The Rules Relating To The Content And Conclusion Of The Contract, If The Arrest Is Employed

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par uzņēmuma līguma saturu un noslēgšanas kārtību, ja tiek nodarbināts apcietinātais

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 387, Riga, 12 June 2007 (pr. No 35 16) the rules relating to the content of the contract and, if the conclusion is employed the arrest Issued in accordance with the laws of the holding in custody of article 26 of the sixth rule 1 defines Enterprise Agreement (hereinafter the agreement) and the conclusion of the investigation, if the jail or penitentiary institution of investigation established the Prison Department employed arrested. 2. The prison administration may employ if the detainees arrested shall submit in writing addressed to the warden of the submission. The application specifies the desired (order) of the conditions of the type and details of qualifications (professions, trades) and experience. 3. The operator and other persons who wish to employ apcietināto (hereinafter referred to as the customer), submit a written application to the warden. The application shall state: 3.1 description of the order to be carried out;
3.2. the order with the necessary skills and qualifications (VOCA beams, trade);
3.3. the order with the necessary tools, equipment and other items, as well as the order with the necessary raw materials;
3.4. other important conditions for the execution of the order. 4. The prison administration unveils a Subscriber application they arrested who want to be employed. 5. If the detainee expresses the desire to enter into a contract with a Subscriber, the prison administration shall notify the customer and process the driver. 6. If the arrest and the customer have agreed on the conclusion of the contract, the warden and the driver of the process of deciding on authorization for the conclusion of the contract. 7. Giving authorization to the prison conditions of jailed boss order. 7.1. the order shall specify: the arrest of first name, last name, and ID number (if the person is not the code,-year of birth);
7.2. the order start date of execution;
7.3. the term for which the contract was concluded;
7.4. the place where the arrest can fulfill the order laid down in the Treaty;
7.5. the time within which, in accordance with the internal rules of the prison investigation rules can fulfill the order of arrest;
7.6. the order with the necessary tools, equipment and other items, as well as the raw material that the arrest may receive and use the order laid down in the Treaty;
7.7. the completed order unit of the handover to the customer. 8. in paragraph 7 of these rules that order is considered an integral part of the contract. 9. Agreement specifies: 9.1 arrested in first name, last name, and ID number (if the person is not the code,-year of birth);
9.2. the Subscriber's name, surname, personal code (name, registration number) and address;
9.3. in order to be carried out;
9.4. the amount of the payment order unit (the unit has shed the izc);
9.5. the remuneration payable to the arrest order on the order of the number of units produced;
9.6. the remuneration to be paid to the arrest costs modalities and deadlines;
9.7. the amount of the contractual penalty does not comply with the order unit quality, if any;
6.1. order with the necessary tools, equipment and other items, as well as the order with the necessary raw materials and their security arrangements;
9.9. the term of the contract but not more than at the time of conclusion of the contract the set of known arrest detention;
9.10. obligations and rights of the parties;
9.11. dispute procedures;
9.12. termination procedure. 10. Order unit pricing down, arrested and ordered James accord. 11. the remuneration to be paid to the arrest be calculated taking into account the ma unit pricing commissioned and made the order unit. 12. the conditions in the contract that the contract is considered to be terminated in the following cases: 12.1. detainees transferred to other detention facilities;
12.2. the decision on detention is received;
12.3. received a decision on amendment of the security features;
12.4. received the court order for enforcement;
12.5. the investigation process of the warden or the driver for the reference in the conditions for authorisation of the arrest. 13. the conditions in the contract that the arrest may unilaterally withdraw from the Treaty if the arrest cannot fulfill the order any of his independent reason that has to do with his status as a detainee, and the process of the investigation proceedings and warden. Termination shall be notified to the customer. 14. When concluding a contract, having regard to the investigation of the internal rules of the prison procedures and restrictions, as well as the arrest of the person in custody, a legal status and related restrictions and conditions. 15. When concluding a contract, the customer shall undertake to: 15.1. each month to the fifth day of the investigation of the prison administration to submit information on each arrested the previous month calculated compensation (salary) and the employer's mandatory State social insurance contributions;
15.2. each month, no later than the tenth day of the investigation set off the prison budget account the Treasury estimated that the arrest (pay) and State social security payments for the previous month. 16. the prison administration of the investigation after the statutory deduction of withholding tax and the remuneration to be paid to the arrest be issued in cash, but transferred to the deposit account and record in personal money to the arrest records. Prime Minister a. Halloween Justice Minister g. Smith