Natural Park "pape" Advisory Council Charter

Original Language Title: Dabas parka "Pape" konsultatīvās padomes nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 72 in Riga in 2007 January 23rd (Mon. 6. § 19) natural park "Pape" Advisory Council regulation Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 13 of the equipment 1. Natural park "Pape" (natural park) Advisory Council (hereinafter Council) is a collegiate consultative body whose purpose is to promote natural park – wetlands of international importance – a complex of nature protection and economic interests.
2. The functions of the Council is to encourage and support collaboration between State and local authorities, associations, foundations, foreign and international institutions, as well as other people, to implement the natural park creation and protection and ensure the sustainable development of the territory.
3. the Council shall have the following tasks: 3.1 make recommendations to State and local authorities, associations and foundations, as well as other legal and natural persons to improve their work under the natural park creation and protection objectives;
3.2. to participate in the nature park protection and individual terms of use and nature protection in the implementation of the plan.
4. the Council shall have the following rights: 4.1 invite Council of sector specialists and experts, as well as other State and local authorities;
4.2. examine natural park conservation plan and to the natural park of planning and construction, infrastructure development projects and concepts that can have a significant impact on the ecosystem, and to assess their compliance with the nature park creation and protection purposes.
5. the Council shall be composed of one representative of rucava Parish Council, the national forest service, the Association "Club" tradition of rucava, World Wildlife Fund, the national environmental service's Baltimore regional environmental management, environmental management, public joint stock company "Latvian State forests", agency "of the University of Latvia Latvian University Biology Institute", national fisheries administrations, Ornithology society of Latvia, national environmental services marine and inland waters administration, national cultural monument protection Inspectorate and regional agricultural administration of Dienvidkurzem.
6. the Council personnel approved by the Minister of environment.
7. the Council from among the members of the Council acting by a simple majority, for two years, elect a Council Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Council. The President of the Council and Deputy Chairman of the Council may be re-elected.
8. the President of the Council in the absence of his duties shall be carried out by the Council's Vice Chairman.
9. The President of the Council plan and organise the work of the Council, approves the Council's agenda, and represents the Council.
10. The Council shall meet on the initiative of the President of the Council or at the request of more than half of the members of the Council.
11. The first meeting of the Council shall be convened by the environmental protection administration.
12. On the convening of the meeting of the Council of the members of the Council three weeks before the Council meeting shall inform the environmental protection administration.
13. the Council meetings are open to the public, and at least every six months.
14. the Council are valid if they are sitting on more than half of the Board members.
15. The Council decision shall be adopted by a simple majority, a vote. If the votes are divided into equal, the President of the Council shall have a casting vote.
16. the minutes of the Council, and Council decision shall be recorded in minutes. If a member disagrees with the decision, the Council Member's views, at his request, be recorded in the minutes. The minutes shall be signed by the President of the Council and of the sitting-taker.
17. the Council decision shall be transmitted to the interested public and municipal authorities, as well as to interested individuals. The decisions of the Council's recommendations.
18. The work of the Council and the Commission to ensure record keeping in the nature protection authority.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Environment Minister r. vējonis Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on the January 27, 2007.