Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 19 March 2002, Regulations No. 127 "epizootic Outbreaks And Threats Of Conventional Routines"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2002.gada 19.marta noteikumos Nr.127 "Epizootiju uzliesmojuma likvidēšanas un draudu novēršanas kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 406, Riga, 19 June 2007 (pr. No 36 38) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 19 March 2002, regulations No. 127 "Organisation for elimination of the outbreak, and the arrangements for" threats Issued in accordance with article 26 of the law on veterinary medicine, first subparagraph, and article 27 of the third to make the Cabinet on March 19, 2002 regulations No. 127 "epizootic outbreaks and threats of conventional routines" (Latvian journal, 2002, nr. 47; 2004, 27, 193. No; 2005, 130 no) the following amendments 1. To delete the text, the word "(company)" (fold).
2. Replace the text, the words "serological studies" (the fold) with the words "laboratory tests" (the fold).
3. Replace paragraph 2, the words "national veterinary diagnostic Center" with the words "food and veterinary service national diagnostic Center".
4. Replace paragraph 2, the words "crisis management the Council Secretariat" with the words "crisis management tips".
5. Replace paragraph 4.3, the words "participating in these rules referred to in paragraph 14, the team of experts" with the words "create a group" of experts.
6. Replace paragraph 4.4., the words "crisis management the Council Secretary, riāt" with the words "crisis management the Council".
7. Make the following paragraph 11: "11. to effectively combat the disease, the food and veterinary service develop and approve a plan of action. Action plan: 11.1. action necessary to ensure order in the legislation on the collection of animal waste and the destruction of foodstuffs of animal origin and animal feed and distribution, trade in live animals, foodstuffs of animal origin and animal feed, as well as to ensure rapid and effective disease eradication;
11.2. the compensation procedure for field administration support service, as well as provide funding for disease eradication measures fulfilled;
11.3. develop detailed reporting chain to ensure fast decision-making and implementation procedures. Connecting the chain involves cooperation between the food and veterinary service, crisis management Council and the State and local authorities involved in the national civil protection plan includes preventive, response, relief and emergency measures;
11.4. adopt the measures necessary to ensure that the necessary resources, including financial resources (the Ministry of Agriculture for the current year national budget allocated funds, funds for contingencies, the budget of the European Union's disease control and eradication measures for repayment of losses due to the Member States of the European Union), the availability of rapid and effective disease control, for example, by laboratory staff, equipment and infrastructure;
11.5. provides instructions to determine the practical arrangements for the implementation of the activities in all stages of diseases, as well as washing, disinfection and disinsectization arrangements;
11.6. include detailed emergency vaccination plan;
7.3. provide disease control measures involved izglītoš well on the clinical signs of the disease, the epizootiological supervision and control and disease control. "
8. Replace paragraph 14 of the introduction to the first sentence, the words "organised by the Group of experts" with the words "participating in the formation of the Group of experts".
9. Delete paragraph 15.11.
10. Delete the words in paragraph 22.1. "avian influenza".
11. Delete paragraph 23.2. the words "or" bird flu ".
12. Delete paragraph 23.4, the words "and" bird flu ".
13. Delete 14.6. section.
14. Delete paragraph 24.1., the words "and" bird flu ".
15. Delete 27.2 in words, "or" bird flu ".
16. Delete the words in paragraph 17.6. "and" bird flu ".
17. Delete paragraph 33, the words "bird flu".
18. Replace the words "paragraph 26.3. State Veterinary Centre" be diagno with the words "food and veterinary service of the National Center of diagno so or another Member State of the European Union laboratory has the right to a reference laboratory for diagnosis of the disease in the field".
19. the introductory part of paragraph 48 to be deleted, the words "and" bird flu ".
20. Replace 55. in the second sentence, the words "the proposals provide emergency operational State Commission on the infected area for the determination of the place where the animal was found sick" with the words "shall inform the Management Board of the crisis than the infected area where the sick animal was found".
21. Delete paragraph 64 of the introductory part, the words "or" bird flu ".
22. the introductory part of paragraph 65 deleted words, "or" bird flu ".
23. Amend paragraph 65.3. the words "or" bird flu ".
24. The deletion of informative references to the directives of the European Union (2).
25. paragraph 13 of the annex be deleted. Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. rose