Regulations On The State Budget And Co-Financing Arrangements For Granting It To Stay In The Group House (Apartment), The Financing Of The Expenditure Relating

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par valsts budžeta līdzfinansējuma apmēru un tā piešķiršanas kārtību ar uzturēšanos grupu mājā (dzīvoklī) saistīto izdevumu finansēšanā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1006 Riga 2006 (December 12. No 66 50. §) rules on the State budget and co-financing arrangements for granting it to stay in the Group House (apartment), the financing of expenditure made in accordance with the social services and social assistance article 13 of the law sixth 1. determines the State budget and co-financing arrangements for granting it to stay in the Group House (apartment), the financing of expenditure. 2. To cover one person's accommodation group House (in State), national co-financing amount calculation is subordinated to Ministry of welfare in the administration of social services (Administration), taking into account the average amount of the costs required to maintain one person in long-term social care institutions for persons with mental disabilities. That national co-financing amount calculation uses the following formula: Vd = Vuz: Psk: 360 x 0.5 where: Vd-expenditure on maintenance per person a day;
Vuz-expenditure for the maintenance of the authority of the person;
PSK-number of persons who receive services budget programs 5.00 "public social services" sub 05.03 "care State social care and social rehabilitation institutions";
360-average one person in the number of days of stay long-term social care and social rehabilitation institutions during the year.
Expenses for the maintenance of the authority of the person (Vuz) is calculated using the following formula: a = + Vapģ + Vuz Vedic Vmed + Vhig + + + Vkom where Vadmin Vreh: Vedic-personal catering costs (not including staff canteens atal gojum);
Vapģ-costs, such as clothing, bedding, shoes;
Vmed-expenditure medicines;
Vhig-expenditure on goods and personal hygiene care products;
Vadmin-maintenance expenses of administration;
Vreh-spending customer self-care skills and rehabilitation process;
Vkom-expenditure for the functioning of the Authority (utilities pay you). 3. for national co-financing on the person's stay in a group House (apartment), in addition to the law on social services and social assistance receipt procedure requirements of social services financial services provider Administration submitted: 3.1 persons (which wishes to receive services) or its legal representative, or a copy of the contract application for stay in the Group House (apartment);
3.2. social care center proof of that person to ensure the bilitācij of course, reh to adapt to life outside of long-term social care counselling prostitution laws. 4. the provisions referred to in paragraph 3 of document receiving Office within 10 working days of the decision on the granting of social services, on the refusal to grant the service (if you are not satisfied the requirements in these rules) or on the reception line social service and inform the person in writing and social service of the decision taken. If the refusal, provided the Board shall state the grounds on which it is based and for appeal. 5. Administration by the social service provider contract for national co-financing. 6. Billing and reporting period is one month. Government settlement with the service provider by submitting the report (annex). Not a full month in which the person in the Group House (apartment), national co-financing is calculated in proportion to the actual number of days. 7. the regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2007. Prime Minister a. Halloween Welfare Minister Staķ of Annex D Cabinet of 12 December 2006 of the Regulation No 1006 Welfare Minister d.-Staķ