Rules For Managing The Treasury Funded Pensions In The Capital Transfer To The Contest Rules, The Capital Transfer Procedure And Deadlines, As Well As The Order In Which Occupational Pension Schemes For Fund Managers To Pay The Transfer Of Capital Rela...

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par Valsts kases pārvaldīšanā esošā fondētās pensijas kapitāla nodošanas konkursa noteikumiem, kapitāla nodošanas kārtību un termiņiem, kā arī kārtību, kādā fondēto pensiju shēmas līdzekļu pārvaldītāji atlīdzina ar kapitāla nodošanu saistītos iz

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 175 in Riga in 2007 (March 13. 6. § 18) the rules on the Treasury in the administration of the pension capital funded referral contest rules, the capital transfer procedure and deadlines, as well as the order in which occupational pension schemes for fund managers to pay the capital costs of transfer Issued in accordance with the laws of the State of occupational pension 16. the second paragraph of article i. General questions 1. determines: 1.1. Treasury Management occupational pensions contained in the transfer of the capital of the contest (hereinafter referred to as the competition) rules to occupational pension scheme membership accounts registered a mere occupational pension funds to other funds over the possessor;
1.2. occupational pension capital transfer procedures and time limits;
1.3. the order in which occupational pension schemes for fund managers to pay the State social insurance agency (hereinafter the Agency) with the transfer of the capital expenditure.
2. The competition is organised by the Ministry of finance.
3. the Applicants contest submissions (submissions) shall be evaluated and a decision on the tender winner shall be adopted by the Ministry of Finance created the contest Commission. The tender Commission shall include representatives from the Ministry of finance, Ministry of welfare, financial and capital market Commission, the competition Council, the Association of commercial banks of Latvia and the Ministry of Justice.
II. the invitation to tender and application submission 4. Ministry of finance until august 3, 2007, a contest advertised in the newspaper "journal". The announcement shall specify the requirements for applicants, application submission site and date, as well as additional information.
5. the application of the competition shall be submitted to the Commission until august 31, 2007 10 a.m. to the closed and sealed envelope. On the envelope "application for the competition" the Treasury management of the occupational pension funds transfer other fund managers "," the contest the Commission's address and the name and address of the applicant.
6. The tender Commission is obliged, upon request of the applicant's authorized representative to issue a receipt for delivery of documents.
7. the submissions received after the deadline, the competition Commission is not looking and does not open the applicant's authorized representative shall be returned or sent to the applicant by mail.
8. After the submission deadline for the submission of a tender, each Member of the Commission sign the assurance that there are no circumstances which would lead to believe that he is interested in a candidate's choice or action. If such a declaration is not signed, the tender Commission member may not participate in the contest in the future work of the Commission.
9. the application shall be signed by the applicant representative. All pages of the application cauršuj.
10. the application consists of: 10.1. attestation the applicant (annex 1);
10.2. all societies in the applicant State funded pension schemes, investment plan statements 2006, prepared in accordance with the financial and capital market Commission's rules on the State funded pension scheme investment plan the preparation of the annual report.
III. Requirements for applicants 11. The competition is open to registered in Latvia, the investment management company: 11.1 the financial and capital market Commission license for occupational pension schemes management and license is not suspended;
11.2. for which at the date of application is at least two years of experience in the State funded pension scheme in the management of funds (from the date when the applicant concluded a contract with an agency of the State funded pension scheme management);
11.3. where the administration of a State funded pension scheme investment plan for the historic yield (hereinafter referred to as the historic profitability of private managers) shall not be less than the Treasury investment plan historical profitability.
12. the meaning of these provisions of the historic profitability of private management is the management of the applicant in the State funded pension scheme investment plan weighted profitability in 2006 (or from the plan into operation until the end of 2006, when the plan was launched later than January 1, 2006).
13. the managers of Private historical yield is calculated using the following formula:, where State-PPV investment management company weighted average yield of j;
threshing-investment management company's investment plan j (i) historical profitability (or 12 months from the start of operation);
NJ-investment management company managed j plan;
Wei-investment management company's investment plan (i) (j) assets (in LCY) for the time of evaluation;
AJ-investment management company j total managed assets (in LCY) for the evaluation.
14. The Treasury investment plan the historic profitability of this provision the Treasury investment plan profitability in 2006.
15. information on each individual investment plan profitability is derived from this provision 10.2. referred to in the reports.
16. The tenderer may participate in the competition only with the administration of his country in occupational pension schemes, investment plan, the investment policy of which is identical to the Treasury investment policy of the investment plan. The meaning of these rules in the policy are considered identical if the State funded pension scheme investment plan in the prospectus is not for investment company shares, other equity securities and pielīdzināmo securities.
17. The tenderer may participate in the competition with only one existing in the management of the State funded pension scheme investment plan.
IV. opening of the tender submission 18. Submissions open immediately after the deadline for the submission of the application site.
19. the opening of the application the applicant may participate as agents.
20. the authorised representative of the tenderer, participating in the opening of the application, is registered in the tender prepared by the Commission on the registration page.
21. The competition Commission opens submissions submission order, naming the applicant, the submission date and time of submission. The competition Commission's Los cekļ to certify that the proof referred to in paragraph 10.1.
22. the opening of the Application process, and named news contest entry submission the Commission open meeting and the meeting closed.
V. evaluation of the tender submission, approval and notification of results 23. A contest submission open tender, the Commission shall assess the conformity of this provision the applicant (II) the requirements laid down in chapter III and 20 working days to decide on the tender results, determining the winners.
24. The tender Commission examines: 24.1. Merchant's registration certificate;
24.2. The State revenue service territorial institution certificate attesting that the applicant has no tax arrears;
24.3. the company registry certificate that the applicant in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law has not been declared bankrupt, being wound up, its economic activity is suspended or terminated;
15.2. the financial and capital market Commission certificate testifying that occupational pension schemes management license is not suspended.
25. the Commission shall adopt decisions by a majority of the present members of the Commission openly vote.
26. after the adoption of the decision on the tender results, the Ministry of Finance within three working days of written notice to the participants in the contest and to the Agency.
27. The tender Commission shall take a decision on the applicant's exclusion from the competition, if the applicant has submitted false or misleading information or violated the requirements of this regulation.
Vi. investment plan the Treasury portfolio and its offset obligation Division and occupational pension capital transfer related expenses 28. Within five working days after the date of the invitation to tender, the Agency shall forward all the Treasury investment plan members notice of the Treasury investment plan, information about the option to choose other funds Manager (by submitting the application to the Agency until 28 September 2007), and an indication that the If the application was not filed, the Treasury investment plan participants will be assigned to another investment plan under this provision in paragraph 31 of the procedures laid down.
29. the Agency 2007 10 October records the Treasury investment plan, the value of the plan's participants, as well as the total and each Treasury investment plan participant's share of the investment plan.
30. The Treasury 2007 10 October records the Treasury investment plan, as well as the value of the total investment plan part number and compares it with the data of the Agency.

31. the Agency's 2007 October 10, take the Treasury investment plan of distribution between the members of the contest winners. Treasury investment plan the distribution of the participants implemented the plan members line up in a proprietary investment plan part number in descending order and specify each Member of the investment plan for the registration of financial and capital market Commission, starting with the earliest date. If the investment plan is less than the plan's participants, the next members indicate the same investment plans, only in reverse order. If the plan member is still more than the investment plan, the next plan members indicates the same investment plans for their registration in the financial and capital market Commission, starting with the earliest date. The distribution of the members of the plan will continue until all members of the investment plan are linked to other investment plan.
32. following notification of the results of the competition within 15 working days contest winner conclude an agreement (annex 2) with the Agency. The agreement and its annexes are the agencies and the management of the contract for the management of the funds is an integral part.
33. The Treasury and agency provides investment changes until 30 October 2007.
34. After the completion of a change of the investment plan of the Agency 20 working days send notice to members of the scheme for the investment plan.
35. the Agency with each of management, who won the contest, closing agreement on the additional costs associated with the transfer of occupational pension funds. The funds Manager for each Member of the scheme, which is linked to the investment management plan according to the rules of procedure laid down in paragraph 31, the Agency in accordance with the agreed fee. The fee calculation is an integral part of the agreement. Fee calculation, the Agency included 28 of these rules and the notification provided for in paragraph 34 of the preparation and dispatch costs.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on the 21 March 2007.
1. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 13 March 2007, regulations No 175 the applicant proof contest "the Treasury management of the occupational pension funds transfer other fund managers," Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš annex 2 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 13 March 2007, regulations No 175 agreed the State funded pension scheme management and remuneration of the State social insurance agency fee calculation for Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš