Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 6 January 2004, The Regulation No 21 "state Secrets," The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, The European Union And Foreign Institutions For The Protection Of Classified Information "

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2004.gada 6.janvāra noteikumos Nr.21 "Valsts noslēpuma, Ziemeļatlantijas līguma organizācijas, Eiropas Savienības un ārvalstu institūciju klasificētās informācijas aizsardzības noteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 126 in Riga in 2007 (13 February. No 12 55) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 6 January 2004, the Regulation No 21 "State secrets," the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the European Union and foreign institutions for the protection of classified information, "Issued in accordance with the law" on State secrets "the third subparagraph of article 6, article 7, the second, fourth and eighth, article 11 of the fourth subparagraph and the second subparagraph of article 15 to make the Cabinet on 6 January 2004, the Regulation No 21" national secret , The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the European Union and foreign institutions for the protection of classified information "(Latvian journal, 2004, nr. 17; 2005, no. 24, no. 11; 2007) follows: 1. To supplement point 4 with the third sentence by the following:" special permission information analysis service officials issued information analysis services. "
2. To supplement the provisions under section 10.3 as follows: "10.3. Information Analysis Service-category special permission for access to top secret national secret objects, category special permission for access to State secrets secret objects and special category permissions for access to confidential State secret objects. These licences shall be issued subject to information analysis officers. "
3. Supplement with 11.2 points as follows: "11.2 information analysis service as part of the inspection carried out interviews with people who claimed to have access to top secret, secret and confidential State secret objects prior to their employment or further information analysis services."
4. Add to paragraph 14, after the words "relevant national security authority" with the words "and the information analysis service".
5. Supplement with 15.1 points as follows: "15.1 information analysis officers special authorisation category change, special permission pārform or cancelled information analysis services."
6. Supplement with 16.3. subparagraph as follows: "16.3. after information analysis officers due receipt of the application for special permit for the loss of information analysis service service check and decide on a new special permit or refusal to issue it. Service checks the materials added to the person's State secrets-test case. "
7. Make the following paragraph 27:27. the suitability of a specific Area of State secrecy secret storage under the competency check national safety authorities or information analysis service, or the national security authority, if the room is stored in NATO or the European Union classified information. National safety authorities, information analysis department or the national security authority may derogate from the requirements of these provisions, if that, overall, the measures provide a State secret object, NATO or the European Union for the protection of classified information in a specific area. After the inspection the certificate is issued. " Prime Minister a. Halloween Defense Minister a. Slakter States