housing monitoring system shall exchange information free of charge, if the external regulatory act does not provide otherwise.

18. the local authorities are able to connect to housing electronic system for monitoring online and free to use existing data pertaining to the municipalities (except for individual data protection statutory limited availability information).
Prime Minister a. Halloween regional development and local Government Minister m. kučinskis Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 27 September 2006.