Rules On Detainees And Convicted Persons, Health Care Investigation Prisons And Penitentiary Institutions

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par apcietināto un notiesāto personu veselības aprūpi izmeklēšanas cietumos un brīvības atņemšanas iestādēs

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 199, Riga, 20 March 2007 (pr. No 19 50) rules on detainees and convicted persons, health care investigation prisons and penitentiary institutions Issued under the custody of the law holding the first paragraph of article 22 of the Penal Procedure Code, article 78 of the first part of rule 1 determine health care services or convicted for the arrest (the prisoner) and the order in which these services are provided to the investigating prisons and penitentiary institutions (prison). 2. the prisoner in jail without charge receive: 2.1. primary health care, except for elective dental assistance;
2.2. emergency dental assistance;
2.3. secondary health care to be provided in the immediate, as well as secondary health care, prison doctors provided according to the speciality;
2.4. effective and cost medicines cheaper in terms of which the prison treatment vis-a-vis a person. 3. The prisoner's outpatient health care provides the medical part of the prison, but hospital care-Latvia prison hospital. 4. not later than three days after the reception of prisoners in prison treatment makes the prisoner's health check. 5. The prisoner's health preventive examination is carried out once a year. Prison Administration Chief each year by the preventive examinations. 6. the primary health care services to provide the medical prison prisoner or prisoner's location. The planned primary health care services are provided to the prison on the agenda within the time of the adoption of the patient. 7. Primary health care services, the prisoner receives: 7.1, on his own initiative, with the prison doctor, Physician Assistant or dental practitioner;
7.2. after the prison doctor or physician assistant with the invitation. 8. The prison doctor examined the prisoner's State of health and, if necessary, send it to the secondary health care services at a different part of the prison medical expert, or to Latvia in the prison hospital. 9. Secondary health care services received meet the prisoner in this prison doctor or physician assistant secondment or on its own initiative with the prison doctors-specialists. 10. Prisoners suffering from the acute disease stage and did not finish his course of ārstēš in accordance with the opinion of the physician, forbidden to send to another prison or penal proceedings the convoy operations. 11. Prisoner medication is used only in the presence of prison staff, except when the prison doctor received special instructions. 12. If the prisoner suffered injury or poisoned and is suspicious of possible criminal offence jam, a physician, Physician Assistant or nurse to provide medical attention on the report in writing to the prison administration. 13. The inmates of prisons in Latvia for hospital treatment, the hospital sent medical indications in accordance with the prison doctor's referral and Imprison you in place management assignment. 14. If the prison can not provide emergency medical assistance to prisoners, providing security, can be sent to a hospital outside the prison. 15. If the received submissions that the prisoner in writing consistent with the prison doctor, the prison administration on the consultation and treatment of prisoners may agree with the hospital's management, which is outside the prison. With health services, as well as transport and security costs from the prisoner. 16. Long lasting or permanent physical or mental ability to limit cases of the prison doctor, assessing the patient's health status, send the prisoner to the health and integrity of the Inspection Commission of the disability practitioner expertise. 17. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 19 October 1999, Regulation No 358 "rules on medical assistance for those convicted and jailed a custodial institutions" (Latvian journal, 1999, 348. no). Prime Minister a. Halloween Justice Minister g. Smith