The Order In Which The System Of The Ministry Of The Interior And Prison Administration Officials With A Special Service Rank Shall Receive Paid Health Care Services

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā Iekšlietu ministrijas sistēmas iestāžu un Ieslodzījuma vietu pārvaldes amatpersona ar speciālo dienesta pakāpi saņem apmaksātus veselības aprūpes pakalpojumus

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 859 Riga 2006 (October 17. No 54 32) the order in which the system of the Ministry of the Interior authorities and prison administration officials with a special service rank shall receive paid health services Issued under the system of the Ministry of the Interior authorities and prison administration with a special service officer grade in the course of the service law of article 42 1. determines the order in which the Ministry of the Interior system and the Prisons Authority (hereinafter the authority) official with a special service rank (Officer) receive paid health care types of services, pay and pay, as well as healthcare services and expenses that are not paid.
2. the expenditure referred to in these provisions for health services shall be borne by the Ministry of health and Social Affairs, a Government Agency (hereinafter the Agency) of the Agency assigned for this purpose State budget means: 2.1. According to the contracts concluded with the medical authorities or in accordance with a letter of guarantee of payment;
2.2. the offsetting costs of officials of medical services in the Hospital (up to 50 lats a year per officer).
3. Paid health care includes the patient's contribution determined in accordance with the laws and regulations of the health care organization and financing, and such officials to the territory of the Republic of Latvia in the health services: 3.1. health services and investigations required to give an opinion on the conformity of the official health service duties;
3.2. the outpatient and inpatient health care services provided by that hospital to pay the health compulsory insurance State Agency;
3.3. the psychological and medical rehabilitation services;
3.4. psychological assistance services by extreme crisis situations service duties;
3.5. the legislation concerning vaccination carried out in accordance with the procedure prescribed vaccination against vakcīnregulējam diseases, with which the Executive may become infected, their duties.
4. Outpatient fees provided health care services to pay if: 4.1 Executive in accordance with the family doctor, or specialist referrals or diagnostic examinations performed manipulation outside the hospital's specific rows or you have exceeded the amount of funding that official by health compulsory insurance State agency contract concluded;
4.2. the officer contacted by medical (including hospital treatment services in the hosting section), except for emergency medical assistance and the State settled the family doctor services, due to the injury, illness or acute chronic disease flare;
4.3. the place of residence in the territory of the officials have access to the appropriate professional advice and is provided for a fee;
4.4. the officials of the health care service of the Ministry of the Interior sent by central medical examiner's Commission.
5. If the rules referred to in point 4.1 the price of the service exceed 50 dollars before service officer pay opportunities to harmonize it with the Agency. Agency service may not pay when receiving health services is not urgent and can get served on the State budget.
6. Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Act (physical medical manipulation), if the payment officer to the hospital for it sent a family doctor or a specialist. Psychological and medical rehabilitation officer receives national society with limited liability "the Interior Ministry's polyclinic" Rehabilitation Department. Hospital rehabilitation services provides to the officer in accordance with regulations of the health care organization and financing.
7. To get to the bottom of these provisions referred to in paragraph 2.2., Executive compensation within three months of payment provide the Agency: 7.1 an application for the granting of compensation. The application indicates the officers name, surname, personal code, an account in a credit institution, telephone number and the authority which it is day;
7.2. documents certifying the health services receives the citation, studies and manipulation: treatment of personal copy of the referral;
7.3. payment made supporting justification documents showing the officer's name, surname, personal code and presented according to the law "on accounting".
8. the Agency shall assess the provisions referred to in paragraph 7 of document and the decision to pay compensation or refusal to pay compensation if they cost conditions or documents submitted do not meet the requirements contained in these provisions.
9. If the decision is taken to pay compensation, the funds transferred to the personal account in a credit institution specified. If the decision is taken to refuse payment of the refund, shall inform the officer in writing.
10. Fixed fee provided health care services paid for, if the following conditions are met: 10.1. health services provided by the medical institution which, in accordance with the regulations on the organisation and financing of the health agenda is included in the list of the medical institutions that provide inpatient secondary and terciāro health care services;
10.2. the elective treatment necessary for the officer to continue to perform their duties, but the waiting time in the queue for the service exceeds the optimum period necessary to be a successful treatment.
11. before the provisions referred to in paragraph 10 health care services officer to coordinate with the Agency. The Agency shall send to the authority of the medical letter of guarantee of payment. The Agency service charge may be refused if: 11.1 the healthcare service is not urgent and can get served on State budgetary funds;
11.2. the health care services you receive outpatient treatment.
12. An official medical institution presented identity documents and the Agency issued card, certifying officials the right to be paid or partially paid health care service.
13. the Executive is not paid for and will not compensate for the expenses for the following health care services: fee 13.1. increased level of service and personal care;
13.2. artificial insemination, seksoloģisk treatment, sexually transmitted diseases, genetic studies;
13.3. the representative services;
13.4. the aesthetic surgeries (except if the officer their duties, suffered in the accident and made such disorders, which prevent such an operation is needed);
13.5. inpatient health services provided by medical authorities that the provision of these services do not have a contract with the health compulsory insurance State Agency;
13.6. dental, dental hygiene, orthodontic services;
8.5. dental prosthetics, except when the tooth prosthetics due to injuries in the course of their duties;
13.8. treatment using non-traditional medical techniques;
13.9. the manipulation of that legislation on health care organization and financing arrangements are not included in State-funded services;
13.10. diagnostic studies without a family doctor or specialist referral;
13.11. pregnancy cessation of operations;
13.12. the maternity aid;
13.13. organ or tissue transplant.
Prime Minister, Minister of defence (A). the Minister of Interior Or Slakter. Jaundžeikar Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 28 October 2006.