Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 18 December 2001 No. 531 Of The Regulations ' Provisions On Water And Soil Conservation Of The Agricultural Activities Of Pollution With Nitrates "

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2001.gada 18.decembra noteikumos Nr.531 "Noteikumi par ūdens un augsnes aizsardzību no lauksaimnieciskas darbības izraisītā piesārņojuma ar nitrātiem"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 708 in Riga in 2007 (on 16 October. No 58 25) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 18 December 2001 on regulations no 531 "regulations on the protection of water and soil from agricultural activities pollution by nitrates" Issued in accordance with the law "on pollution" article 11 paragraph 3 of the second paragraph of article 18, paragraph 2, second subparagraph, and paragraph 1 of part 1 to make the Cabinet of 18 December 2001 on regulations no 531 "regulations on the protection of water and soil from agricultural activities pollution by nitrates" (Latvian journal in 2001, 188. nr.; 2004, nr. 48; 2005, nr. 210.) 1.1. the following amendments: Supplement to chapter I the following point 4.1: "4.1 State plant protection service: 4.11. monitor and control crop fertilizer plans particularly sensitive area farms; 4.12. ensure records and maintains a database on particularly sensitive area. "; 1.2. to replace the words "paragraph 12.13. flip" with the words "natural or artificially created the segslān"; 1.3. the express section 12.15. the following wording: "when you create a field, 12.15. litter manure pile base, it put inside the straw or peat layer that protects from nutrient and fluid leakage. Manure heaps covered with straw or peat protective layer to prevent runoff or evaporation of volatile substances; "; 1.4. the express section 12.17. the following wording: "12.17. litter, manure and slurry šķidrmēsl not dissipated during the period from 15 November to 1 March;" 1.5. deletion of the words in paragraph 12.111. and the number "at least 30 cm thick"; 1.6. to supplement the provisions of this paragraph 12.25: "12.25. landowners and users lists and document the entire farm fertilizers purchased in quantity and accounting records shall be kept for at least three years."; 1.7. to make the following point 12.3: "12.3 farms draw up and implement plans for crop fertilizer, subject to the following requirements: 12.31. field history tracking and document the holdings where fertilisers 10 ha and incorporated into a larger area, but the fruit and vegetable farms-three acres and larger area, and the records shall be kept for at least three years; 12.32. crop fertilizer and crop fertilizer plan plan summary (annex 2) in developing the farm one year; 12.33. crop fertilizer plans in all holdings in the fertilisers used 20 ha and a larger area, but the fruit and vegetable farms-three acres and larger area. Crop fertilizer plan based on soil agroķīmisk (mapping) of research data, the current year's spring and summer draw up, no later than 15 April, grass and next year's harvest of winter crops sown in the autumn of fertiliser-not later than 15 august. Soil agrochemical research (mapping) not less frequently than once every five years, and agroķīmisk mapping things kept for at least five years; 12.34. developed crops fertilisation and crop fertilizer plan summary in writing or electronically (electronic submissions of crop fertilizer and crop fertilizer plan plan summary by electronic signature) by the national plant protection services not later than 30 days after this rule 12.3 3. the time limit laid down in subparagraph. "; 1.8. to supplement the rules by 12.4 points in the following wording: "12.4 agricultural farm land fall and winter minimum crop vegetation diet: 12.41. the first two years of implementation of the programme of action-at least 30% of the land; 12.42. implementation of the programme of action for the coming years-at least 50% of the land. "; 1.9. to make 15. the third sentence by the following: "incorporation of manure to agricultural land calculated in accordance with the provisions of this annex."; 1.10. to supplement the first sentence of paragraph 16, after the words "animal unit" with the notation "(DV)"; 1.11. to supplement the rules by 17.1 points as follows: "the land owner and user 17.1 to record and document all types of organic fertilisers, purchased or sold, and the records shall be kept for at least three years."; 1.12. the expression 33 as follows: "33. monitoring shall be carried out for research: 33.1. establish environmental quality standards being exceeded causes; 33.2. the assessment of causes that do not allow you to achieve the quality of the environment; 33.3. the assessment of emergency pollution of environmental impacts and provide recommendations to the accident prevention measures of the consequences. " 1.13. replace paragraph 37, the number "50" with the number "25"; 1.14. delete paragraph 41, the word "plant"; 1.15. Express 42 as follows: "42. National plant protection service inspectors have the right to: 42.1. be landowners or users of land, having informed the land owner or user, to control the competence of those rules of crop fertilization plans requirements; 26.2. to request and receive, free of charge from the land owner or user information that is necessary for crop fertilizer plan for monitoring in accordance with these rules; 26.3. to check the crop fertilization plans and their compliance with the requirements of this regulation; 26.3. to claim this provision in paragraph 12.3 and 12.25. and the documents referred to in paragraph 17.1. "; 1.16. the title of chapter IV, expressed as follows: "(IV). The final question"; 1.17. supplement with 45 as follows: "45. Point 4.1 shall enter into force by 1 January 2009."; 1.18. make annex 2 as follows: "2. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 18 December 2001 Regulation No. 531 of the crop fertilizer and crop fertilizer plan plan summary of the crop fertilizer I plan to crop fertilizer plan holding shall include the following information: 1. A household name and location. 2. the number of the field, the area in hectares (ha). 3. Crop Breeding, variety, use and planned to harvest. 4. the crop grown in the previous year (priekšaug). 5. the nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P2O5) and potassium (K2O) incorporation rate (kg) per hectare. 6. organic fertilizer (organic fertilizer) incorporated into the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK-below). 7. fertilizers NPK fertilizer incorporated, indicating the type of quantity (weight kg) per hectare and around the area of the field. 8. other balance factor.
II. the crop fertilizer plan summary no information appearing unit PO box 1. total agricultural land area _____ ha 2. total NPK quantities required for the whole area of the land being processed _____ kg N _____ kg P2O5 _____ kg K2O 3. number of livestock (by group of animals) ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 4. total NPK produced mass is kūtsmēslo kg N _____ _____ _____ kg P2O5 kg K2O 5. total NPK fertilizer use in the form of _____ kg N _____ kg P2O5 _____ kg K2O 6. the difference between the total nutrients required quantity and its collateral _____ kg N _____ kg P2O5 _____ kg 7. the use of nitrogen K2O from manure (field effect)% ____% proportion of winter crops, 8% of the total agricultural land area ____ 9. the total number of livestock (animal units)-DV 10. Livestock (livestock units) per 1 ha of agricultural land (DV/Lf) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ "1.19. deletion of annex 3; 1.20. Express annex 4 by the following: "4. in the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 18 December 2001 on regulations no 531 incorporation of manure to agricultural land area calculation 1. incorporation of manure necessary for agricultural land area (ha) is calculated using the following formula: MS L = — —-that L-manure incorporation of Magps required agricultural land area (ha); DV-holding the total number of livestock, animal units; DVP-level livestock units per hectare of agricultural land. 2. Holding the total number of farm animals, expressed in units of animals, is calculated using the following formula: MS x zDV = ni where MS-the total number of livestock on the farm, animal units; z-group of farm animals (by species and age); DVI-relevant livestock species and age group one animal the number of animal units in accordance with paragraph 3 of this annex; NIA-relevant livestock species and age groups number farm. 3. animal units (DV) farm animals no BC agricultural species and ages of animals unit 1. Dairy Cows suckler cows in 2 of the 3 0.70 0.70. Baby (up to 6 months) 0.20 4. Veal (from 6 to 12 months) 0.35 5. Breeding Heifer (12 months) meat beef 6 0.50 (from 6 to 12 months) 0.50 7. Breeding bull (12 months) in Fattening pig 8 0.60 (30-100 kg) 8.1. one pig year 0.03 8.2. one place barn 9. Mammals of 0.10 sow with piglets
10.0.25 sow without the piglets and gilts 0.2 0.25 11. Boar 12. Different pig (7,5-30 kg) 0.007 13. Goat (with kids), sheep (Lamb) 0.09 14. Horse is (more than 6 months) or a Mare with a foal in 15 Broiler 0.40.

15.1. the annual broiler 0.0004 15.2. one place barn 16. Laying hens of 0.007 0.006 17. Turkey, goose 0.01 18. Rabbit 0.024 19. Strauss 20.0.05 0.11 fur animals for fur animals of 0.018 21 small "2. That rule 1.7. subparagraph shall enter into force by 1 January 2008.
Prime Minister Minister for Agriculture (A). Halloween-Welfare Minister d.-Staķ