Slot Machines, Equipment And Slot Machines Games Programs Registration Procedure

Original Language Title: Azartspēļu automāta, iekārtas un spēļu automāta spēles programmas reģistrācijas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 252 in 2007. Riga on 10 April (pr. No 23 35) slot, and slot machine games program registration and labelling procedures issued pursuant to the Act of gambling and Lotteries article 4 sixth part i. General questions 1. determines: 1.1. slot machines and equipment registration procedures;
1.2. the gambling machine games programs registration procedures;
1.3. slot machines and equipment labelling procedures.
2. Lotteries and gambling supervisory inspection (inspection) for information on registered and labelled the gambling machines, equipment and slot machine games programs include the following registers: 2.1 certified gambling machines and equipment in the register;
2.2. the gambling machine games program.
3. the register is available for inspection to the public website on the internet ( 
II. Slot machines and equipment for the registration procedure to register 4 slot machines or equipment, the organiser shall provide the inspection of gambling: 4.1 the application, stating: 4.1.1. gambling the organising company;
4.1.2. the address of the company, registration number;
4.1.3. the slot type name;
4.1.4. gambling machines or equipment model name;
4.1.5. gambling machines or equipment manufacturer's serial number;
4.1.6. gambling machines or machine year of manufacture;
4.1.7. gambling machines or equipment manufacturer's name and address;
4.2. gambling machines and games of conformity certificate.
5. The inspection within 30 days from the date of receipt of the application, shall take a decision on the slot machines or equipment into the registry.
6. before the introduction of slot machines in the registry office is entitled to require from the applicant or certification body (whose jurisdiction recognized under legislation on slot machines, and slot machine games to be included in the certificate of conformity of the programme information) additional documents and information on the progress of the certification process and the results.
7. If you are prompted for additional information and documents to inspection within 30 days of additional information and the date of receipt of documents shall take a decision on the slot machines or equipment for inclusion in the register or on the refusal of registration.
8. inspection of registered in the slot, or allocate and issue identification number. Identification number on a metal plate affixed in a clearly visible place at the slot machines or equipment for casing.
9. The assigned identification number is unchanged while gambling Organizer or slot machine facility operates in the territory of the Republic of Latvia.
10. Inspection machines and gambling equipment are not included in the register, if: 10.1. This provision has not submitted all the documents referred to in paragraph 4;
10.2. This does not meet the requirements set by the gambling and Lotteries Act and regulations on electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety of equipment. 
III. The gambling slot machine games in order of registration 11. to register the gambling slot machine games gambling program organizer shall submit the following documents: inspection 11.1. application, stating: 11.1.1 the game program;
11.1.2. the manufacturer of the program name;
11.1.3. so the slot type, the model name and serial number which will be used in the game;
11.1.4. games of year of manufacture;
11.1.5. games programs with the name and address of the manufacturer;
11.2. the gambling machine games programs certificate of compliance. 
IV. Slot machines and equipment labelling procedures 12. Marking signs shall be issued for each inspection in the Republic of Latvia registered in slot machines and equipment.
13. for marking signs, organizer of the gambling inspection submitted the following documents: 13.1. application the slot or the labelling of equipment (hereinafter referred to as the submission of labelling), as for each slot machine and equipment indicates the following: 13.1.1. identification number;
13.1.2. gambling machines or equipment installation address marking the date of the application;
13.2. The State revenue service territorial authorities confirmed a report about the previous quarter paid gambling tax, and a statement that the taxpayer does not have tax and other national compulsory payment of debt, or request an inspection the following certificate request from the State revenue service;
13.3. gambling organizer's assurance that all labelling applications in gambling machines or equipment are the property of the Corporation (or a corporation they purchased on the financial leasing contract), which submitted the application of labelling, and their value included in the Corporation's balance sheet.
14. the labelling information referred to in the submissions filed in electronic form or submit to approval, if the application contains information sent via electronic mail.
15. the application of labelling appearance within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the application.
16. If the submitted information is not sufficient to make a decision within five working days of the inspection require that provision referred to in paragraph 6 for additional information about the certification process and the results. Time from the date of dispatch of the request to the receipt of the additional information will not be included in the labelling for the day of consideration of the application deadline. If, within 10 working days of the dispatch of the request by the applicant does not submit the requested additional information, inspection of the application of labelling not reviewed and returned to the applicant.
17. If the slot machines or equipment during operation changes the installation address of the organizer before the gambling slot machine or the new installation address in electronic form shall notify the authorities.
18. the identification mark issued by the beneficiary after it presented a receipt certifying payment of the State fees.
19. the identification mark allocated to the three months of the calendar year, and it is valid for 15 days after the quarter in question.
20. Identification Mark glued prominently on slot machines or equipment for casing.
21. Damaged label mark is not valid and is cancelled. In that case, the Organizer will invite the gambling inspection or State revenue service agent and drawn up jointly. The Act, together with a request for new signs marking the purchase by inspection. Inspection within three working days issue a new identification mark.
22. If the gambling operator sells or donates record slot machines or equipment to another corporation, the organizer of the gambling, he of the three working days notify the authorities. The notification shall state the name of the new owner of a corporation, the registration number, registered office or an individual's name, surname, personal code, as well as seized in the slot machines or equipment identification number and serial number plate marking. Immediately withdraw the inspection record of marking signs. Corporation, which operates in the future slot machines or equipment shall submit an application for labelling labelling of new signs.
23. If the organizer of the end of the service the gambling slot machines or equipment, it sold or donates to a natural person or a corporation to another in that has not received a gambling license, or out of organising gambling machine or equipment from Latvia (exports), he got to within three working days notify the authorities. The notification shall specify the slot number and marking identification marks serial number. Immediately withdraw the inspection record of marking sign and record the slot machine and register for an identification number. 
V. concluding questions 24. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 18 July 2000, Regulation No 237 "Gambling machines and equipment labelling provisions" (Latvian journal, 2000, 266./; 2003, 137 no).
25. This provision subparagraph 4.2, paragraph 10, and 11.2. subparagraph shall enter into force by 1 September 2007.
Prime Minister a. Halloween instead of the Minister of finance, regional development and local Government Minister a. Štokenberg Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 18 April 2007.