Rules On Visas Of The Republic Of Latvia Passports

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par Latvijas Republikas diplomātiskajām pasēm

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 85 in 2007 (30 January. Nr. 8 9. §) rules on visas of the Republic of Latvia Passports Issued in accordance with the law "about the diplomatic passport" 6. the third paragraph of article i. General provisions 1 the questions determined by the Latvian diplomatic passports (diplomatic passport), issuing and surrender procedure, period of validity, as well as news that in addition to the diplomatic passport, to improve its security against forgery, expanded functionality and ease of use.
II. Diplomatic passport and the expired diplomatic passport 2 made under these rules laid down in annex 1. diplomatic passports.
3. Diplomatic passport in addition to include the two-dimensional bar code, as well as the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to allow the diplomatic passport holder free and unhindered travel and provide him with the necessary assistance and protection, an indication that the diplomatic passport is the property of the Republic of Latvia, as well as indicate the number of pages.
4. Diplomatic passports are machine readable zone shall be established in accordance with the international civil aviation Organization document 9303 "machine readable travel documents". Machine readable zone names in the article without diacritics (garumzīm and relaxation of the sign). 
5. Diplomatic Passport record the person's title or diplomatic rank, as well as, if necessary, check for changes or diplomatic rank. A specialized diplomatic attaché to the Passport records of the Saeima, the concerned Ministry or the Bank of Latvia.
6. Diplomatic passport be issued for a period that is about a year longer than the period for which the person was appointed, which gives it the right to receive diplomatic passports, but not less than two and not more than 10 years.
III. Diplomatic passport issue 7. Diplomatic passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs consular depart the Parliament (hereinafter referred to as the Department). Diplomatic passport made citizenship and Migration Board.
8. the diplomatic passport shall be issued within three working days after submission of all the required documents.
9. Official, accepting documents, verify the person's identity.
10. for a diplomatic passport, the law "on the diplomatic passport" referred to in article 3 or the minor's parents or guardian in place of signing Department officials fill in the individual accounting card diplomatic passport (annex 2) and submit to the Department the following documents: 10.1. identity card or passport of the citizen of Latvia datasheet copy, the presentation of the original of the document, or if the person has reached the age of 15 and has not issued the identity card or passport of the citizen of Latvia -copy of birth certificate, showing its original;
10.2. two fotokartīt, made in accordance with the provisions of annex 3;
10.3. If the diplomatic passport has become unserviceable, changed the appearance of the person or the diplomatic passport is not valid for traveling (lack of space for new foreign competent institution marks on entry and residence permits in foreign countries or crossing marks, or records of the post and rank, or the passport validity is less than the journey or to receive the necessary visas), the previous passport;
10.4. If you changed the diplomatic passport of the recorded information or diplomatic passport found inaccuracies, legal or statutory document, proving the changes;
10.5. If the diplomatic passport is lost, the police statement or a written explanation of the diplomatic passport loss conditions.
11. in addition to the provisions referred to in paragraph 10 of document a person shall submit the following documents: 11.1. Members of the Parliament, the parliamentary decision on the approval of the mandate;
11.2. The Prime Minister, Cabinet members, parliamentary decision on the approval of the Government or the Prime Minister's order of appointment;
11.3. the people's Saeima, or authorized by the President to represent the Republic of Latvia – Saeima foreign or national Chairman of the President's signing of the request;
11.4. the persons authorized by the Cabinet of Ministers to represent the Government of Latvia abroad, Cabinet decisions or orders to carry out the activities in foreign countries and to issue diplomatic passports;
11.5. the diplomatic or consular authorities of the person – the order of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for diplomatic rank;
11.6. persons who by law are entitled to represent the Republic of Latvia abroad-nosūtītājinstitūcij letter for the term of Office of the person and the position.
7.3. the elected members of the European Parliament – the status certificate;
11.8. the Republic of Latvia and the European Parliament approved the European Union's Commissioner – the status certificate;
7.4. the diplomatic or consular authorities of the person in the Republic of Latvia elected member of the European Parliament, the Republic of Latvia and the European Parliament approved the European Union's Commissioner for the spouse and minor children, if they stay with the person concerned, who shall remain in Office abroad, the relationship ID copy of the document, showing the original.
12. the document submitted to the diplomatic passport, as well as the accuracy of the recorded person confirms with a signature. The signature image scanning the Passport.
13. Diplomatic passport holder receives personally.
IV. Diplomatic Passport service 14. If you lose the legal basis for the use of the diplomatic passport, the person so served for storage or for cancellation Department. A minor diplomatic passport in place of the parents or the guardian puts it.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Foreign Minister a. PABRIKS Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on the 3 February 2007.
1. the annex to Cabinet of 30 January 2007, regulations no diplomatic passports model 85 figure 1 2A and 2B picture 3 a and 3 b Figure 4 (a) and 4 (b) and 5 (a) picture 5 picture 6 (a) (b) and 6 (b) picture Foreign Minister a. PABRIKS annex 2 Cabinet-January 30, 2007 the Regulation No 85 individual card of the Republic of Latvia, the diplomatic passport Foreign Minister a. PABRIKS annex 3 Cabinet 30 January 2007 the Regulation No. 85
Instructions for fotokartīt of diplomatic passports to ensure the quality of the presentation of the diplomatic passport, photo card design a topic must meet the following requirements: 1. the quality of the Fotokartīt: 1.1. use high quality smooth, shiny or pusmatēt photo paper;
1.2. the picture is clear;
1.3. the picture is with a good resolution;
1.4. the picture is sharp;
1.5. the picture is vivid;
1.6. the picture is natural colors;
1.7. preferably used when shooting digital camera.
2. the Person photographed was not earlier than three months before the submission of the document to a diplomatic passport.
3. the Fotokartīt should be not used in previous diplomatic passports.
4. Fotokartīt rates: fotokartīt 4.1 size should be 1-3 mm greater than 35 x 45 mm; 4.2. the distance between the eyes is 7 ± 3 mm 4.3. eye horizontal distance from the centre line of the mid-point to the Chin line is 15 + 2 mm; 4.4, the fotokartīt are no smears it is without the white ear;
4.5. fotokartīš block is a Service Bureau in the second half of the stamp, which shows the date of manufacture of the fotokartīt;
4.6. photo service stamps may not be visible on the right side of the fotokartīt;
4.7. a person's image is in the Centre of fotokartīt;
4.8. the image must not be retušēt.
5. Background: 5.1 light, homogeneous;
5.2. the background may not be other persons or objects;
5.3. without shadows.
6. personal appearance: 6.1 fotokartīt is displayed only in person;
6.2. the head position – front view or small head turning;
6.3. the eyes open, not hidden by the hair;
6.4. the expression natural, commonplace, permissible smile;
6.5. the eyes of neutral, facing the camera;
6.6. the shoulder line visible, straight;
6.7. the faces of both parties are equal and equally visible illuminated clear;
6.8. hair must not conceal the face of the two side parts;
6.9. fotolamp may not atspīdē to the face;
6.10. to face no shadow.
7. Glasses, headgear, clothes: 7.1 eye clearly visible, they must not obscure the spectacle frames;
7.2. spectacle frames may not be heavy, thick;
7.3. spectacle lenses may not be Flash reflection;
7.4. the glasses may not be tinted;
7.5. the glasses must not be forced down on his nose;
7.6. a person is without headgear;
7.7. a person is a casual, matter-of-fact, correct indoor clothing;
7.8. a person must not be dressed in uniforms;
7.9. the persons clothing must not conceal the face or part of it;
7.10. the colour of garments to be different from the background color.
Foreign Minister Pabriks (A).