Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 5 August 2014 Rules No. 433 "mediator Certification And Attestation Procedure"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2014. gada 5. augusta noteikumos Nr. 433 "Mediatoru sertifikācijas un atestācijas kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 536 in Riga in 2015 of 22 September (pr. No 50 19) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 5 august 2014 rules No. 433 "Mediator certification and attestation order Issued in accordance with article 20 of the Act of mediation, the fourth part of article 21, and the fourth and sixth to make 1 Cabinet 2014 5. Regulation No 433 august" Mediator certification and attestation procedure "(Latvian journal, 2014, 156. no) the following amendments: 1. Add to paragraph 9, after the word" person "with the words" which is not a member of the Commission "; 1.2. to replace paragraph 11, the words "granted to the President of the Commission" with the words "after the receipt of the materials give the quest by the President of the Council"; 1.3. adding to paragraph 13 of the fourth sentence as follows: "the members of the Commission annexed to the minutes completed the mediator certification task assessment of part two, the mediator certification task ratings page of part three and the examination ticket options."; 1.4. to make 14 the following: "14. the President of the Commission seven days after certification or attestation by the end of the test session of the Protocol and its annex shall be forwarded to the Council. The Council Protocol and its annex shall be kept for a period of five years from certification or attestation task progress days. "; 1.5. to supplement paragraph 15.1., after the word "basis" with the words "and legal framework"; 1.6. to replace the figure "in 17.4 30" with the number "100"; 1.7. to express in this paragraph 17.5.: "17.5. a written declaration that the candidate meets the mediation Act, article 19 paragraph 2, first subparagraph, and the candidate is not the subject of the mediation Act, article 19, second paragraph, those limitations;" 1.8. make 32.3. subparagraph by the following: "32.3. the third part plays a mediation described in the ticket management for specific conflicts, ranging from ticket specified mediation process phase."; 1.9. to make 41. the third sentence by the following: "break the Commission shall evaluate the certification test in the second part and record ratings for certification a mediator of the second paragraph of the assessment test (annex 1)."; 1.10. to replace the words "in paragraph 43 four Ballroom" (fold) with the words "seven ball" (fold); 1.11. to make 49 and 50 as follows: 49. "After the mediation of the management members of the Commission have the right to ask questions for the candidates to clarify their mediation techniques used in driving and other driving skills of mediation issues. 50. After all the candidates in the certification examination in the third part of the conduct of mediation izspēlējuš, the President of the Commission declaring a break and inform the candidates about the certification test results of part three of the notice period. Break time, the Commission shall evaluate the performance of candidates in the certification examination in the third paragraph, and type rating certification test of the mediator's assessment of the third paragraph (1.1). "; 1.12. paragraph 52 to replace the words "four ball" with the words "seven ball"; 1.13. delete paragraph 53, the words "as well as announcing the break in the average rating of the certification test for determining"; 1.14. delete paragraph 54; 1.15. Express 55. paragraph by the following: "55. the President of the Commission within five working days after the end of the certification test, submit to the Council an opinion on the candidate certification test results. '; 1.16. to supplement the 58. the second sentence of the paragraph with the following wording: "the Mediator's certificate signed and stamped with the seal of the Council of the President of the Council."; 1.17. replace paragraph 64, the words "two months" with the words "three months"; 1.18. make 65. paragraph by the following: "65.64 of these rules in the application referred to in paragraph add: 65.1. Overview of the mediation process at least 15 discharge of the previous certificate. The report indicates information on: 65.1.1. discharged the mediation process; 65.1.2. mediation cases; 65.1.3. each abstracted description of the mediation process, which includes information about the conflict resolution used in conflict analysis and processing methods, as well as the methods and techniques used; 65.2. proof of course hearing at least 100 academic hours; 65.3. the document certifying payment of the fee appraisal. "; 1.19. supplement with 65.1 points as follows: "the Council shall examine 65.1 certified mediator application and the documents attached to it and a month from the date of receipt of the application for certified mediators sent a notice on the authorisation or refusal of the sort the attestation test."; 1.20. paragraph 71 of the following expressions: "71. Attestation examination organised by the Council not later than one month before the mediator's certificate to expire. The Council at least seven working days before the attestation examination of certified mediators informed about developments in the quest for the attestation of the time and place of sending written notice and, if possible, by using other means of communication. " 1.21. Express annex 1 as follows: "annex 1 Cabinet 2014 5. Regulation No. 433 august Mediator certification task the assessment of part two of the test sort page the date of the second part of the Examination ticket number name of Candidate notes tasks rating notes 1. question 2 question overall rating Commission member (name, surname, signature)" supplemented with 1.22 1.1 attachment as follows: "annex 1.1 Cabinet 2014 5. Regulation No. 433 august Mediator certification task assessment of part three of the Test sort page date      
The third part of the examination ticket number applicant name notes notes rating Commission member (name, surname, signature) "be deleted annex 3 1.23.; 1.24. Express annex 4 by the following: "4. in the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 5 august 2014 regulations no 433 mediation certificate certified mediators (enhanced small Latvian National coat-of-arms) certificate No. _____ _____ (name) has won (s) certified mediator status Certificate expired on (date) to (date) Issued Issued (position, name, surname, signature) v Z."          
2. in point 1.6. These provisions shall enter into force on January 1, 2016. The Prime Minister is the Minister of Justice of Rashness Newsletters amber is Rasnač