The Order In Which The Ministry Of Defence Appointed Officials Launched The Performance And Terminate Service Of The Diplomatic And Consular Service

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā Aizsardzības ministrijas norīkotās amatpersonas uzsāk, pilda un izbeidz dienesta pienākumus diplomātiskajā un konsulārajā dienestā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 86 in 2007 (30 January. No 8 10) the order in which the Ministry of defence appointed officials launched the performance and terminate service of the diplomatic and consular services Issued under diplomatic and consular law, article 11 fifth 1. determines the order in which the designated officials of the Ministry of Defence-Ministry of defence representative international organization, the Republic of Latvia's defence attaché, Ministry of defence Advisor, military representative, defence attaché or Attaché defense, Deputy Assistant (hereinafter officials) launched , perform and terminate service of the diplomatic and consular service (hereinafter-diplomatic service). 2. prior to the officer's appointment, the Defense Ministry sent a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which shall inform the applicant. The letter adds a description of the applicant's life (curriculum vitae) and a description of the position according to the Latvian diplomatic and consular mission or international organization for the type of activity carried out, as well as certifying that the applicant has been granted a special permit for access to State secrets and certificate to work with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or the European Union classified information. 3. The applicant's compliance with the diplomatic and consular service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and established the Ministry of Defense, in assessing the candidates. 4. the official, recognized as the appropriate diplomatic and consular service and received positive attestation Commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Foreign Minister granted diplomatic rank at the time established diplomatic and consular law article 14, second paragraph. 5. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in writing within five working days, inform the Ministry of protection of the attestation Commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Defense after the adoption of the decision in writing to the Department of Foreign Affairs and head of the diplomatic mission concerned about the appointment of the applicant according to the position and duties of initiation. On the basis of that information, the head of the diplomatic mission concerned shall submit accreditation necessary documents for obtaining the accreditation of national institutions. 6. the functions of a diplomatic mission, procedures, and internal affairs officers is subordinate to the head of the diplomatic mission of the country or international accreditation organization. 7. If one of the several officials form a separate business unit, the business unit manager reports directly to the head of a diplomatic mission. His departmental foreman organized in accordance with the tasks of the sending institution. The structure of the Department, and changes approved by the Defense Department after coordination with the Foreign Ministry. 8. If an official is accredited in more than one country or international organisation, it is fed directly to all relevant to heads of diplomatic missions on matters related to the function of representation and the implementation of internal procedures. 9. About received conflicting tasks that cannot be solved in the framework of representation, the officer reported to the Ministry of defence management. The Ministry of defence agreed with the Foreign Ministry on a future solution. 10. Service of the diplomatic mission of the officer shall be carried out in accordance with the Ministry of defence approved job description. A copy of the position description submitted to the head of a diplomatic mission. 11. Official: 11.1. Republic of Latvia Defender, representing the interests of the Republic of Latvia accreditation country or international organization;
11.2. provide opinions and advice in their areas of responsibility in matters diplomatic representations of the Republic of Latvia or international organization abroad;
11.3. the competence, cooperate with national or international accreditation organization. 12. The officers for the performance of the duties of the service received and prepare a national secret object, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and European Union classified information tracking and movement happening in the law and in accordance with the procedure laid down in accordance with the Mission of sais heads toš instructions. 13. Decision on annual leave and other leave of officials, as well as granting officials travel or business travel, adopt the Defense Ministry. Officials are obliged to inform the head of the diplomatic mission. 14. The rules referred to in paragraph 7 of Executive not directly subordinate to the head of a diplomatic mission, vacation, business trip or business travel with your unit direct driver. 15. The provision referred to in paragraph 8 of Executive leave, travel or business travel shall be coordinated with the country of residence of the head of a diplomatic mission. 16. Finally, the duties of the service the diplomatic representation with the enforcement-related filing documents and material values transferred its duty officer to the transferee, but if not,-the Ministry of Defense. 17. The decision on the officials of the service extension, suspension or revocation of the officials of the Office shall take the Defense Ministry. If the head of a diplomatic mission is in possession of information which may be the reason for the suspension or withdrawal of officials of diplomatic missions, the manager shall inform in writing the Ministry of defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 18. The Ministry of defence in writing within five working days to inform the Foreign Ministry about the officer's suspension or removal from Office, as well as the service of diplomatic service termination at the same election. 19. Officials accreditation country financially supports the Ministry of Defense. Prime Minister a. Halloween Foreign Minister Pabriks (A).