Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 7 March 2000, The Regulations No. 85 "cargo Cranes Technical Supervision Procedures"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2000.gada 7.marta noteikumos Nr.85 "Kravas celtņu tehniskās uzraudzības kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 345 in Riga on 29 may, 2007 (pr. No 31 18) the amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 7 March 2000, in Regulation No 85 ' loading cranes technical supervision order Issued in accordance with the law "on technical supervision of dangerous equipment" article 3, second paragraph

1. make the Cabinet of Ministers of 7 March 2000, in Regulation No 85 ' loading cranes technical supervision procedures "(Latvian journal, 2000, 2005, 135 90;/ no) the following amendments: 1. put point 7 by the following:" 7. for the disposition of the cargo cranes, adequate and safe use, maintenance and supervision in accordance with the requirements laid down in these provisions and manufacturer's instructions to prevent the threat to human life, health, property and the environment is responsible for cargo crane possessor. "; 1.2. to supplement the provisions under point 10.1 the following: "10.1 disposing or otherwise transferring cargo crane to another holder, shall also be forwarded to the cargo crane passport. Data for the new cargo crane possessor indicates cargo crane Passport approved by the national labour inspectorate to make a renewal in accordance with the laws on dangerous equipment registration. "; 1.3. make the following paragraph 11: "11. the possessor with cargo crane Passport also stores the cargo crane Assembly and operating instructions in the language of the country. Instructions shall specify at least the following information: 11.1. requirements for installation of the cranes and cargo movement; 11.2. cargo cranes in use; 11.3. loading crane maintenance and monitoring procedures, and the user checks to be carried out; 11.4. cargo crane drawings, specifications, charts and calculations if they help to understand the instructions in the instruction manual. "; 1.4. to supplement the provisions of the following paragraph in the bottom 13. Editorial: 13.9. with written order appoint appropriate professional qualifications (responsible), which is responsible for the technical condition of the cargo cranes, its safe use and maintenance. '; 1.5. deletion of 13.1 points; 1.6. to supplement the provisions of this chapter III1: "III1. Cargo crane repair or reconstruction of basic freight cranes 21.1 replacement without changing the cargo crane design and technical characteristics or elements welding or replacement, which limit values are used in the calculation of strength (repair), as well as cargo crane construction or working parameters (hereinafter-reconstruction) allowed under the laws on certain machines the essential safety and security requirements. 21.2 Before resuming use of the cargo crane after repair or reconstruction of the possessor shall ensure emergency technical inspection by the inspection authority. 21.3 the freight cranes elements allowed to weld welder, which is on the metālmateriāl of laws defektoskopist the certification of welders and regulated the procedure prescribed in the welder's certificate is issued. 21.4 freight cranes parts and metināto connections under applicable standards verified by non-destructive methods of control laboratory, accredited according to the standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 "the competence of testing and calibration laboratories-General requirements" and for which accreditation has published a statement in the newspaper "journal". 13.4 all data about cargo crane repair or reconstruction, as well as on the checks carried out in connection with the repair or reconstruction, documented and added to the cargo crane passport. "; 1.7. to express 22 the following: "the inspection bodies after 22 cargo crane possessor or of his authorised representative, the application shall make a first technical inspection, regular technical inspections and emergency technical inspections of 25 of these rules in the cases referred to in paragraph in accordance with the applicable standards." 1.8. to supplement the provisions of the following paragraph 22.1: "Inspection body before loading 22.1 cranes of the country of registration of the Labour Inspectorate carries out cargo crane first technical check of the following: 1. the loading crane 22.1 passport check-it contains data in the specified manufacturer's manual and compliance with the requirements of this regulation; 22.1. the freight cranes 2 full technical inspection in accordance with the provisions of section 23.2.. "; and 24.2. to express the point as follows: "24.1. not less than three years after the registration of the cargo cranes national labour inspection-full technical inspection; 24.2. not less frequently than once a year after the registration of the cargo cranes national labour inspection-part technical inspection; "; 1.10. to make 25 as follows: "25. cargo cranes emergency technical inspections carried out in the following cases: 25.1. by cargo crane Assembly, again associated with the cargo crane installation in a different location (only applies to registered cargo cranes); 25.2. the transfer by a gantry to other workplaces; 25.3. the cargo crane repair or reconstruction; 25.4. the State Labour Inspectorate officials request. "; 1.11. to supplement the rules by 25.1 points as follows: "25 extraordinary technical examination, the amount is determined by the inspection body in accordance with the applicable standards." 1.12. Express 26 the following: "26. Inspection institution of the technical examination shall record the loading crane and the passport issued to the holder of the technical examination protocol. If the building meets the relevant requirements for the inspection body to check the cargo cranes visible place (next to the crane manufacturer's data plate) affixed to hazardous installations security checks. '; 1.13. replace paragraph 27, the words "plaque with" with the words "information about"; 1.14. the deletion of paragraphs 28 and 29; 1.15. delete paragraph 33, the words "work project"; 1.16. supplement with 57.1 points as follows: "fire 57.1 and conducting rescue operations, this rule 57.1, 57.2 and 57.4. in the above requirements may not apply."; 1.17. the express section 60.3. the following wording: "If the manufacturer 60.3. the designated cargo crane service life (resources)."; 1.18. supplement the rules behind the 60 's with Chapter VI as follows: "VI. Cargo cranes in the monitoring and control of the implementation of these rules 60.1 of the supervision and control of the national labour inspectorate. the national labour inspectorate 60.2, taking control of the cargo cranes in use, revoke the permission to use the cargo cranes, if it finds that: 1. the loading crane 60.2 operation is not permitted under this provision, paragraph 60; 2. the possessor is 60.2 commanded the responsible specialist in accordance with the provisions of subparagraph. ' 13. 1.19. to supplement the rules behind the point with 60.2 chapter name as follows: "(VII). final question"; 1.20. the deletion of paragraph 61; 1.21. deletion of annex 3. 2. the rules shall enter into force on 1 July 2007.
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