The Forest Development Fund, Management And Disposal Procedures

Original Language Title: Meža attīstības fonda izveidošanas, pārvaldīšanas un izlietošanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 313, Riga, 8 May 2007 (pr. No 28 64) Forest Development Fund is created, managed, and use order Issued in accordance with article 43 of the law of the forest of a third rule 1 shall determine the forest development Fund (hereinafter Fund), management and disposal procedures. 2. the financial resources of the Fund shall consist of: 2.1. State budget grant from the general revenue;
2.2. legal and natural person donations;
2.3. foreign financial help. 3. the Fund's financial means to manage and monitor the field support service. 4. the Fund's financial resources are used according to the purpose of the Fund, as well as the Pro Ject submissions and the results of the inspection. 5. the holder of the Fund is the Ministry of agriculture. 6. the Fund is managed by the Ministry of agriculture created a forest development Fund Council (hereinafter Council). 7. the Council shall consist of: Minister of agriculture; 7.1.
7.2. a representative of the Ministry of the economy;
7.3. the Ministry of education and science of the representative;
7.4. the representative of the Ministry of finance;
7.5. a representative of the Ministry of the environment;
7.6. five representatives of the Ministry of agriculture. 8. The President of the Council is the Minister of agriculture. 9. The President of the Council: 9.1. Approves the Council and forest development Fund Advisory Board (hereinafter the Board) personnel for three years and Deputy Chairman of the Council;
9.2. Approves the Council meetings and the circulation of information opening times and arrangements;
9.3. convene and chair the meetings of the Council;
9.4. the signature of the protocols of the Council sitting. 10. the President of the Council in the absence of the Council chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the Council. 11. the Council shall adopt the decisions on the following issues: expert solicitation 11.1 research project application and assessment of the results of the project;
11.2. the financing of programmes and projects submitted to the support or the dīšan, nor the light of expert and Advisory Board evaluation score high;
11.3. the financing of programmes and projects, taking into account the expertise and contacts of the sultatīv evaluation results by the launch of the report of the Defence Advisory Council;
11.4. refund amount granted: 11.4.1. where the beneficiary of the Fund allocation not used according to the objective of the programme or project, and;
11.4.2. If the deadline is not implemented in the program or project and fulfilled the agreed work tasks;
11.5. legal and natural persons in foreign donations and financial assistance in the use of pal. 12. The Council shall have the right to request additional information on the program or project submissions or for program or project execution and spent the funds. The Board may decide any other matter relating to the operations of the Fund, if it affects the interests of the Fund or the Fund Secretariat deciding more than competence. 13. the Council decision shall be taken by a simple majority. Of each Member shall have one vote. If the vote splits vie nād crucial is the Chairman of the Board of the Fund. The Council is valid unless the meeting participate in no less than seven members of the Council. 14. the Council's decision may be appealed to the Administrative Court of law in the pro cess. 15. in order to ensure transparency of the use of funding by the Fund, as well as to raise public interest in the distribution of resources of the Fund and its participation in the decision-making process, the Ministry of agriculture set up a Consultative Council. Decisions of the Board's recommendations. 16. the Advisory Council shall consist of: 16.1. two forest owner or Manager interest group representatives, to see to it it one of private forest owners or managers and one public representative of the forest (State and local) representative;
16.2. the two industry representatives of interest groups;
16.3. the forest timber managers not interest groups over st in vis;
16.4. the forest management service provider interest group representative of the Passport;
16.5. the two environmental and nature protection interest group representatives;
16.6. one workers ' representative interest groups;
10.4. the scientific research group;
16.8. the representative of the education group;
10.5. the Latvian local government Union representative;
16.10. the national forest service spokesman. 17. paragraph 16 of these rules in the interests of one or more of the associations and foundations or representing forest owners and managers, wood industry, not the value of forest wood, forest managers and managed service provider environment and nature protection as well as the interests of the workers. 18. the Advisory Board from among the members of the Board are nominated by and with a simple majority of votes shall be elected President of the Board and the Advisory Board to the Deputy Chairman of the front. 19. the Chairman of the Board shall be convened and chaired by: 19.1. Advisory Council meetings;
19.2. the signature of the minutes of meetings of the Board;
19.3. participate in an advisory capacity for the meetings of the Board. 20. the Chairman of the Board in the absence of the consultative meetings of the Council chaired by the Vice-Chairman. 21. the Advisory Board: 21.1. evaluate the program and project submissions under the current year's assessment criteria and submit the decision to the Secretariat of the Fund;
21.2. evaluate the program and the results of the implementation of the project and the decision to fund the Secretariat. 22. the Fund secretariat functions to fulfil the Ministry of agriculture. 23. The secretariat of the Fund has the following tasks: 23.1. to provide technical and Advisory Council of the Council;
23.2. summarize the Council and members of the Advisory Forum proposals for the agenda to include issues, as well as preparing draft documents for review meetings;
23.3. to provide and to record the Council and Advisory Board meetings, register participants of meetings;
23.4. to prepare and insert information about the Fund, the Ministry of Agriculture website on the internet. 24. the Council and the members of the Board on the work of the Board and the Board shall pay the juice tatīv Kona. 25. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 23 October 2001, the provisions of no. 456 "forest development fund rules" (Latvian journal, 2002, nr. 10; 2005, 60 no). Prime Minister Minister for Agriculture (A). Halloween-Minister of education and science Rivž of B.