The Order In Which The National Police Traffic Accident Involving The Vehicle Will Void The Permission To Participate In Road Traffic

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā Valsts policija ceļu satiksmes negadījumā iesaistītam transportlīdzeklim anulē atļauju piedalīties ceļu satiksmē

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 583 in 2015 (13 October. No 54 12) the order in which the national police traffic accident involving the vehicle will void the permission to participate in road traffic issued under the Highway Traffic Act, art. 27, seventh subparagraph 1. determines: 1.1. damage, after which the national police to establish a road traffic accident (accident) the vehicle involved (except technical and its trailer) revoke the permission to participate in road traffic; 1.2. the order in which the State police vehicle will void the permission to participate in road traffic (hereinafter licence). 2. the national police officer accident site shall assess the consequences of the accident to determine whether the vehicle involved in the accident is not at least one of the following defects, that may significantly affect road safety: vehicle overturns 2.1 or shock received: 2.1.1. frame of the vehicle, occurred at the body (CAB), cargo tanks or load-bearing elements (including the roof, roof scaffolding and (or) threshold) crunch, izlūzum or deformation, which can be opened and (or) to close one of the side doors or break the front or rear axle wheel geometry, resulting in one of the wheels the bodywork or pinned to the broken; 2.1.2. the split in the frame or body of the vehicle or of the vehicle departed the engine; 2.2. the national fire and rescue service, using the equipment is mechanically damaging the vehicle roof or roof rack; 2.3. the vehicle engine compartment or parched. 3. Finding the rules referred to in paragraph 2, a State police officer orally issued administrative provisions on withdrawal of permission, with the technical means (fotoierīc) records the vehicle's damage, remove and destroy the State of vehicle technical inspection sticker (if possible) for the matches in case not in the Protocol, and the event location or notification in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law shall notify the owner or the holder of the vehicle. 4. the national police officers issued an administrative act may be challenged in the administrative process law, by submitting the submissions to senior officials. Top officials of the decision may be appealed to the district administrative court. The challenge to that decision and the appeal shall not suspend its activity. 5. the national police are one of the working days following cancellation of the mark in question the way police record, indicating the vehicle defects found according to the rules referred to in paragraph 2, the type of damage to the vehicle. 6. The Ministry of Interior Information Center information on the withdrawal of the authorisation of online data transmission mode of traffic police shall register public joint stock company "Road Safety Directorate". 7. The cancelled permits renewed by the laws of the State of the vehicle, the technical inspection. The Prime Minister is the Rapidity of the Newsletters Interior Minister Richard Kozlovsk a