Census Commission Charter

Original Language Title: Tautas skaitīšanas komisijas nolikums

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Read the untranslated law here: https://www.vestnesis.lv/ta/id/164933

Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 696 in Riga in 2007 (on 16 October. No 58) census rules Issued by the Commission in accordance with the public administration facilities of article 13 of the law i. General questions 1. Census Commission (hereinafter the Commission) is a consultative and coordinating body.
2. The purpose of the Commission's 2011 Census (hereinafter census) preparatory work and monitoring the progress of the country.
II. Functions of the Commission, and the right to 3. the Commission shall have the following functions: to coordinate and evaluate the 3.1 census preparations and procedures;
3.2. ensuring effective cooperation between State bodies.
4. The Commission shall have the following tasks: 4.1. assess the Census preparation plans, programmes, publications, forms, plans and preliminary results and make suggestions to developers;
4.2. assess the proposals on the country's existing registry data used census information provided for in the programme and to make recommendations to applicants;
4.3. to review the draft reports on the Census preparation and results and make suggestions in this document for developers;
4.4. analyze financial resource utilization efficiency.
5. the Commission shall have the following rights: 5.1 request other experts and specialists in matters related to the Census;
5.2. request reports and information from the Central Administration of statistics and census of State bodies involved in the preparation of the census process and progress.
III. establishment of the Commission and its composition is made up of the Commission 6:6.1. Economic Minister (the Commission President);
6.2. the Chief of the Central Statistical Bureau (Vice-President);
6.3. two representatives of the Central Administration of statistics;
6.4. a representative of the Ministry of finance;
6.5. the municipal representative of the Union;
6.6. the two municipal Union of Latvia suggested representatives of the local government bodies;
6.7. a representative of the University of Latvia;
6.8. The Latvian Academy of Sciences Institute of Economic Affairs representative;
6.9. the citizenship and Migration Board representative;
6.10. The regional development and local government Ministry spokesman;
6.11. the representative of the Ministry of transport;
6.12. the National Agency for Latvian geospatial information agency "representative;
6.13. The State revenue service representative;
6.14. the national land service representative;
6.15. the special task Minister for electronic Government Affairs representative of the Secretariat.
7. the Commission's mandate for a period of five years.
IV. Organization of work of the Commission, 8. The work of the Commission organized and chaired by the President of the Commission. Commission in the absence of the President, his duties shall be carried out by the Commission's Vice Chairman.
9. the President of the Commission: 9.1. organizes and directs the work of the Commission;
9.2. during the meetings of the Commission and approve the agenda;
9.3. convene and chair the meetings of the Commission.
10. Members of the Commission have the right to propose to convene a meeting of the Commission. The President of the Commission shall convene a meeting of the Commission within 14 days after receipt of the proposal.
11. the session of the Commission are convened at least once every three months.
12. the members of the Commission at the hearing, the Commission will be notified by electronic mail at least five working days before the meeting.
13. the Secretary of the Commission within five working days after the meeting of the Commission, all members of the Commission by electronic mail and by post on request sent to the harmonization of the draft Protocol. The members of the Commission within three working days, starting with the next working day at the Commission hearings, the draft Protocol by electronic mail of the draft minutes of the hearing or amend the relevant clarifications. If, within three working days after the sending of the draft Protocol in the absence of objections, the project shall be deemed agreed.
14. the Commission shall be valid if they are sitting on more than half the members of the Commission. The Commission shall take decisions by a simple majority. If the vote splits on the casting vote of the Chairman of the Commission.
15. the minutes of the meetings of the Commission signed by the Chairman of the Commission and the Secretary of the Commission.
16. duties of the Secretary of the Commission to fulfil the Central Statistical Administration designate.
17. the work of the technical Commission shall ensure Central Statistical Bureau for the current year the Government allocated budget.
Prime Minister a. Halloween, Minister of education and science Rivž B Note: the wording of the entry into force of the provisions by 20 October 2007.