Amendments To The Law "on The Completion Of Land Reform In Rural Areas"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi likumā "Par zemes reformas pabeigšanu lauku apvidos"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 28, Riga 2007 (8 January. Nr. 2 4) amendments to the law "on the completion of land reform in rural areas", Issued by the Republic of Latvia article 81 of the Constitution in order to make the law "on the completion of land reform in rural areas" (Latvian Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 1997, nr. 23; 1998, nr. 6; 1999, no. 5, 10; 2005, 15 no) the following amendments: 1. in article 2: express the sixth paragraph 2 by the following: "2) decision (derivatives) that land reform approved in the first round of the County land-use planning projects, or local (County Land Commission) decision (derivatives) for County land use and land approval and reporting plan approved by the decision of the land user list; ";
to complement the sixth paragraph 4 by the following: "4) State land service of the regional Division's decision on the right to redeem the land and local government statement that, in respect of that parcel to the person with the local government do not have a ground lease.";
to supplement the article with the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth, as follows: "(9) If the cadastre identified in determine land use granted in excess of permanent land area or are less about it and plot area outline boundary meets the award decision on land use in permanent graphical borders set out in the annex outlines, the municipality shall take a decision on the land readjustment. Determine the cadastre in land boundary contours can be different from the decision on the granting of permanent use of land in the graphical limits laid down in annex a outlines, if all the land is neighbouring cadastral uzmērīt.
(10) as regards the Republic of Latvia permanent residents (if they have a right to the Republic of Latvia citizen passports not issued) until august 31, 2006 we requested ransom use ongoing agriculture and forestry needs land, if granted to the said land is located that person owned buildings and premises, the municipality shall take a decision on the maintenance of buildings and premises required land in accordance with local authority planning conditions. That decision shall be taken on the basis of written application of the person. For the remainder of the land has the State and municipal property privatization and privatization certificates of completion of the use of the law in the second paragraph of article 25 set out in the land lease right.
(11) if the permanent use of land is granted to another person-owned buildings and structures, the State land service shall decide on the allocation of the land property in return for a payment, and indicate that the decision to land on a different person-owned buildings and structures. The owners of buildings and premises is guaranteed the right to rent the land occupied by buildings, building and courtyard. Rent of land is determined by the land owner and owner of buildings and premises by agreement.
(12) if the permanent use of a plot of land granted in the building or structures with unanswered, the State land service shall decide on the allocation of the land property in return for a payment, if the authorities submitted the certificate stating that the buildings and premises is not permitted to nationality (law "on the restored Republic of Latvia in 1937 of the civil code introductory law, inheritance law and the entry into force of part time and order" the fourth part of article 14). "
2. To make the first sentence of article 16, the following wording: "If there is an overdue expiration had to submit or request compensation of property and documents proving land ownership or inheritance rights, the Central Land Commission on the application by the interested parties may assign the property compensation certificates, if requested to refund the 2006 28 April, and restore the former land owners or their heirs the land property rights to their standing in the assigned or free use the State land if the assent written application for property and documents proving land ownership or inheritance rights, submitted to the Central Land Commission until September 1, 2008. "
3. To supplement the law with article 16.1 the following: ' article 16.1. If the former land owners or their heirs within the permanent use of land is less than the area to which the renewable property right by compensating for the lack of the area, the Central Land Commission may property rights restored to the free State land this law, nodded agreement article 16. " Prime Minister a. Halloween Justice Minister g. Smith

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