Navigation Technical Tools Operating Procedure

Original Language Title: Navigācijas tehnisko līdzekļu darbības nodrošināšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1032 of 2006 in Riga on December 19 (pr. No 68 16) AIDS to navigation operating procedures Issued pursuant to the maritime administration and the Maritime Security Act 60. the third paragraph of article i. General questions 1. determines the navigation features of the agenda. 2. The terms used in the following terms: 2.1.-navigation means possessor of a natural or legal person whose ownership or possession of one or more navigation features that this person managed;
2.2. AIDS to navigation management-a systematic technical and organisational measures to ensure the quality of the navigation features in accordance with the national joint stock company "Latvian maritime administration" hydrographic service (hereinafter-Hydrographic Service) specific characteristics. These characteristics are published in the Official Gazette of the navigation "lights and signs in the waters of the Republic of Latvia" (further-the official publication);
2.3. National AIDS to navigation monitoring system-special on navigation aids mounted remote control equipment and a central server with special software that provides data storage, analysis, and timely information about navigation features to malfunction. II. Navigation features in master control 3. Navigation features of Latvian waters and their maintenance in working order under these rules, as well as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Association of Lighthouse (PPE) developed editorial guidelines and recommendations control hydrographic service. 4. To control the operation of AIDS to navigation, hydrographic service performs the following functions: 4.1 monitor navigational aids in the development of the system;
4.2. acquires, collects, analyses and publishes the navigation in "notices to Mariners" information on AIDS to navigation operating mode or disposition;
4.3. maintain national navigation monitoring system central server action, and promote the inclusion of the navigation features in the system. 5. the hydrographic service have the right to request and obtain from the holder of the navigation features news on the State of the navigation features, hardware parameters, monitoring, executed and planned technical service, repair and other work, as well as examine any navigation feature to evaluate its status and activities. On the outcome of the Hydrographic Service Representative draws up Act (annex 1). Signature of acts representative Hydrographic and navigation features of the possessor. 6. the setting up of new navigation features, as well as changes to existing navigation features or structural features of navigation proprietors with hydrographic service. 7. Navigation features off, renewed and new navigation features fitted according to regulations of the maritime administration and the maritime safety requirements. III. Aids to navigation duties, the possessor of the right and responsibility to ensure 8 navigation features continuous operation, the possessor makes these AIDS to navigation management organisational and technical measures: measures of organisation: 8.1 8.1.1. technical service planning, organisation and control of the operation;
8.1.2. technical bases (spare hardware, materials);
8.1.3. AIDS to navigation malfunction analysis and proposal development for fixes;
8.1.4. the improvement of the management proposal (such as AIDS to navigation modernization, improving the quality of the management) and for their submission to the hydrographic service;
8.1.5. the maintenance of technical documentation;
8.2. technical measures: 8.2.1. AIDS to navigation design and hardware technical service;
8.2.2. the design of the navigation features and equipment repair;
8.2.3. material and technical provision;
8.2.4. technical parameter control. 9. the navigation features of the possessor: 9.1 provides Hydrographic Service staff free access to the navigation feature to evaluate its condition, management quality and performance features;
9.2. inform about AIDS to navigation, as well as damage to their operation or deployment for submitting hydrographic service of the relevant report (annex 2);
9.3. Connect appropriate equipped navigation features national monitoring system and provides regular data transmission.
9.4. each year, before 1 February, hydrographic service submitted a report (annex 3) in the previous year, the management work carried out (for example, technical maintenance, repairs, hardware change) and next year around the management work plan;
9.5. ensure continuous navigation features;
9.6. immediately eliminates damage to the navigation features. 10. If Riga, Ventspils Liepāja port facility or district has sunk the craft, and it can pose a threat to maritime safety, to act in accordance with the action plan of the port concerned emergency wreck. Compliance with the action plan in response to the port concerned, the port captain. 11. the holder of the navigation features are as follows: 11.1. work to change this rule 9.4. annual plan referred to in paragraph 1, above it in coordination with the hydrographic service;
11.2. invite hydrographic service professionals navigation features;
11.3. request of the hydrographic service information about international law and modification with respect to AIDS to navigation operational parameters. 12. the navigation features of the possessor is liable for: 12.1. navigation features high quality and uninterrupted operation and their compliance with the operational parameters of the official publication;
12.2. the annual report and work plan of the management of the hydrographic service of the submission;
12.3. these rules and other regulatory compliance with respect to AIDS to navigation technical requirements. IV. Aids to navigation management, job scheduling and report 13. Aids to navigation management developed by the possessor of the annual plan of work shall include information on: 13.1. AIDS to navigation maintenance measures: 13.1.1. AIDS to navigation equipment, power supply, electronic assemblies, buildings and premises, as well as floating AIDS to navigation, of change or repair the time and volume;
13.1.2. technical service deadlines and volumes, taking into account: operational documentation requirements; AIDS to navigation, the operating conditions and the duration of the power source (battery, battery and solar panel) Exchange deadlines; the impact of the weather-a floating navigation signs;
13.2. AIDS to navigation management development and improvement measures, as well as on the expected operating parameters;
13.3. special checks (for example, the zibensnovedēj system, a ground loop, safety, health, fire safety inspections);
13.4. measures the coast and waterways with navigation equipment. 14. the annual report shall include information on the year's accomplishments in the work provided for in the plan, as well as unplanned maintenance. V. technical AIDS to navigation service navigation features of the 15 interviewees according to laws and regulations about navigation features of the technical requirements of each feature and navigation equipment maintained the following: technical documentation 15.1 the navigation features of the Passport;
15.2. the operational documentation. 16. the navigation features Passport reflects the actual state of the navigation features and includes regulations on navigation features technical requirements for information. 17. Operational documentation shall be made if the navigation feature. It kept by the holder of the navigation features with the navigation features of the Passport. 18. the technical AIDS to navigation service shall be carried out in accordance with the annual plan. 19. the navigation features of the possessor's planned navigation features check out the following periods of time: 19.1. coastal navigation features that are not in a continuous protection monitoring network in the super-power,-not less frequently than once a month;
19.2. coastal navigation features that are in continuous surveillance monitoring network-not less than annually;
19.3. the floating navigation aids that are on a continuous monitoring of the monitoring network-not less than twice a year, summer and winter season. 20. For each inspection and repair results by means of navigation features make the mark in the relevant section of the Passport. 21. during scheduled scans by means of navigation features navigation feature determines the performance compliance with official publication, as well as technical servicing of following: 21.1. Visual inspection of the AIDS to navigation;
21.2. the navigation hardware cleaning and testing;
21.3. Prevention of motor damage and required details;
21.4. power supply and spare the ratūr State around inspection, testing and monitoring system of optics cleaning;

21.5. hardware electrical system inspection, zibensnovedēj and a ground test, insulation resistance test. 22. non-scheduled service navigation feature requires, if the possessor of the navigation features of the receiving signal from the monitoring network, or a message from ships for navigation aids damage. 23. Navigation means possessor of at least once a year check the navigation information in the resources of the sea. During the test the navigation features of the possessor shall assess: 23.1. coastal and floating AIDS to navigation performance compliance with official publication. Comparing navigation features distances, take into account the fact that the observer's eye height is five meters above the mean sea level;
23.2. the visibility of bounding objects: 23.2.1. extraneous light sources;
23.2.2. fixed or temporary structures;
23.2.3. trees;
23.2.4. other objects that may interfere with navigation features recognition, or to mislead the shippers. 24. on the basis of these rules 21 and 23 the results of checks referred to in the AIDS to navigation of the Act shall be drawn up by means of the navigation features of the conformity or non-conformity with the parameters of the official publication and on the navigation laws and technical operational safety requirements. The navigation features of the possessor shall take the necessary measures to remedy the non-compliance and inform the hydrographic service. 25. the navigation features of the possessor: 25.1. provide navigation features with the necessary spare Kit: 25.1.1. coastal navigation features at least one spare set on 10 navigational aids;
25.1.2. floating navigation aids reserve number not be less than one third of the total number of AIDS to navigation;
25.2. maintain spare kits are permanent agenda. 26. the navigation features of the possessor without the permission of the services of Hydrography is entitled to disable navigation feature of the monitoring system or to take any other actions that disturb the monitoring system. Vi. Changes in AIDS to navigation and new AIDS to navigation project development 27. Any failure of the navigation features (a break mode of operation), which changes its operating parameters, the possessor shall immediately prevent and notify the hydrographic service. The report shall contain the following information: 16.8. navigation features national number;
27.2. coordinates;
27.3. operating parameters;
27.4. the nature of the disturbance and the measures taken by the navigation feature to restore normal operation;
27.5. operating mode interference suppression. 28. the navigation features of the parameter change the navigation features of the possessor above line with the hydrographic service and by parameter change submitted to the hydrographic service this provision 9.2. the report referred to in paragraph below. 29. developing new coast and fairway navigation features, they shall include the following information: 29.1. AIDS to navigation or the need for justification;
29.2. the existing navigation features and conditions;
29.3. the choice of features, design and site inspections;
29.4. projected funds planned operating parameters;
29.5. navigation technical hardware (for example, light, power supply) and analysis. 30. Navigation system or project before work approved by the national joint stock company "Latvian maritime administration". 31. After the installation of new navigation features navigation features of the possessor of the hydrographic service provides information indicating the navigation features fitted coordinates the design and its coloring, operational parameters and other characteristics. 32. the hydrographic service shall ensure disclosure of AIDS to navigation operational changes and new navigation features. VII. final question 33. Riga, Ventspils and Liepāja port authority 1 January 2008 draw and hydrographic service confirms that rule 10 referred to in point action plan. Plans, according to the International Association of Lighthouse (PPE) editorial guidelines no. 1046 "action plan for marking new wrecks". Prime Minister-regional development and local Government Minister a. Štokenberg traffic Minister a. shlesers annex 1 Cabinet on 19 December 2006, regulations no 1032 checking features Navigation Act traffic Minister a. shlesers annex 2 Cabinet on 19 December 2006, regulations no 1032 message traffic Minister a. shlesers annex 3 Cabinet on 19 December 2006, regulations no 1032 the navigation features of the management of the annual plan and report traffic Minister a. shlesers