Latvian Defence Minister Awards-Memorial Medals "nato Summit 2006"-Rules

Original Language Title: Latvijas Republikas aizsardzības ministra apbalvojuma - piemiņas medaļas "NATO SAMITS 2006" - nolikums

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Updated 05th of July., the Latvian Journal No. 107 (3683), Defence Ministry Regulation No. 33 – NOT in Riga, June 21, 2007, the Minister of defence of the Republic of Latvia – Memorial medal award "NATO Summit 2006" – Charter Issued in accordance with the Cabinet of 23 November 2004, rule no. 957 "order that a firm in the State institutions and local awards" paragraph 8 i. General provisions 1. these provisions define the Defence Minister of the Republic of Latvia – Memorial medal award "NATO Summit 2006" (Memorial medal) – appearance and description the procedures for granting awards, the supporting documents, awards, carrying the ordering and manufacturing procedures.
2. Commemorative Medal of "NATO Summit 2006" is the Latvian Defence Minister, a one-time award. A Commemorative Medal was founded due to the success of the NATO Heads of State and Government meeting in Riga in 2006.
3. Commemorative Medal is awarded in recognition of a successful acknowledgement of NATO Heads of State and Government meeting in Riga II. AWARDS appearance and description 4. Commemorative Medal is made of tombak, circular, diameter 38 mm, thickness 3 mm. 5. Commemorative Medal is embossed on the obverse depicted the current NATO 4-point star, inscription in Summit, Summit and SOMME, the Latvian national flag, the panorama of the old town and the year 2006 (annex 1).
6. Commemorative Medal in the reverse among the horizontal inscription "Defence Minister Award". Commemorative Medal is numbered (annex 1).
7. Memorial medal is 32 mm in width, and the equipment is 50 mm long Ribbon. The Ribbon is based on the 7 mm wide band of dark blue colour symbolizes the NATO flag color, and 7 mm wide band of light blue, symbolizing the color of the flag of Riga and its distribution in the middle of the Ribbon bar of the flag of the Republic of Latvia in color, width 18 mm. 8. bleed the Ribbon is 32 mm wide and 10 mm high.
III. modalities 9 AWARDS. the Awards Nomination with a Commemorative Medal and a recommendation documents recommended awards, the Commission shall submit to the Secretary of the Ministry of defence and national armed forces Commander. The right to recommend an award to the Commemorative Medal of other public institutions and social organizations, as well as foreign institutions and public organisations.
10. Nomination for the award of the Medal of remembrance and protection of appearance shall be submitted to the Minister by order of the Minister of the Republic of Latvia approved the award of the Ministry of defence, the Commission. The Commission shall evaluate the nomination to NATO's heads of State and Government of the Organization of the meeting and the progress in Riga in 2006.
11. Memorial medal awarded to Defense Minister, issued the order. Defense Minister is entitled to reward persons without coordination with the Commission.
12. Memorial medal may not be awarded to the person being served or have been convicted for an intentional criminal offence and whose criminal record has not been deleted.
13. Memorial medal awarded to the person only once.
14. the grant of the Memorial medal of the person does not create any advantages.
IV. AWARDS and AWARDS of the formal procedures for carrying 15. Right to wear Commemorative Medal approved Defence Minister signed with the Ministry of defence coat of arms stamps stamped commemorative medals and identical number of numbered certificate made in A4 format (annex 2). Awards is established in the human resources Department of the Ministry of defence.
16. The Memorial medal to wear behind national awards and awards of the Minister for defence under the Ministry of defence of 2 June 2006, the rule No 11-NOTE "soldiers awards procedure". Military personnel at the daily uniform worn Ribbon cuttings.
V. AWARD of the ordering and manufacturing rights 17. Memorial medals by ordering only the Defence Ministry of the Republic of Latvia.
18. The costs of the Memorial medal and certificate of manufacture shall be borne by the Ministry of defence of the Republic of Latvia.
Vi. Transitional provisions 19. Documents of personal awards for the Commemorative Medal of honor review may be submitted to the Commission within two months of the publication of the decision and regulation in the "journal".
Defense Minister a. Slakter Annex No 1 by the Ministry of defence on 21 June 2007, regulations No 33 – NOT Defence Minister of LATVIA Commemorative Medal "NATO Summit 2006" author: g. Rusiņš annex 2 of the Ministry of defence on 21 June 2007, regulations No 33-NOTES