Provisions On The Duty Of The Authorization And The Authorization Order Group Of Vehicles That Require Permission For Food Transport

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par valsts nodevu atļaujas saņemšanai un atļaujas izsniegšanas kārtību transportlīdzekļu grupām, kurām nepieciešama atļauja pārtikas pārvadāšanai

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 486 in Riga in 2007 (10 July. No 40 23. §) rules on the State duty for the authorization and the authorization order group of vehicles that require permission to transport food Issued under the food surveillance law article 10 fourth and fifth part i. General questions 1. determines: 1.1. vehicles registered in Latvia (hereinafter transport feature) that require a food and veterinary service (hereinafter service) issued a permit for the carriage of foodstuffs;
1.2. the procedure for authorising food vehicle carrying away (hereinafter permit);
1.3. State fees and payment procedures for the authorization of the trans portlīdzekl, involved in the transport of food. 2. in order to ensure the hygiene requirements laid down in European Parliament and Council of 29 April 2004, by Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs (hereinafter Regulation No 852/2004) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004, Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 laying down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin (hereinafter Regulation No 853/2004), the vehicle involved in the transport of food, you need a permit issued by the Department. Permit is issued: 2.1. vehicle, if you need food to carry a special temperature regime under Regulation No 853/2004, annex III and article 1, paragraph 5 "b" requirements set out in paragraph 1 below;
2.2. the vehicle in accordance with Regulation No 852/2004 article 1, paragraph 1, "b" and "c" and in paragraph 4 of annex II, section 7 requirements if during transport must ensure food safety or to maintain the required temperature;
2.3. the vehicle in which the points of sale of deployed (vehicles for), in accordance with Regulation No 852/2004, annex II, Chapter 3 requirements. 3. Permission is not required: 3.1 the vehicle that transported in primary plant and animal products in accordance with the legislation on primary products direct delivery to the final consumer, or small local retail merchants who deliver them directly to the final consumer;
3.2. the vehicle that transported in primary products-honey and products of plant origin, laid down in Regulation No 852/2004, annex I, paragraph 1, "a" and "c", if the producer (farmer), leading them to the final consumer or to local retail merchants who deliver them directly to the final consumer;
3.3. the platform if it leads a container with a separate temperature maintenance of equipment. 4. the Department shall establish and maintain a database of permits issued. II. The issue of the permit procedure 5. authorisation (annex 1) the service shall be issued for an unlimited period of time. 6. Authorisation to the merchant or person whose transport is the transport of the food, the service, the application (annex 2). The application may be sent by mail, fax or electronically. The State registration certificate of the vehicle's original merchant or person presented to the officers before the inspection of the vehicle. 7. The merchant or person in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 6 shall be submitted to the service application: 7.1 if previously issued permit is lost, stolen or damaged and services must receive permission to duplicate;
7.2. If you changed the permissions specified in the news-in the month following the authorization contains the message changes. 8. Service checks the vehicle location or officers in the specified location and take a decision on the conformity of the vehicle in the laws on food and hygiene requirements. If the vehicle is recognized as satisfying the requirements shall be issued the permit within five working days. 9. If the officers examined the vehicle to the location of the service (a trip to the location of the vehicle) the operator or person in charge in accordance with the regulations on professional fees. 10. Service performed each year in vehicle inspection. 11. If there is a violation of the food and hygiene regulations regulating or directly applicable law requirements, service shall decide on the suspension of the permit at the time. 12. The licence shall be cancelled if: 12.1. service finds that the authorisation to use forged documents;
12.2. the application contains false statements;
12.3. Re violated food and hygiene regulations regulatory requirements;
12.4. the merchant or person renounces the authorisation;
12.5.14 working days permission is not removed;
12.6. the merchant or person failed to provide annual vehicle inspection service in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 10. 13. The merchant service's decision may be appealed by submitting to the Director-General of the service application. The decision of the Director-General of the service to the merchant may be appealed to the administrative procedure law. III. State fees and payment arrangements 14. vehicle permits to carry food the following duty (ls): 14.1. issuing of authorisation-9.50 lats;
14.2. the issue of a replacement authorization-ls 5.00. 15. renewal of authorisation, which seeks to send changes to the merchant or the physical person to the data or with the registration number of the vehicle, the State fee is not charged. 16. The operator or person in charge of the State fee before receiving the services Cashless settlement form (with transfer), the money paid to the credit institution or other institution that has the right to carry out money transfers. Merchant or person before the authorization service displays the evidence of payment made. Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. Roze annex 1 Cabinet 10 July 2007 regulations no 486 permit the vehicle to carry food to the Minister of Agriculture m. Roze annex 2 Cabinet 10 July 2007 the Regulation No application for testing vehicle 486 Agriculture Minister m. rose