National Police Award "merit" For Contribution To Road Safety "in The" Charter Of Incorporation

Original Language Title: Valsts policijas apbalvojuma "Nopelnu zīme "Par ieguldījumu ceļu satiksmes drošībā"" dibināšanas nolikums

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State Police Regulation No 8 of 2007 in Riga on November 23, the national police Award "merit" For contribution to road safety "Charter of incorporation Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 72 of the equipment of the first paragraph of point 2 i. General questions 1. National Police Award" merit "For contribution to road safety" (hereinafter referred to as merit), and carrying the agenda.
2. Earn sign (annex 1) founded with the goal of expressing appreciation for the significant contribution to road safety, the exemplary service duties, as well as good performance.
II. Earning the award procedures of the mark 3. Merit Award: Mark 3.1. Ministry of the Interior and its system officials, officials with special ranks and employees (including former officials, officers, and employees);
3.2. The national police partners.
4. candidates with Merit Awards may recommend to the National Chief of police, Deputy Chief of the national police, the National Police Chief of territorial departments, national police Chief of police administration of public security management Bureau 3 (road police) Chief, by recommendation of the Commission for the Award.
5. recommendations shall state: 5.1 the proposed apbalvojam in the word (s), last name, job title (if any);
5.2. Description of the merit of which is proposed to reward with Merit;
5.3. the applicant's name (name), surname, position.
6. candidates for the Awards assess national police Awards by the Commission (hereinafter the Commission) and the national police chief to order.
7. the composition of the Commission: 7.1. the President of the Commission, the National Chief of police;
7.2. the Vice-Chairman of the Commission, the Commission shall elect, from among the members of the Commission each calendar year of the first meeting of the Commission;
7.3. members of the Commission, the National Police Chief of Police Administration Chief, the National Police Chief, Office of personnel management, the National Police Chief of police administration of public security management Bureau 3 (road police) Chief.
8. the Commission provides the secretariat functions of the national police, the Office of personnel management.
9. the Commission shall convene a meeting of the President of the Commission. The Commission shall be valid if they are sitting on at least half of the members of the Commission.
10. In considering the recommendations, the Commission: make sure the recommendation 10.1. these facts;
10.2. assess the personal file (if any);
10.3. If necessary, call upon the applicant or another person to provide the information;
10.4. decide on awards.
11. If the Commission decides on the granting of the award to the President of the Commission or the Member of the Commission, he did not participate in the vote.
12. the Commission shall adopt a decision by vote. The decision has been made, if the vote of a majority of the members of the Commission are present. If the votes are divided into similar, the President shall have a casting vote. If the vote for President of the Commission granting the award, the casting is Vice-President of the Commission.
13. The Commission's decision concerning the award of merit of the President of the Commission signed by mark. If you decided to reward the President of the Commission, a decision shall be signed by the Vice-President of the Commission.
14. together with the Earned mark the person issuing the diploma apbalvojam (annex 2) with the same serial number as the Merit of the mark. Diploma with the signature and stamp of the certifying Commission of coat-of-arms of the President. If the diploma is granted to the President of the Commission, with the signature and stamp of the coat-of-arms the Deputy Chairman of the Commission.
15. The order for merit marks a copy or extract of the award kept in case the person awarded.
16. Earn mark one person repeatedly does not grant.
17. mark the control copy of Merit with the order number of its artistic project, the National History Museum of Latvia and Riga History and navigation Museum.
III. the signs of technical Merit and artistic description 18. Merit a sign made of 925 Silver with a fineness. pure gold coating. Earning the average mark is 45 mm (annex 3).
19. Earn marks the base of the obverse represents an arrow cross, whose dimensions 45 mm x 45 mm. The cross is covered with white enamel. The cross light contains the letters VP (national police), CPU (road police) and the unit's founding year, 1938 on the top star is three stars. Between the cross beams-green enamel oak leaf. In the center of the cross features a circular shield 15 mm in diameter, in the background the sword. The circumference on the shield dark red enamel background motto – "law. The way to go. Security. ". Installed in the center of the shield dark blue enamel with the rays in the background.
20. Earning marks engraved on the reverse merit marks.
21. the holder of trademark Ribbon Merit size is 38 mm x 7 mm, and on it are Bay leaves the bar.
22. the merit marks is the Ribbon in dark blue, size 32 x 40 mm, Center, three 3 mm wide band of red, yellow and green. The same color separations have Earned the mark of that tape size is 32 mm x 10 mm. 23. Merit of miniatūrzīm 15 mm x 15 mm, made of Silver 925. tests with pure gold coating. The obverse is the base of the arrow cross in white enamel coating, the center of the circles covered with red and blue enamel paint, between cross beams-green oak leaves.
IV. the Merit of a design mark 24. Earning mark, Earning marks of Ribbon cuttings and merit marks miniatūrzīm to clothes worn on the left side of the chest.
25. Merit mark wears in his parade uniform shape or celebrations.
26. Daily uniform worn at the merit marks the tape bleed.
27. Everyday at civiltērp wearing merit miniatūrzīm.
V. concluding questions 28. Regulations shall enter into force on the day following their publication in the newspaper "journal".
29. in order for these rules to issue orders in place, but no longer than 1 January 2008.
Agreed with the Ministry of Interior of 13 august 2007.
State Police Chief a. Lieljuks a annex 1 national police in 2007 the provisions of 23 November 8 State Police Chief a. Lieljuks an annex 2 State police in 2007 the provisions of 23 November 8 State Police Chief a. Lieljuks a annex 3 national police in 2007 the provisions of 23 November 8 State Police Chief a. Lieljuks a