With Legal Aid Expenditure Pay And Special Situation Of The Person, Property And Income Of The State In Improving The Evaluation Procedure

Original Language Title: Ar juridisko palīdzību saistīto izdevumu samaksas un personas īpašās situācijas, īpašuma stāvokļa un ienākumu līmeņa uzlabošanās izvērtēšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 17 2007 in Riga in January (2. 1. § 24) With legal aid costs paid and particular situations of persons, property and income of the State in improving the evaluation order Issued under the Act on State legal aid, article 34 of the second and third subparagraphs 1. determines the order in which the person's specific status quo in jas, property status or income improvement during the year after national legal aid (hereinafter-legal aid) receipt and arrangements person who received legal aid, the legal aid fee expenses. 2. The legal aid administration (further-Administration) the special situation of me NASA, assets or income level assessed once-when one year has passed after the adoption of the decision to grant legal aid. 3. the personal status or income level has substantially improved, if within one year of the adoption of the decision to grant legal aid: 3.1 a person's average monthly income (duty unpaid) for the last six months more than two national minimum monthly wage. The average income may be more than one minimum monthly salary for each dependent person;
3.2. the person is obtained the rights to movable property or real estate that you purchased or received a gift, inherited and which is not necessary for the person and the basic needs of family members. 4. the Person's particular situation is significantly improved, if not in the full national or municipal maintenance and its level of income and property status complies with this provision in paragraph 3 the following characteristic, and it does not exist objectively the obstacles of national protection, which had been the basis for the granting of legal aid. 5. The Administration shall require from the person who received legal aid, information about its specific situation, property status or income improvement during the year following the receipt of legal aid. 6. If the person does not provide, in paragraph 5 of these regulations, the information required or submitted information is not sufficient or doubt, the Administration may request information on the special situation of the person, the income or assets of State and local government bodies, other Member States of the European Union or other competent national authorities, as well as individuals in the order laid down by the legislation in accordance with international agreements and arrangements for the exchange of information between the Member States regulatory legislation. 7. the decision on the payment of expenditure related to the provision of legal aid (hereinafter the decision), the Administration indicate the refundable amount of expenditure related to the provision of legal aid, and the State budget account, which it should. 8. the Person in charge with the provision of legal aid costs 30 calendar days after the date of entry into force of the decision of the administration of the payment, and submit supporting documents. Administration to the person may conclude an agreement on payment of an amount specified in the decision of the Division. 9. If the person does not comply with the decision and willingly pay not with legal aid, the Administration submitted a sworn bailiff for execution to the administrative procedure law in the executory order issued. Prime Minister-Minister of finance Spurdziņš o. Justice Minister-Minister of Economic Affairs j. Bailey