The Provisions On Public Limited Liability Company "road Safety Directorate" Within The Framework Of Public Administration Functions Paid Service Provided In The Price List

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par valsts akciju sabiedrības "Ceļu satiksmes drošības direkcija" valsts pārvaldes funkciju ietvaros sniegto maksas pakalpojumu cenrādi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1040 Riga 2006 (19 December. No 68 47. §) rules on public limited liability company "Road Safety Directorate" within the framework of public administration functions paid service provided in the price list Issued in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Act article 14 installation of 1. determines the State joint stock company "Road Safety Directorate" within the framework of public administration function provided by the paid service (hereinafter service) price list. 2. public joint stock company "Road Safety Directorate" service you provided in accordance with the price list (annex). 3. From payment exempt persons who receive the following services: 3.1 be allowed to take part in road traffic-if it is served with a special control system equipped passenger car driver who belongs to the disabled person;
3.2. technical inspection of the vehicle after its conversion-if a vehicle (passenger car) equipped with a dedicated rebuilding management system and belongs to the driver to a disabled person. 4. the rules shall enter into force by 1 January 2007. Prime Minister a. Halloween traffic Minister a. Shlesers attachment Cabinet of 19 December 2006, the Regulation No 1040 State joint stock company "Road Safety Directorate" national regulatory function provided within the service price list no PO box service charges ($) 1. registration certificate of the vehicle data recording in the register and issue a certificate of registration of the vehicle 2 3.23 disposal 2.12 3. Pledge marks registration 4. Prohibition of disposal of 5.00 marks registration on the basis of the application of the owner 5. Undersized 3.23 vessels registration certificate recording the data in the register and issue a certificate of registration 6. Undersized 1.83 vessels for disposal Authorisation to participate 2.12 7. road traffic assignment, making a technical position ' key, or registering a new vehicle Permit to participate 8 2.00 road traffic, the vehicle's technical condition or issue a reassessment of the technical inspection sticker replica 9.1.00 one day permission to participate in road traffic 2.50 10. Opinion on the conformity of the vehicle with a rebuilt road safety and technical regulatory requirements: 10.1 after category 1 conversion 1.30 10.2. According to their category 2 conversion of vehicles Built 11 2.40 design documentation normatīvtehnisk harmonisation of vehicle conversion 70.00 12. technical project coordination 10.00 13. Rebuilding the technical harmonisation of 42.00 14. "green", "greener and safe" and "unsafe" vehicles in the Euro 3, the award of a certificate of the ADR certificate 15.1.15 assignment 16. certificate of the vehicle 1.15 indivisible bulky and heavy timber transport assignment 1.15 17. Vehicle type-approval certificate registration documentation review 17.50 18. vehicle type of vehicle approval: 18.1 L type of vehicles of category M and N 35.00 18.2. category of vehicle type of category O 59.00 18.3. type examination dossier 47.00 19. vehicle type-approval extension: 19.1. types of vehicles of category L 17.50 to 19.2. vehicles of categories M and N type of category O 29.50 19.3 type 23.50 20. Vehicle type-approval certificate filled out registration and issuance of vehicle 21. individual 3.50 approval documentation review : L-category vehicle 21.1 21.2 11.50. vehicle categories O1 and O2 O3 and O4 10.50 21.3. vehicle category M1 17.50 13.3. vehicle 28.00 21.5. vehicle of categories M2 and M3 41.00 21.6. vehicle category N1 35.00 21.7. vehicle category N2 and N3 vehicles 22 47.00 individual approval certificate filled out registration and issuance of 3.50 23. Directing Award 3.50 24. transport of dangerous goods vehicle driver qualification assignment 1.80 25. Driving Instructor, and instructor preparation qualification assignment 1.80 traffic Minister a. shlesers