Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 14 August 2001 No. 370 In The Terms Of The "rules For The Latvian Et Seq Of The Lbn 202-01" Construction And Design "

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2001.gada 14.augusta noteikumos Nr.370 "Noteikumi par Latvijas būvnormatīvu LBN 202-01 "Būvprojekta saturs un noformēšana""

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 658 of 2007 in Riga in October (2. Nr. 55) 15 amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 14 august 2001 No. 370 in the terms of the "rules for the Latvian et seq of the LBN 202-01" Construction and design "" Issued in accordance with article 2 of the law on construction of the fourth part 1. make Latvian et seq of the LBN 202-01 "Construction and design" (approved by Cabinet of Ministers of 14 august 2001 Regulation No. 370 of the "rules for the Latvian et seq of the LBN 202-01" Construction and design "(Latvian journal , 2001, 119 no)) the following amendments: 1. complement with 8.6. bottom et seq of the following paragraph: "8.6. fire report (significant public buildings)."; 1.2. supplement with 12.1 points et seq the following: 12.1 the construction plan "in the explanatory memorandum includes a fire in accordance with the statement of the Cabinet of Ministers on 1 April 1997 of Regulation No. 112," General provisions "."; 1.3. make the following paragraph 16: "16. the scale of the drawings shall be adopted in accordance with the standard LVS EN ISO 5455:2002" technical drawings. Scale "in question require specified."; 1.4. to make annex 1 as follows: "1. the annex to the Latvian et seq LBN 202-01" Construction and design "(approved by Cabinet of Ministers of 14 august 2001, regulations No 370) a construction drawing design standards applicable to list no PO box standard cipher standard name EN ISO 128 1 2 3 1.-20:2001 technical drawings. General principles the diagram-part 20: basic lines 2. EN ISO 128-20:2001 technical drawings. General principles the diagram-part 21: preparation of CAD systems in Line 3. EN ISO 128-20:1999 technical drawings. General principles the diagram-part 22: leading the line and the main terms of the indications and uses 4. EN EN ISO 3098-0:1997 production technical documentation. Article-part 0: General requirements EN 5 EN ISO 3098-5 in: 1997 production technical documentation. Article-part 5: Latin CAD article, numbers and marks 6. EN EN ISO 3766:2004 construction drawings. Concrete reinforcing simplified representation 7. Lvs EN ISO 4066:1999 the construction drawings. Scale determination 8. Lvs EN ISO 4157-1:1998 construction drawings. Legend-part 1: buildings and parts of buildings 9. Lvs EN ISO 4157-2:1998 construction drawings. Legend-part 2: Room names and numbering 10. Lvs EN ISO 4157-3:1998 construction drawings. Designation systems-part 3: room identifiers 11. Lvs EN ISO 4172:1996 technical drawings--construction drawings. Drawings of industrially produced components for the Assembly of 12. EN EN ISO 5261:1999 technical drawings. Beams and profilsekcij simplified scheme 13. Lvs EN ISO 5456-1:1999 technical drawings. Projection methods-Part 1: synopsis 14. Lvs EN ISO 5456-2:1999 technical drawings. Projection methods-Part 2: orthographic scheme 15. Lvs EN ISO 5456-3:1999 technical drawings. Projection methods-Part 3:16. the scheme Aksiometrisk LVS EN ISO 5456-4:2002 technical drawings. Projection methods--Part 4: Central projection 17. EN EN ISO 5845-1:1999 technical drawings. Assembly and connection of components in a simplified scheme-part 1: General principles 18. Lvs EN ISO 6284:1999 the construction drawings. Instructions for the limit tolerance 19. EN 60617-12:1996 EN Elektroshēm graphical symbols-part 8: measuring instruments, lamps and signalling devices 20. EN EN 60617-12:1996 Elektroshēm graphical symbols-part 11: Architectural and topographical plans and installation chart 21. Lvs EN ISO 6411:1997 technical drawings. Opening of the Centre facilitated the scheme 22. Lvs EN ISO 6412-3:1996 technical drawings. A simplified diagram of the pipelines-part 3: ventilation and drainage details 23. EN EN ISO 6428:1999 technical drawings. Requirements for mikrokopēšan 24. EN ISO 7296-2:1996 cranes. Graphical symbols-part 2: mobile cranes 25. EN EN ISO 7437:2003 technical drawings--construction drawings. The General rules for the production of prefabricated building blueprints design 26. EN EN ISO 7518:1999 technical drawings--construction drawings. Simplified building demolition and reconstruction display 27. Lvs EN ISO 7519:1996 technical drawings--construction drawings. General layout drawings and drawings in General 28. EN EN ISO 8560:1999 technical drawings--construction drawings. Modular size, lines and grid 29. Lvs EN ISO 9431:2003 construction drawings. Drawing area, a text area and position of drawings rakstlaukum 30. EN ISO 10628:2003 production company of technological equipment. General rules of 31 EN 1999 EN ISO 11091: construction drawings. Landscape drawing practice 32. EN ISO 13567-1:2002 technical documentation. CAD and level names-part 1: Overview and principles 33. EN ISO 13567-2:2003 technical documentation. CAD and level names-part 2: building on the concepts used in the documentation and code for sorting 34. EN ISO 14985:1999 technical drawings prints. Control data structure description 35. EN 22553:1994 EN welded and brazed connections. Symbolic representation on drawings 36. EN EN 60617-12:1996 Elektroshēm graphical symbols-part 3: leaders and joining "2. subparagraph 1.4 these rules shall enter into force by 1 October 2008.
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