Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On June 1, 2004 Regulations No. 508 "for Control, Inspection And Detention Procedures In Latvian Waters"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2004.gada 1.jūnija noteikumos Nr.508 "Kuģu kontroles, pārbaudes un aizturēšanas kārtība Latvijas ūdeņos"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 861 Riga 2006 (October 17. No 54 46) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on June 1, 2004 no 508 provisions "for control, inspection and detention procedures in Latvian waters ' Issued in accordance with the maritime administration and the Maritime Security Act article 44, the second paragraph to make the Cabinet on June 1, 2004 no 508 provisions" for control, inspection and detention procedures in Latvian waters "(Latvian journal, 2004, 90 no) the following amendments: 1. Express points 14 and 15 the following : "14. Ship weapons, located on Coast Guard vessels, may be used in an emergency, if the suspect vessel knowingly cooperate with Coast Guard, ignoring its legal requirements, distort test or try to prevent it. If the Coast Guard Commander of the ship, in assessing the situation, finds that the suspect vessel violates the rights of peaceful passage, he shall take a decision on the use of the ship's weapons, if: 14.1 it is necessary self-defence or to ward off an armed attack vessel of the Republic of Latvia or other floating means, as well as foreign ships or other floating craft, in Latvian waters;
14.2. the Republic of Latvia has received a national security or law enforcement authorities the information that the ship or persons on board can endanger other people's lives;
14.3. it is necessary to cease violent activities against the Republic of Latvia, the coast, underwater and above water objects;
14.4. the need to apprehend offenders who illegally located in Latvian waters and show resistance to the legal requirements to stop;
14.5. the ship arbitrarily approaching shipping prohibited area, ignoring the requirement to change the course or stop;
14.6. you must stop illegal cargo loading or unloading, or the cost of the reception of the people and have no other options to stop those activities.
14.7. intentionally attempts must be eliminated with dangerous ship maneuvers endanger shipping safety and cause a ship collision.
15. Prior to the use of weapons in the coast guard, the ship's Commander: 15.1. decide on a suspected ship performing forced stopping of stationary coast guard ship weapons towards a suspected vessel, and shall advise the suspect ship's captain or crew, using the international code of signals;
15.2. If this rule 15.1. actions referred to are not given a successful result or it is not reasonable, the decision to make a warning shot by the suspect ship masts. Before the warning shot was requested (via ultraīsviļņ radio) suspect the ship's crew and passengers to leave the upper decks and gives them the opportunity to do so;
15.3. If this rule 15.2. warning shot referred to has not given the successful results, decide to make a directed shot (before the man shot was warned about the suspect ship, using the international code of signals): 15.3.1. which does not cause significant damage to the ship. For the shots through the Board considered shooting masts or other structures that did not threaten the vessel's buoyancy, corruption and maritime safety;
15.3.2. which causes significant damage to the ship. For the shots through the Board considered shooting the steering equipment and engines. "
2. Supplement with 15.1 points as follows: "All these provisions 15 15.1 above steps required to register the coast guard ship navigation-magazine but radio vakt transmission of received and sent to record the signal logs. Coast Guard according to technical capabilities made ultraīsviļņ radio channel audio track. " Prime Minister, Minister of finance Spurdziņš o. Defense Minister a. Slakter States