Rules For The Latvian Et Seq Of The Lbn 501-06 "būvizmaks Discovery Procedure"

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par Latvijas būvnormatīvu LBN 501-06 "Būvizmaksu noteikšanas kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1014 Riga 2006 (19 December. No 68 30. §) rules on the Latvian et seq of the LBN 501-06 "Būvizmaks discovery order Issued in accordance with article 2 of the law on construction of the fourth and public procurement law, art. 9, fifth subparagraph 1. approve the Latvian et seq of the LBN 501-06" Būvizmaks discovery order.
2. the rules apply to the structure būvizmaks defining the customers covered by the public procurement law or of the law "on procurement for public service needs".
3. Construction of a validly submitted for acceptance by 31 December 2006, or projects, technical-economic justification of the approved or accepted by 31 December 2006 and which the economic part corresponds to the period in question the application of the regulatory requirements, construction documentation processing according to the Latvian et seq of the LBN 501-06 "Būvizmaks discovery order requirements is not mandatory.
4. the rules shall enter into force by 1 January 2007.
Prime Minister a. Halloween economic Minister j. Malcolm Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2007.
Approved by Cabinet on 19 December 2006, the provisions of no. 1014 Latvian et seq of the LBN 501-06 "Būvizmaks discovery procedure" i. General questions 1 et seq, the terms: 1.1. volume of construction works – the quantity of the works executed quantitative indicator set in project documentation and by the works of uzmērījum or calculations can be established;
1.2. the wage rate on an employee's work hours for one income (gross), including governmental workers ' taxes and fees;
1.3. labour-specific unit of execution works under public works description time expressed in man-hours;
1.4. mechanism cost – machine, accessories, tool rental or operation and depreciation (amortisation) charge for the execution of the relevant job description; transport of construction (pārtran to portēšan) expenditure within the construction site;
1.5. estimate-construction industry (normative procedures specified) drafted for the implementation of the planned building project construction cost calculation.
1.6. the estimate cost elements – building materials, construction products, būvkon strukcij, consumption, wage rates and wage, construction and cost mašīnlaik, based on the production units and the construction of the expressed natural (physical) or relative terms (interest rates);
1.7. the direct costs – the costs associated with the job description of the cue contains the implementation of the measures;
1.8. virsizdevum – additional administrative costs associated with building maintenance, construction, management, labour protection and insurance.
2. Et SEQ: 2.1 determines the estimated construction contract price determination;
2.2. the order in which the calculated for all types of premises or set (with regard to the construction sites, palīgbūv, technological equipment and utilities), individual works, including the mechanism of rental and specialized work, civil design and construction costs in the construction contract price determination of stages;
2.3. the estimate form.
3. the Būvizmaks includes materials (building materials, building) costs, labor costs, and the mechanism of būvmašīn rental and operating costs, the depreciation (amortisation) or rental costs, as well as virsizdevum and profits.
4. Et SEQ applies all types of buildings, excluding the shipbuilding, which according to article 6 of the law on construction of the first part is the specific procedures for the determination of būvizmaks: the estimated contract price 4.1 transport structures determines the construction client, based on the national development of the macro-economic indicators forecast, transport engineering construction market research projects carried out on construction cost calculations (estimates) and previous years of the works carried out actual prices;
4.2. construction cost calculations (estimates) in the development of transport construction construction contractor or designer, based on the national development of the macro-economic indicators forecast, transport engineering construction market research and carried out in previous years actual prices of the works;
4.3. the estimate form transport structures determined by the construction contractor.
5. Et SEQ apply cost calculation of construction works in the technical design stage and construction contract price determination in the following situations: 5.1 5.1.1 determining the customer: the purchase contract price;
5.1.2. preparing specifications for a procurement procedure;
5.1.3. the planning of financial and other resources;
5.1.4. assessment of construction project economic efficiency;
5.1.5. realization of construction supervision;
5.2. applicants and works the artist: UR5.2.1.apr shall the necessary materials, labor and other resources the construction tender;
5.2.2. the contractual relationship between the host and the main construction contractors;
5.3. the experts and public authorities — in the evaluation of tenders;
5.4. būvprojektētāj – volume of the works of izcenošan.
6. Et SEQ apply the construction contract price forecast of planned construction projects of the meta and the sketch phase, if the client has prepared a detailed enough information on the construction plans.
7. not following et seq with the construction plans and building operation costs: 7.1. land and buildings acquisition costs;
7.2. the maintenance costs after their commissioning.
8. in applying the unit of measure used, et seq, and abbreviations that are prescribed by the laws of the physical size of the unit, the English spelling of nosa, and Kuma. In addition, the following units and their abbreviations 8.1. number of units of the product – gb.;
8.2. the products or equipment Kit-kpl.;
8.3. measurement of work shifts (8 hours);
8.4. time measurement-dnn 24.;
8.5.-c/h man-hours;
8.6. the mechanism of hours of work or Exchange (mašīnmaiņ)-h or m/m; 8.7. wage-rate-Ls/h. 9. tāmēšan work allowed the works to drive the individuals who have received the certificate of būvpraks the construction of article 8 of the law.
II. Construction projects consisting of them 10 volumes of the works of construction drawings are laid, volumes and materials specifications lists, which is a construction.

11. the construction cost through the works of the Group (annex 1) or work and the constructive elements (annex 2).
12. The estimates include the following: 12.1 the direct costs of the works;
12.2. virsizdevum;
12.3. the profit;
12.4. the other Subscriber costs related to construction, but not in the works. These expenses include as separate items in the customer only the construction of the koptām (annex 3).
13. Technical project includes a set of estimates (annex 4). The estimate set may consist of: separate housing 13.1. local estimates (annex 5);
13.2. the summary calculations by job types or elements (annex 6);
13.3. the construction of the koptām (annex 7).
14. the estimates shall be accompanied by explanatory note with the following information: the execution of the works and 14.1. all conditions ( cumbersome) description or reference to technical specifications;
14.2. a brief description of the Organization of the works (the performance of the works, the main resource required characteristics and other information), if this information is not included in the construction plan;
14.3. the construction labour.
15. Estimates of creator and verifier is responsible for the construction of technically based information projects for economic inclusion of descriptions and calculations, as well as the construction of the objective assessment of economic conditions and the fulfilment of the conditions determining the cost elements. The creator and verifier estimate a construction documentation drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the design and certify it with a signature.
16. the estimates in the creator and the examiner is not responsible for the technical specifications of the works in compliance with the construction of the scale drawings.
III. Drawing up estimates of amounts receivable 17. grounds for drawing up estimates of amounts receivable are: 17.1. the accompanying construction projects and a list of the volumes and construction specifications;
17.2. information on the works, būvmašīn, mechanisms, tools and instruments, which correspond to the nature of the works, volumes and quality conditions;
17.3. the estimate of the cost elements relevant work.
18. the direct costs of the works include: 18.1. construction products (construction materials, building, tools) and with performance related materials acquisition cost, including transportation costs, bringing them to the site, the procurement cost of building materials, wholesale prices of imports, taxes, cost of packaging (including disposal costs or take-back revenue), as well as the process of būvražošan loss and predetermined use;
18.2. the execution of the required labour costs;
18.3. the contractor's governmental taxes and fees associated with the job description, specified measures, excluding value added tax;
18.4. būvmašīn, equipment, machinery and auxiliary equipment lease or operating expenses as well as depreciation (depreciation costs).
19. Estimates include gross labour costs-wages, including governmental workers ' taxes and fees.
20. Virsizdevum and profit summary calculation indicates the percentage as well as for direct costs.
21. The principal construction contract price expected shipbuilding meta stage determined, developing a feasibility study and draw up a Subscriber in the construction koptām (annex 3).
22. The customer shall include the principal koptām the construction of the financial reserve for unexpected expenses-works and during the execution of the works reveal additional work to be done and incidence.
23. If the customer fails to dial koptām, financial reserve for unexpected jobs includes a summary statement (annex 6).
24. Designer draws up a list of the volume of work (annex 8).
25. The applicant quotes include the full cost of the works with all risks, including the possible incidence (annex 7), with a separate indication of the value added tax.
26. The estimate of the amount of items in the specified quantitative indicators with an accuracy of not less than: 26.1. five significant digits – costs;
26.2. four significant digits, all the rest of the elements.
Economic Minister j. Malcolm annex 1 et seq of the Latvia LBN 501-06 "Būvizmaks discovery order (approved by Cabinet on 19 December 2006, the provisions of no. 1014) types of Work no PO box
Code type of work i. General building work 1.
01-00000 rental machinery and mechanisms 2.
02-00000 dismantling works 3.
03-00000 building site preparation and land a job 4.
04-00000 pile works 5.
05-00000 concrete and precast reinforced concrete Works 6.
06-00000 stone, bricks, blocks, fireplace and furnace specification 7.
07-00000 metal construction Assembly 8.
08-00000 Carpenter works 9.
09-10 00000 roofing.
10-00000 internal finishing works 11.
11-12 00000 restoration work.
12-00000 Glazed systems and Glaziers works 13.
13-00000 insulation works II. Internal specialised working 14.
14-00000 internal tap and equipment 15.
15-00000 internal gas pipelines and equipment 16.
16-00000 internal drain wires and equipment 17.
17-00000 heating, ventilation and air conditioning 18.
18-00000 internal electrical works 19.
19-00000 internal vājstrāv work 20.
20-00000, escalators and elevators shafts III. External finishing works and inženiertīkl 21.
21-00000 external finishing works 22.
22-00000 external electricity network 23.
23-00000 external networks vājstrāv 24.
24-25 00000 external district heating.
25-00000 external gas networks in 26.
26-00000 oil networks in 27.
27-00000 external water pipes and sewage IV. Different works in 28.
28-00000 pools and facilities 29.
29-00000 environmental projects – urban waste dumps, water purification installations and atdzelžošan stations 30.
30-00000 technological equipment Assembly 31.
31-32 00000 home improvement jobs.
32-00000 fences and gate V. Special works and housing 33.
33-00000 blasting areas 34.
34-35 00000 bridges and culverts.
35-36 00000 roads and areas.
36-37 00000 tracks.
37-00000 Waterworks and drainage structures 38.
38-00000 Spiedtrauk and economic Minister reservoir j. Bailey annex 2 et seq of the Latvia LBN 501-06 "Būvizmaks discovery order (approved by Cabinet on 19 December 2006, the provisions of no. 1014) work and the constructive element types no PO box
Type of work or constructive element name i. General works 1.
Building site preparation activities 1.1.
the dismantling work in 1.2.
temporary buildings and structures 2.
Earth works 2.1.

lower water level and draining 2.2.
drainage system construction of 2.3.
soil development 3.
The basics and the base 3.1.
pile foundation of 3.2.
concrete basics 3.3.
dip in uk, caissons 3.4.
support wall 3.5.
insulation works 4.
Walls, buildings and premises the carcass construction 4.1.
stone 4.2.
wooden 4.3.
reinforced concrete 4.4.
metal 4.5.
the wall frame insulation works 5.
Bulkhead 5.1.
Wall 5.2.
wooden 5.3.
reinforced concrete 5.4.
facilitate the design of 5.5.
bulkhead insulation works 6.
Covers 6.1.
wooden 6.2.
reinforced concrete 6.3.
metal 6.4.
mix thermal insulation 7.
The design of the stairs, landing in a 7.1.
wooden 7.2.
reinforced concrete 7.3.
metal 7.4.
mixed construction 8.
The base of the floor coverings, 8.1.
wooden 8.2.
concrete, reinforced concrete 8.3.
facilitate the design of 8.4.
Special coverage for 8.5.
the design of the insulated floor 8.6.
under-floor channels 9.
Roofs, coverings 9.1.
construction of load-bearing construction of 9.2.
the roof deck, the base of 9.3.
cover of soft roll material 9.4.
cover of bitumenizēt materials, 9.5.
metal coverings plānlokšņ 9.6.
tile roof coverings 9.7.
insulation installation work 10.
Boxes fill elements, special construction facade 10.1.
window box of 10.2.
doorway 10.3.
facade construction 11.
Fireplaces, stoves, other heating device 12.
Chimneys, the base 13.
Finishing work in 13.1.
internal finishing work in 13.1.1.
surface preparation for painting, plastering, 13.1.2.
surface painting 13.1.3.
tiling works, surface finishing with stone 13.1.4.
wallpaper works 13.1.5.
formations, their processing 13.1.6.
hammered, plānlokšņ wall finishing 13.1.7.
special surface treatment 13.2.
external finishing work in 13.2.1.
surface preparation for painting, plastering, 13.2.2.
surface painting 13.2.3.
tiling works, surface finish with stone 13.2.4.
the finish on the metal materials 13.2.5 plānlokšņ.
formations, their processing 13.2.6.
hammered, plānlokšņ facade decoration 13.2.7.
special surface treatment 14.
Entrance porch, stairs, terraces, uzjumteņ, 14.1.
the porch in 14.2.
ladder 14.3.
terraces 8.9.
uzjumteņ 15.
Fencing, fencing; Gates and gate 15.1.
fencing, fencing 15.2.
Gates and gate 16.
Roads and area 17.
Greening work 18.
Different works in 19.
Restoration work at 19.1.
constructive elements of the restoration 19.2.
the constructive elements in surface restoration 19.3.
surface decorative trim 19.4.
formations, it updated the 19.5.
special surface treatment II. Specialized jobs-internal network, system, 20.
Internal grids, lighting, RAM 20.1 in.
cables, wires 20.2.
distribution of 20.3.
lighting fixtures 20.4.
automatic control system of control, 21.
Internal heating systems 21.1.
pipelines, 21.2.
heating boilers, measuring equipment 21.3.
siltummezgl, spiedtrauk, 21.4.
sildķermeņ, 21.5.
isolation, tests, 22.
Ventilation, air conditioning 22.1.
overhead, output of 22.2 caret.
air flow dividers, equipment for regulating 22.3.
facilities, equipment, 22.4.
automatic control system of 22.5.
isolation, tests, 23.
Internal water network, equipment 23.1.
pipelines, 23.2.
sprinkler system 23.3.
technical equipment 23.4.
isolation, tests, 24.
Internal sewerage networks, equipment, 24.1.
risers and leads 15.0.
technical equipment 24.3.
isolation, tests, 25.
Internal gas pipelines 25.1.
pipelines, 25.2.
equipment, equipment 26.
Vājstrāv networks 26.1.
burglar alarm was 26.2.
security system 26.3.
fire alarm 26.4.
video surveillance, including 26.5 territory.
a computer network, including data transfer 16.5.
the telephone network, including Exchange 26.7.
television system 16.7.
unified management system of control, 26.9.
notification apskaņošan system 27.
The elevator, the elevator shaft 27.1.
elevator equipment, lifters 27.2.
shaft 28.
Technological equipment III. Specialized jobs-external network, system, 29.
External grids, lighting. Trunk lines in 29.1.
the transformer substation, power cable, 29.2.
overhead power lines, 29.3.
external lighting of building facades, including 30.
External district heating 31.
External tap networks 32.
External sewerage network. Treatment of 33 rigs.
Rainwater sewage network at 34.
External gas input wires, 35.
Oil product pipeline in 36.
Technological equipment IV. special structures 37.
Borehole in 37.1.
blasting works 38.
Tracks 39.
Bridges, culverts. The coast of anchorage construction 24.3.
reinforced concrete, concrete bridge design-24.4.
the metal bridge design 39.3.
40 culverts.
Waterworks and drainage structures. Divers working at 24.9.
water runoff control structures and levels (reservoir, pond, dam, novadbūv) 40.2.
water resources facilities (hydro, water mill, pumping stations), 25.0.
the sources of the water level connect the shipbuilding (straujtek, kritņ) 40.4.
the surrounding area of protection structures (aizsargdambj) 25.2.
the sources of transmission structures (zemtek, aqueducts) 40.6.
the Bank of the stream and control structures (dams, Boone, viļņlauž, coast, shore, beach) 40.7.
fish migration and protection structures (fish, fish protection devises) 25.4.
berths 25.4.
divers working at 40.10.
drainage system 41.
Tunnels, reservoirs 42.
Equipment. Economic Minister equipment J. Bailey annex 3 to the Latvian et seq 501-06 "Būvizmaks of LBN procedure" (approved by Cabinet on 19 December 2006, the provisions of no. 1014) Economic Minister j. Malcolm 4. Annex to the Latvian et seq 501-06 "Būvizmaks of LBN procedure" (approved by Cabinet on 19 December 2006, the provisions of no. 1014) estimate set composition no PO box
Projected estimates of the size of the name būvizmaks design notes 1 2 3 4 5 1.
Less than 50000 dollars local (annex 5) added at the end of the local estimates above the spending part.
Estimates of the amount of work added to the list of documentation composition Estimates may include koptām 2.
From 50000 to 100000 dollars 1. Local estimates (annex 5) 2. koptām construction (annex 7) local estimate at the end add the above portion of expenditure, except for the cases provided in the notes.

The amount of work you can add a list in electronic form without printing If a construction of several types of construction work involves performance, the estimate should include summary calculations by work or the constructive elements (annex 6), by adding the cost of the part 3.
More than 100000 lats 1. Local estimates (annex 5) 2 summary calculations by work or the constructive elements (annex 6). construction of koptām 3 (annex 7) according to the rules.
The amount of work you can add a list in electronic form without printing-4.
The complex includes a number of individual site 1. Local estimates (annex 5) 2 summary calculations by work or the constructive elements (annex 6). construction of koptām 3 (annex 7) for each separate site for the relevant types of estimates (column 3) and the Levels of the complex koptām combine to form a koptām for each individual object and combine complex koptām on Economic Minister j. Malcolm annex 5 Latvian et seq of LBN 501-06 "Būvizmaks discovery order (approved by Cabinet on 19 December 2006, the provisions of no. 1014) Economic Minister j. Malcolm annex 6 to the Latvian et seq 501-06 "Būvizmaks of LBN procedure" (approved by Cabinet on 19 December 2006, the provisions of no. 1014) Economic Minister j. Malcolm annex 7 to 501 et seq of Latvia LBN-06 "Būvizmaks discovery procedure" (approved by Cabinet on 19 December 2006, the provisions of no. 1014) Economic Minister j. Malcolm Annex 8 to the Latvian et seq 501-06 "Būvizmaks of LBN procedure" (approved by Cabinet on 19 December 2006, the provisions of no. 1014) Economic Minister j. Malcolm