The Order In Which Support By The Finance Ministry For The Payment Of Remuneration For The Public Services

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā atbalsta sniedzēji iesniedz Finanšu ministrijai pārskatu par veiktajiem atlīdzības maksājumiem par sniegtajiem sabiedriskajiem pakalpojumiem

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 101 in Riga in 2007 (6 February. No. 10) order in which support by the Finance Ministry for the payment of remuneration for the public service Issued under the business support control law 21.1 the second paragraph of article 1. determines the order in which providers support make reimbursement payments for services rendered, shall submit a report on the Ministry of Finance made the charges public services (hereinafter report) showing: 1. confirmation that the public service is in compliance with the commercial organisation supports control 21.1 the law referred to in the first subparagraph;
1.2. information on the public service provider net annual Rev/zījum and the payment of the remuneration;
1.3. information about any changes in the public service for IM in the organ. 2. Support Provider each year up to April 1 report on the previous calendar year made the charges public services tions, giving this provision of the information referred to in annex (annex). Each next year if no changes have been made to the previously submitted information, the report indicates only the information referred to in annex 4 of these rules, in paragraphs 9 and 10. If changes were made, in addition to indicating the appropriate points changes. 3. the report shall provide Financial support to the Ministry in writing and electronically or electronically only (if it is signed with a digital signature). 4. the report on the measures taken in 2006 payment of remuneration for the public service in support of the Ministry of finance submitted up to 1 April 2007. Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister O. Spurdziņš attachment Cabinet 6 February 2007 Regulation No. 101 of statement of charges of public services, provided 1. Reference to legal provisions or external document (administered by a positive act, a contract) that defines the nature of the public service (given a reference to a document, add a copy of it).
2. the public service area.
3. Public service.
4. Company entrusted with providing a public service.
5. the company granted exclusive or special rights of the substance.
6. The procedure for the award of compensation for public services provided, such as: 6.1. criteria for determining the payment of remuneration;
6.2. control mechanisms on the validity of the payment of the agreed remuneration and compliance measurement methodology;
6.3. the claims payment claims review procedure.
7. in order to ensure that the compensation does not exceed the costs associated with the provision of the public service.
8. in order to maintain its share of the payment of the consideration received in repayment, which exceeds the public service costs.
9. Commercial companies (entrusted with providing a public service) annual net sales.
10. Company (entrusted with providing a public service) payment of remuneration assigned amount, source of funds (the State, local governments or the European Community financial means) and award types (for example, subsidies, tax incentives, investment in fixed capital). Minister of finance Spurdziņš o.