Rules On The Application Of Open Project Competition "fishing Port Facilities". Specifying The Previously Published

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par atklāto projektu iesniegumu konkursa "Zvejas ostu aprīkojums" vadlīnijām. Precizējot iepriekš publicēto

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Specifying the previously published the Cabinet august 8, 2006 no. 650 of the provisions of the "regulations on the application of open project competition" fishing port facilities "guidelines" ("journal" 16.08.2006., no 130) in annex 1 footnote in the correct wording is: "1 the activity" fishing port facilities "investment complies with European Commission Regulation (EC) No 438/2001 for the classification of annex IV category – 145.2 Council or the Council and its bodies in accordance with the law" 3 For 2 "to local authorities [09.06.1994] article 4, in accordance with the law" on local governments "in article 2 [09.06.1994]"