Rules On The Requirements For The Point Of Sale Sell House (Rooms) For Animal Feed From An Open The Original Package, And The Merchant Site Registration Procedures

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par prasībām tirdzniecības vietai, kur pārdod mājas (istabas) dzīvnieku barības maisījumus no atvērta oriģinālā iepakojuma, un šīs tirdzniecības vietas reģistrācijas kārtību

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 7 of 2007 in Riga in January (2. 1. § 28) the provisions on the requirements for the point of sale sell House (rooms) for animal feed from an open the original package, and the merchant site registration procedures Issued pursuant to the law of animal feed chain 11. the third paragraph of article i. General provisions 1 the questions determines: 1.1. requirements for point of sale sell House (rooms) for animal feed from an open the original package (hereinafter outlets);
1.2. marketing site registration procedures. II. requirements for the point of sale, point of sale 2 allowed to sell the House (room) animal feedingstuffs from open the original package that not more than 50 kg. 3. the seller at the buyer's request, provide him with written information that corresponds to the value in the original compound feedingstuffs specified in the label of the packaging. 4. The dealer shall ensure that compound feedingstuffs should be highlighted. 5. Merchant point of sale establish and maintain a register of compound feedingstuffs (indicates the sequence number of the record, the record date, the dealer (manufacturer's) name and address, batch number and the quantity of compound feedingstuffs) in order to ensure the traceability of the products concerned. 6. The dealer shall ensure appropriate storage and trade conditions (dry, pallets or shelves to hold food packaging, packaging). 7. the trader shall ensure quality control. Quality control is carried out in the field of quality management training for the quality control of the person responsible. III. Registration procedure 8. Merchant shall provide food and veterinary service (hereinafter service) application for registration. The application shall state: 8.1. natural person – given name, surname, personal code, declared place of residence and trade site address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address; sole proprietor-companies, registration number, registered office, commercial site address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address;
8.2. legal person-firm, company's registration number and date, registered office and trading places the actual address, phone and fax numbers, email address. 9. the application shall be accompanied by: 9.1. information about the person who is responsible for quality control,-name and title;
9.2. an indication of the provisions referred to in paragraph 5 registry storage of feedingstuffs;
9.3. the trade description of spaces;
9.4. the labelling of the feed samples. 10. the service within 14 days evaluate these rules 8 and 9 of the information referred to in paragraph 1 and shall adopt one of the following decisions: 10.1. point of sale register;
10.2. to refuse marketing site registration (State the reasons, for example, has not filed any of the rules referred to in paragraph 9 of the document). Upon registration, the reason for the correction of a trader can resubmit these provisions in the service referred to in paragraph 8. 11. Feed business, which sells home (room) animal feedingstuffs from the original packaging open, are recorded in the register of the person (hereinafter register). Registry administrator is a State Agency "agricultural data centre" (hereinafter-the data center). 12. This provision is referred to in decision 10.1 service announces data center. Data Center feed business person entered in the register, including: 12.1 the assigned registration number;
12.2. the merchant's business name, registration number and the date of the commercial register and the address, of the person code 12.3 (physical person) or the commercial register number (legal person). 13. Service control once a year, to assess whether the trading site meets the requirements set out in these provisions. 14. The trader within 14 days in writing of the termination of the service or activity. 15. Service 14 days evaluate this rule the information referred to in paragraph 14, shall take a decision on the food chain stakeholders from the registry and shall notify it to the data center. Prime Minister-Minister of Finance Minister of Agriculture Spurdziņš o. m. rose