Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 18 December 2012 Regulations No 942 "procedure For Granting And Financed By The Municipality Of Assistant Service"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2012. gada 18. decembra noteikumos Nr. 942 "Kārtība, kādā piešķir un finansē asistenta pakalpojumu pašvaldībā"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 592 in 2015 (13 October. No 54 28) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 18 December 2012 regulations no 942 "procedure for granting and financed by the municipality of Assistant services" Issued under the disability law article 12 5.1 and sixth 1. make Cabinet 18 December 2012 rules no 942 "procedures for granted and financed municipal services Assistant" (Latvian journal, 2013, 1., no. 184) the following amendments: 1. provisions be supplemented by the following point 3.1 : "3.1 municipal social service (social service) public procurement regulatory laws in the order is entitled to contract on the Assistant service with legal person who is able to ensure that the service is provided, which are Assistant job or personal experience when interacting with persons with disabilities."; 1.2. make paragraph 4 by the following: "4. the Assistant service provide the declared place of residence of the person social service. The Ministry of welfare grants for social service funding for administration costs no more than 10 percent of the Assistant service intended for the public budget. "; 1.3. make paragraph 6 by the following: "6. the application shall specify: 6.1. name, surname, personal code, declared place of residence address, phone number, or e-mail address; 6.2. legal representative data if the application is submitted by the person's legal representative; 6.3. the measures, which the person wishing to use the Assistant service; 6.4. information on whether a person receives from the State budget to benefit the person with vision disabilities on Assistant; a preferred 6.5 Assistant's name (if known) "; 1.4. Express 8 and 9 point as follows: "8. the social service provisions submissions referred to in paragraph 6 and 7 of these regulations accompanying documents referred to in paragraph and: 8.1. requests additional information from other institutions if necessary; 8.2. evaluate the need to draw up a person with a disability the individual social care and social rehabilitation plan (hereinafter rehabilitation plan), and, if necessary, draw up such a plan; 8.3. assess the person with a disability is active, its involvement in the activities under this provision 1. criteria referred to in the annex and the Assistant service. 9. Social Service within one month of receipt of the application to adopt one of the following decisions: 9.1. as Assistant service, determining: 9.1.1. Assistant service (hours per week); 9.1.2. Assistant service (one-off, per month, for several months, until the end of the year or one year); 9.2. the refusal to grant an Assistant service if: 9.2.1. a person does not meet the disability law 12 the first paragraph of article 3 or the Assistant referred to in point 3.1, the service conditions; 9.2.2. actions which want to engage a person does not comply with the provisions of annex 1 of the criteria specified in the rehabilitation plan or, if the rehabilitation plan is drawn up; 9.2.3. evaluation of activities of the person and the social functional capacity, establishes that a person's ability to move out of the House without assistants or unable to move with the aid of assistants; 9.2.4. Assistant service required for use outside the territory of the Republic of Latvia – a part of the services, refuse intended for use outside the territory of the Republic of Latvia. " 1.5. deletion of section 11.2.; 1.6. to express 17 as follows: "17. Assistant to the person providing the services shall terminate if: 17.1. social services a person makes an application for the abandonment of the Assistant service; 17.2. the place of residence declared other municipal administrative territory; 17.3. over this rule 7.2. the opinion referred to the period of validity; 17.4. social service or welfare Ministry finds that there was one of these provisions 9.2.1., 9.2.2 or 9.2.3, 9.2.4. the conditions referred to in point; 10.9. social service find that Assistant service is not actually used, except that the provisions referred to in paragraph 18. '; 1.7. to express the point 20 as follows: "20. Assistant or Assistant of a service provider who is a legal person, shall submit monthly social services service records for the previous month Assistant provided service and social service controls the rules referred to in paragraph 14 of the fulfilment of the contract."; 1.8. to complement the chapter II with 20.1 points as follows: "20.1 to verify the performance of, the social service of Assistant and Assistant service provider that is a legal person, may require proof that the service is provided according to the amount specified on the service accounts page. On certain types of proof agreed prior to the provision of the service. "; 1.9. to make 21, 22, 23 and 24 by the following: "21. Resources Assistant service is based on the State budget for the year Assistant service allocation. Pay social services assistant services provided make the Ministry of welfare. 22. the national budget funds use such Assistant service provision: 22.1. the remuneration of the Assistant under the current year national minimum hourly rate within normal working hours, but not more than a total of 40 hours a week for one Assistant; 22.2. the State employer social security contributions; 22.3. transport costs, accompanying the person with disabilities; 22.4. administration expenditure in these rules referred to in paragraph 4. 23. the municipality is entitled to raise the remuneration corresponding to the municipal budget assistant in the financial resources available, and the Assistant to the amount of work, remuneration and Finance Assistant State social security payment from its own budget. 24. Social Service, through the national social policy monitoring information system to the 15th date of the following month the Welfare Ministry submitted a report on the utilization of the financial Assistant service (annex 2). '; 1.10. supplement with 24.1 points by the following: "the financial resources that 24.1 for administration expenses, social service Assistant may be used in the service of the staff remuneration costs, jobs for those employees, space rental, management and payment of utilities, Office, office supply, acquisition of machinery and equipment, transport costs related to contractual obligations, as well as other expenses related to the provision of municipal services Assistant."; 1.11. to supplement the rules by 26.1 and 26.2 points as follows: "26.1 social service during the two months following the rules laid down in paragraph 24 of the report submission is entitled to specify the information referred to in the report and submit the report specified in the Ministry of Welfare of the Assistant service provisioning. The Ministry accepts the report and specified payment for social services, according to the report in the specified financial use. In exceptional cases, if the specified sound reasons why the report is not filed, or the specified deadline, it is assumed to specify accounts for prior periods. 26.2 If Ministry of welfare or social service find financial means overpayments for prior periods, social service shall submit to clarify this provision referred to in paragraph 24 of the report for the previous periods. After you correct errors made by the Ministry of welfare and the conversion funds wrongly paid is deducted from the next month for social service funds for Assistant service. "; 1.12. supplement with 29.1 points as follows: "To this rule 29.1, paragraph 14 of the agreement term, but not longer than until 30 June 2016, from the State budget according to the provisions of these rules which were in force until 2015 December 31, are paid according to the contract of Assistant service concluded by 2015 December 31." 1.13. Express 1 and 2 of the annex by the following: "1. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 18 December 2012 regulations no 942 Assistant service criteria for fixing the amount of the Assistant service amount is determined taking into account the following criteria:

Nr.  p. k. Measure the time in hours (total not exceeding 40 hours per week) 1. Gainfully employed or carry out economic activities in the time it takes to get to your workplace, place of business, marketing and product back, but no more than 20 hours per week 2. In education the Basic, secondary or higher education institution attending pre-school education, training or professional development courses based on the time it takes to get to the educational institution or the institution where the course, back and forth, but no more than 20 hours a week 3. Obtain a higher education (applies only to persons with a visual disability group I) based on the time it takes to get to school and back and help you learn about education, but in general no more than 40 hours a week (service granted only during the school year or during a session, if a person learns not onsite) 4. Attending day care centres, day centres and other social care institutions or social rehabilitation institution based on the time it takes to get to the appropriate institution and back and get service, but no more than 20 hours a week. The need to pay the time day care centre service social service assessed and determined individually, taking into account the person's needs and demands for services 5. Receive treatment services (according to the referring physician issued a document that certifies medical treatment or medical rehabilitation institutions in attendance), visiting the family doctor. Visiting State and local authorities, institutions that have delegated public tasks, financial institutions as well as institutions for the protection of personal interests (for example, notary public, lawyer) the time it takes to get to the appropriate institution and back and stay in the service of the institution at the time of receipt, but no more than 20 hours a week. The need to pay while the authorities concerned service social service assessed and determined individually, taking into account the person's needs and demand for service 6. Engage in various social events (work Association or Foundation, volunteering in sport, business, participation in amateur collective, children, music, art and sports school visits, out-of-school activities and other interests of education) the time it takes to get to the venue and back, but not more than 20 hours a week. The need to pay the time for service children in this event, to the extent set out in the social service assessed and determined by the individual, taking into account the person's needs and demands for services 7. Involvement in social activities (shopping, theater, concerts, sporting events and other public sites associated with leisure time) granted no more than two hours a week. If engagement week activities need more time, then no more than four hours a week (8 hours) can be combined with one or more times to annex 2 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 18 December 2012 regulations no 942 ____ ____ ____ _____ district/municipal social services report on financial implementation Assistant service _____ _____. gada ____________________
Nr.  p. k. Services/type of expenditure the number of Assistant services received a number of personal assistant, the number of hours worked compensation of expenses for the Assistant administrative expenditure total expenditure per month from the beginning of the year * per month from the beginning of the year ** 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 = (8 * not more than 10%) 10 (8 + 9) 1. Assistant service for children with disabilities 2. Assistant service for persons with a disability group I 3. Assistant service for persons with a disability group II together notes. 1. indicates the total number of assistants with whom contracts have been concluded and which provides services from the beginning of the year until the end of the reporting period. Each Assistant counted once regardless of how many people the Assistant provides service. 2. Indicate the total number of persons who entered into the contract and receiving a service from the beginning of the year until the end of the reporting period. Each person counted once regardless of the number of contracts signed.
Beneficiary address registration number the Bank Bank code number of the Bank Account Statement report date registration number records (County/City Council social services supervisor) (name) (signature) contact person (name, surname) phone e-mail "2. Regulations shall enter into force on January 1, 2016. The Prime Minister is the Rapidity of prosperity Newsletters Minister Uldis Augul States