Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 2 February 1999, The Regulations No. 32 "procedure Is Presented And Reviewed The Application For The Recognition Of The Child As A Citizen Of Latvia"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 1999.gada 2.februāra noteikumos Nr.32 "Kārtība, kādā tiek iesniegts un izskatīts iesniegums par bērna atzīšanu par Latvijas pilsoni"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 354 in Riga on 29 may, 2007 (pr. 31 to 36) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 2 February 1999, the regulations No. 32 "procedure is presented and reviewed the application for the recognition of the child as a citizen of Latvia" Issued under the nationality law of the fourth subparagraph of article 3.1 to make 1999 the Cabinet of Ministers of February 2 of Regulation No 32 "procedure is presented and reviewed the application for the recognition of the child as a citizen of Latvia" (Latvian journal, 1999, 32;/ 2004 20. No.) the following amendments: 1. Make paragraph 9 by the following: "9. If not submitted all the required documents in accordance with the provisions of chapter III, or in the application and attached documents information does not meet the citizenship requirements of the Act, the officer shall issue to the person of the head of Department the decision on the termination of the application. That decision may be challenged during the month, submit the relevant application to the Naturalization Board boss. Officials are obliged to explain the decision to the applicant and the appeal of contestation. "
2. Supplement with 15.3.3. and 15.4. subparagraph by the following: "15.3.3. Educational content and examination Center of a certificate issued in the Latvian language or centralized centralized Latvian language and literature exam rating obtained in (A), (B) or (C) level;
15.4. the health and integrity of the expertise of the National Commission of physician or the Department-General or specialized health and uptime of the profile of expertise doctor the Commission statement and, if the minor has been granted the disability and specific Latvian language skills test. In this case, the minor shall produce a certificate of disability. "
3. Express 18 as follows: "6. The Person who acquires the citizenship of Latvia in accordance with the nationality law of the third paragraph of article 3.1 and submitted one of these rules referred to in paragraph 15.3.1. documents or documents referred to in paragraph 15.3.3., issue a secondment to the Latvian language skills test (annex 4)."
4. Supplement with 22.5. bottom point as follows: "22.5. If an applicant does not appear before the Latvian language skills to the test and two months failed to submit documents proving that the applicant failed to check for good reason."
5. Make the following paragraph 23: "23. Naturalization n. o. decision on the termination of the application may be challenged in the Ministry of Justice during the month. The decision of the Ministry of Justice during the month may appeal to the district administrative court. "
6. Replace paragraph 24, the words "statement of naturalization n. o. order" with the word "decision".
7. To make 25 as follows: "25. The applicant receive a decision on the recognition of the child as a citizen of Latvia, presented identity documents and to certify that it has received the decision."
8. The deletion of chapter V. Prime Minister a. Halloween Justice Minister g. Smith