Biosphere Reserve Of The Ziemeļvidzem Advisory Council Charter

Original Language Title: Ziemeļvidzemes biosfēras rezervāta konsultatīvās padomes nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 118 in Riga in 2007 (13 February. Nr. 12 Ziemeļvidzem-31) biosphere reserve Advisory Council regulation Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 13 of the machine 1.-Ziemeļvidzem biosphere reserve Advisory Council (hereinafter Council) is a collegiate advisory body that aims to promote the Ziemeļvidzem biosphere reserve environmental as well as social and economic development issues.
2. The functions of the Council are: 2.1. promote national and municipal institutions, as well as society and Foundation, another person, foreign and international institutions and the participation of the population in the Ziemeļvidzem biosphere reserve and the use of protection and nature protection in the implementation of the plan;
2.2. promoting the exchange of information and cooperation between the Ziemeļvidzem biosphere reserve administration and State and local authorities, associations, foundations and individuals to implement the Ziemeļvidzem of the biosphere reserve and the specially protected natural areas and conservation objectives.
3. the tasks of the Council are: to provide Ziemeļvidzem 3.1 the biosphere reserve administration suggestions that would allow its work to improve and optimize the key;
3.2. to submit the Ziemeļvidzem biosphere reserve administration and environmental Ministry proposals for the zapovedniks Ziemeļvidzem bio sphere administration activities and the development of the territory;
3.3. participate with the bio sphere reserve Ziemeļvidzem the related environmental, social and economic development issues;
3.4. to participate in the Ziemeļvidzem biosphere reserve and the use of individual protection and nature protection of the provisions of the plan.
4. the Council shall have the following rights: 4.1 to request and receive information about the Ziemeļvidzem biosphere reserve administration;
4.2. to participate in the Ziemeļvidzem biosphere reserve and the protection of the terms of use and conservation plan;
4.3. to deal with the Ziemeļvidzem biosphere reserve area development plans, projects and the design of the territory;
4.4. to require from State or municipal institutions, associations and foundations with the biosphere reserve of Ziemeļvidzem sais clouded;
4.5. to call upon the Council of industry professionals and experts, as well as State authorities and local government representatives.
5. the Council shall consist of a maximum of 17 members, of which: 5.1. one representative of the District Council of Limbazi, Valka District Council, Valmiera District Council, environmental protection administration, national cultural monument protection Inspectorate, UNESCO Pro gramm's "man and Biosphere", Riga region development agency, Vidzeme development agency, Vidzeme University College, Ziemeļvidzem regional agricultural administration;
5.2. two representatives of the national forest service and the State joint stock company "Latvian State forests";
5.3. one representative from the three associations or foundations whose activities are related to environmental protection or nature protection or environmental education. Association or foundation concerned are put to non-governmental organizations forum, which every two years, organised the Ziemeļvidzem biosphere reserve administration.
6. the Council personnel approved by the Minister of environment.
7. The members of the Council: 7.1. inform the Council of the authorities or bodies representing the views of the Council on a subject;
7.2. inform the institution or institutions represented on the Council prepared the document and draft decisions.
8. the Council from among the members of the Council acting by a simple majority, for two years, elect a Council Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Council. The President of the Council and Deputy Chairman of the Council may be re-elected.
9. the President of the Council's duties in his absence the Deputy Chairman of the Council.
10. The President of the Council plan and organise the work of the Council, approve the agenda of the Council, chaired by the Council and shall represent the Council.
11. The Council shall meet on the initiative of the President of the Council or at the request of more than half of the members of the Council.
12. On the convening of the meeting of the Council shall inform the members of the Council at least three weeks before the Council meeting. At the same time the Ziemeļvidzem biosphere reserve administration all the members of the Council shall also be forwarded to the Council meeting agenda and materials related to the meeting, the issues under consideration.
13. the Council meetings are open to the public, and at least every six months.
14. Board meetings in an advisory capacity to participate in the Ziemeļvidzem biosphere reserve administration of the Director or his authorized person.
15. the Council are valid if they participate in the hearing, more than half of the members of the Council.
16. the Council decision shall be adopted by a simple majority, a vote. If the votes are divided into equal, the President of the Council shall have a casting vote. The decisions of the Council's recommendations.
17. the minutes of the Council, and Council decision shall be recorded in minutes. If a member disagrees with the decision, the Council Member's views, at his request, be recorded in the minutes. The minutes shall be signed by the President of the Council and of the sitting-taker.
18. the operation of the facilities of the Council and its proceedings provide sort of Ziemeļvidzem biosphere reserve administration.
19. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 4 august 1998, the regulations No 282 "Ziemeļvidzem of the biosphere reserve Advisory Council Charter" (Latvian journal, 1998, 228./; 2000, 466./; 2003, 108 no).
Prime Minister a. Halloween Environment Ministers in place, traffic Minister a. shlesers Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 17 February 2007.