Natural Park "pink Lake" Personal Protection And Terms Of Use

Original Language Title: Dabas parka "Pinku ezers" individuālie aizsardzības un izmantošanas noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 810 in Riga 2007 27 November (pr. No 66 36) natural park "Pink Lake" personal protection and terms of use are Issued in accordance with the law "on especially protected natural territories" of the second subparagraph of article 14 and article 17, second paragraph i. General questions 1. determines: 1.1. natural park "Pink Lake" (natural park) and the use of individual protection arrangements;
1.2. functional zoning of the natural park;
1.3. the name of nature park-special informative signs and its use;
1.4. in the nature park of the existing natural monument-protected tree-protection and use. 2. Natural park area is not valid for specially protected natural territory protection and general terms of use. 3. Natural park is an area of 161 hectares. Functional area of natural park scheme set out in annex 1 of these provisions, but functional zone boundary description-this provision in annex 2. 4. Natural park boundaries in the natural stands with special informative signs. Special information in the mark and the procedures for using these provisions set out in annex 3. 5. Natural park in the following functional areas: 5.1 natural closed area;
5.2. the natural park area. II. General aprobežojum around the natural park area 6. Landowners, the legal possessor and users banned from your property or restrict the movement of visitors use on roads, watercourses and water bodies, as well as the paths that are specified in annex 1 of these regulations and for the nature park for viewing. 7. the nature protection authority may provide limited accessibility information for status information on the natural park of existing specially protected species Habitat, and specially protected habitat location if its disclosure could harm the environment. The following information may be spread only by nature protection management written permission. 8. Natural park area prohibited to: 8.1 installation of new landfills and pollute the environment with piegruž and waste and store waste them in unexpected places;
8.2. to damage and destroy the special informative signs, as well as other infrastructure objects;
8.3. mowing meadows, away from edges to center field;
8.4. Blot dry marshes;
8.5. burn the dry grass and reeds, except where necessary for Habitat management measures and the national environment service regional environmental governance (hereinafter the regional environmental governance), as well as fire protection and fire-fighting authorities responsible for written authorisation;
8.6. to move along the watercourses and water bodies with water motorcycles, motor boats, boats and yachts, with the exception of State and local government bodies, the movement of officials of their duties;
8.7. to leave the roads and travel by motor transport means, mopeds and carriage, if it is not related to the management or monitoring of the territory;
8.8. bonfire outside the specified or specially equipped places, except fire yards, fires burnt residue in cutting away the forest management according to laws and regulating the incineration of residues of digging that occur, cutting down trees and shrubs meadow restoration works;
8.9. to use special devices to collect wild berries and mushrooms in reading;
8.10. to install wind generators;
8.11. allow the dog being in the outdoors without a leash and uzpurņ, except for the yards, as well as hunting regulatory laws in certain cases and order;
8.12. to obtain valid except in underground mineral water for personal use;
8.13. split the land of land units smaller than 10 hectares (including dividing joint ownership) as well as usage rights for joint ownership, if any remains in use by the co-owners less than 10 hectares;
8.14. the installation of the cognitive, recreational and tourism infrastructure, excluding items, which shall be provided to the regional environmental governance written authorisation in accordance with the provisions of annex 1;
8.15. to perform actions that cause ground water, and surface water level changes, except for: Beaver Dam demolition 8.15.1.;
8.15.2. habitat restoration measures if it has regional environmental administration written approval;
8.16. the regional environmental governance without the written permission of: restoration, restore 8.16.1. or reconstruct the utilities and other engineering structures, as well as to restore or reconstruct the roads;
8.16.2. organize outdoor public events involving more than 50 people;
8.17. it is prohibited to construct and deploy natural protected zones of surface ūdensobjekt sewage treatment plant with filtration on the ground, as well as the Pink Lake, draining off Charlotte pond, Lake and the void around the existing crude and purified Marsh municipal, industrial and communal waste water and sewage sludge. 9. The construction of the country park permitted according to local municipal territory planning, respecting these rules, as well as environmental protection and laws regulating construction procedures and restrictions. III. the Nature of the restriction zone 10. Natural area created, closed to keep the Pink Lake specifically protect Habitat-mīkstūden gājamo Lake with ezereņ (Isoet), lobēlij (lobelia) and krasteņ (Littorella) groves, lakes with a multi pamīšzied (Myriophyll of alterniflor) of groves Lake to the coast of minerālgrunt and boreālo the dominant Woods, which is specially protected bird species-the Black Stork (Ciconia nigra)-feeding, as well as other species specially protected animal habitats. 11. Natural restricted area prohibited to: 11.1. use waterfowl hunting projectiles containing lead;
11.2. installation of new roads, as well as to change the width of the existing roads and road route location;
11.3. take the Earth's transformation, except when this is necessary: 11.3.1. specially protected habitat restoration;
11.3.2 8.15.1. these provisions referred to activities, if you have received a regional environmental administration written approval;
11.4. the installation of the bog Cranberry plantation;
11.5. to cut trees in the main and in the lock; reconstructive
11.6. to cut the trees, with the exception of parental lock disease infected by pest infested or otherwise damaged trees in accordance with this section and the provisions 11.18.4. forest management regulatory laws, if valdaudz's age exceeds: 11.6.1. pine and oak groves-60 years;
11.6.2. spruce, birch, melnalkšņ, an ash and lime groves-50 years;
11.6.3. Aspen groves-30 years;
11.7. as from 1 April to 31 July to perform forestry and felling of bushes, except Bush digging in yards and forest fire, forest restoration, with hand tools and dangerous trees (trees that threaten the lives and health of people nearby buildings or infrastructure) digging and harvesting;
11.8. the ramifications of growing trees stands, save a tree pruning view point of installation and maintenance, as well as the maintenance of power lines on road safety on the roads;
7.4. stands to cut dead trees, which will average 1.3 metres from the root of the neck is larger than 25 inches, except hazardous trees, as well as to remove fallen trees, krital, or parts thereof, which is the diameter of the larger space is larger than 25 inches, except for the fresh wind and the ash fallen FIR, if it is more than five cubic metres per hectare and it stands can promote the continuation of massive savairošano pests;
11.10. fix up camp, rest areas and build tents outside these rules specified in annex 1 and specially arranged places;
11.11. the tool autosacensīb, motosacensīb and velosacensīb, as well as rally, treniņbraucien and test drive;
11.12. installation of wild plants, animals and fungi, as well as product sales and buying points;
11.13. damage or destruction (also ploughed or cultivating) floodplain, patio and forest meadow and lauc, except game follow-on lauc;
11.14. to perform actions that cause soil erosion;
11.15. the installation of a fenced wildlife species in open-air farms;
11.16. build and installation of waterworks and drainage system, except where it is necessary for the recovery of protected habitats and the regional environmental governance written permission;
11.17. grow or hold fish, caged fish, as well as food supplement in fish stocks, except for predatory species of fish restocking;
11.18. installation of the maritime resources of the dock and the base;
11.19. regional environmental management without the prior written permission of: restoring forest media 11.19.1. or planting and ieaudzē forest;
11.19.2. collecting natural materials collections;
11.19.3. scientific studies;
11.19.4. to cut the disease infected by pest infested or otherwise damaged trees thinning felling and sanitary felling, the main lock at national forest service health opinion. Vi. Natural park area 12. Natural park zone created to preserve particular protect habitats-vilkakūl (nardus Committee) meadows, natural distrof and eitrof lakes – as well as to promote nature protection requirements of tourist and recreational infrastructure development. 13. Natural park area prohibited to: 13.1 to cut trees and clear cut the curls in reconstructive;

13.2. the parental lock, felling the prevailing tree species of valdaudz trees, except in declining growth, disease, pest infested infected or otherwise damaged trees, where the predominant tree species aged: 13.2.1. pine and oak groves-60 years;
13.2.2. spruce, birch, melnalkšņ, an ash and lime groves-50 years;
13.2.3. Aspen groves-30 years;
13.3. as from 1 April to 31 July to perform forestry and felling of bushes, except Bush digging in yards and forest fire, forest restoration, with hand tools and dangerous tree felling and harvesting;
13.4. the regional environmental governance without written permission of: 13.4.1. take land transformation;
13.4.2. the tool autosacensīb, motosacensīb, ūdensmotosport and water skiing competitions, as well as rally, treniņbraucien and test drive;
13.4.3. to cut the trees and struck the main sanitary slapped by the national forest service health opinion. V. natural monuments in the nature park of 14 existing protected natural monuments-trees-is local and alien species, of which his circumference 1.3 metres from tree roots neck or height is not less than the provisions set out in annex 4. 15. a 10-metre radius around the protected trees (measured from a protected tree crown projection outside edge) banned: 15.1. make any economic or other activity that is damaging or can damage or destroy natural monument or impair its natural aesthetic importance;
15.2. installation of the rest areas and camps, build tents outside the specified or specially equipped places;
15.3. to conduct activities that may adversely affect the protected tree growth and natural development;
15.4. to protect apkrau trees;
15.5. to change environmental conditions-water and feeding mode;
15.6. to carry out land transformation;
15.7. to destroy or damage the natural repetitions, except Bush and tree felling in accordance with these rules and regulations;
15.8. the regional environmental governance without the written permission of: 15.8.1. installation of the cognitive, recreational and tourism infrastructure projects;
15.8.2. take natural monument management measures it for future protection and conservation;
15.8.3. bringing the underground construction;
15.8.4. to cut trees. 16. A protected tree felling or harvesting is permitted only if it become dangerous (risk to human life and health, nearby buildings or infrastructure) and the regional environmental governance written authorisation. VI. final question 17. land transformation in the area of natural behavior is permitted, if the Earth's transformation to this provision permits entry into force. Prime Minister a. Halloween environment ministers-Minister with special responsibility for the acquisition of funds from the European Union's Affairs n. Brok annex 1 Cabinet 27 November 2007 the Regulation No. 810 natural park "Pink" functional area of Lake scheme in place of the Minister of the Environment-Minister with special responsibility for the acquisition of funds from the European Union's Affairs n. Brok annex 2 Cabinet 27 November 2007 the Regulation No. 810 natural park "Pink Lake" functional area boundaries description i. natural barring 1 natural zone barring zone grid list : no PO box coordinates coordinates X Y coordinates of points 359657 320082 1.2 1.3 359666 320071.3.359639 320087 359621 320083 4 1.5 320052 359608 320071 1.6 1.7 320011 359589 319980 319864 359587 319906 1.10 1.11 359619 319794 359595 319797 359544 319840 13 1.14 319875.359499 319883 1.16 1.15.15 359474 319875 16 359449 319849 17 1.18 1.17.. 18.359431 319804

19.359422 319757 1.20 319726 319610 1.22 1.23 359440 319660.23.359540 319534 359570 319501 24 1.25 319467.359632 319446 1.27 319442 359712 319450 1.29 319396 1.31 1.30 359732 319436.31.32.359725 319338 359740 319372 1.32 1.33 1.34 34 33.359718 319311.359729 319292.359712 319282 1.36 319270 359697 319284 1.37 319223 319187.359702 319157 1.41 319092 359756 319105 1.42 1.44 359804 319077.359798 319049.359795 319023. 1.47 1.48 359802 318989.359822 318940. 318900 359844 318915 318898.359963 318893.51.1.51 1.52 1.53 53.52.359990 318878.360002 318843.360023 318837 1.55 1.57 360056 318846.360074 318841. 318795 360155 318713 318693.360153 318674 1.61 318669.360280 318712 1.62 1.63 318716.360251 318713.360148 318786 1.66 1.65 318912.360325 318849 1.68 318873.360349 318879 1.70 319182 1.72 1.71.360225 319148.360228 319202. 319233 1.73 74.360195 319278.360142 319321 1.76 319410.360252 319408 1.77 319403 319379.360283 319399 1.81 319430.360260 319474 1.83 319498.360230 319517 1.84 319551 1.86 1.87 360203 319543.87.360155 319559 1.89 360145 319581.360161 319620.360151 319621. 1.92 1.93 360100 319537.92.360047 319453.360009 319453.93.94.359997 319567 1.95 319730.360035 319770.96.1.96 1.97 1.98 98.97.359966 319712.359890 319783 319932 359862 319840 1100. 320001 1102.359889 320104 1, 320216 359873 320143 1104.1105.105.360204 318912.360106 318928 1,324 1,,102 1,085 360109 319093.360089 319118.360017 319166.110.109.1110 1111 360011 319244.360092 319227. 1,116 1,140 360164 319172 360133 319210.113.114.360187 319129.115.1,095 1,087.360175 319107.360169 319082.117.116.1,125 1,100.118.360196 319051 360182 319063

II. Natural park zone 2 natural park area includes all natural park "Pink Lake" area, not in the natural zone. barring
The Minister of the Environment-Minister with special responsibility for the acquisition of funds from the European Union's Affairs n. Brok annex 3 Cabinet 27 November 2007 the Regulation No. 810 special informational sign in the name of nature park and its procedures for using Special information 1 mark the name of nature park () is the green square area of white frame with a stylized wall pictogram.
2. Sign color (color of the standard specified in Pantone, CMYK and ORACAL systems) are the following: 2.1 square area (pictograms wall background)-light green in color (Pantone M0 Y100 K0, 362C or C70 or ORACAL ECONOMY 064 (yellow green)); 2.2. the pictogram wall-white; 2.3. the outline of the wall and the wall of the pictogram of the dzīslojum-dark green (Pantone or C100 M0 Y78 K42, 3425C or ECONOMY (dark green) ORACAL 060); 2.4. sign a frame-white. 3. the procedures for using the mark: 3.1. installing the sign, select one of the following dimensions: 300 x 300 mm 3.1.1 3.1.2 3.1.3 150 x 150 mm.; 75 x 75 mm.; 3.2 marks appear in the editions size, saving the propor tion of the squares, use the appropriate scale, but no less than 5 x 5 mm; 3.3. other cases not mentioned in this annex 3.1. and 3.2. bottom point, you can use the different sizes of signs saving the square proportions; 3.4. the sign does not install on the roads. 4. Mark (preparation) and deployment provides the management of nature protection, in cooperation with the relevant authorities.
The Minister of the Environment-Minister with special responsibility for the acquisition of funds from the European Union's Affairs n. Brok 4 attachment Cabinet 27 November 2007 the Regulation No. 810-trees-Protected local and his alien species (by the circumference or altitude) no Species of p.k. circumference 1.3 meters in height (in metres) height (in metres) 1 2 3 4 i. local species 1. Aspen (Populus l. tremul) Baltalksn (3.5-35 2. Alnus (l.) in incan Moench) 25 3.1.6 outdoor Birch (the pendulum of Betul Roth) 3.0 33 4. Swamp Birch (Betul is pubescens Ehrh.) 3.0 32 5. Pūpolvītol (Salix l. capre) 1.9 22 6. Spruce Picea abies ((L.) Karst.)
3.0 37 7. Hybrid Alder (Alnus x pubescens Tausch) 32 8.1.5 normal Elm (Ulmus glabr of Hud.) 28 9. Normal 4.0 Eve (Pad-Avium Mill.) 22 10.1.7 normal Maple (Acer platanoid-L.) 27 11. Conventional 3.5 Linden (Tilia cordata Mill.) 33 12. Ordinary Shepherd 4.0 (Ulmus laevis Pall.) 4.0 30 13. Melnalksn (Alnus glutinosa (l.) Gaertn.)
3.0 30 14. normal os (Fraxinus excelsior l.) 4.0 34 15. Common oak (Quercus robur l.) 5.0 32 16. Common beech (Carpinus betulus l.) 1.9 20 17. normal Rowan (Sorbus l. aucupari) 1.7 21 18. Ordinary pine (Pinus sylvestris l.) 38 19.3.0 Šķetr (Salix pentandra l.) 22 20.1.6 Sweden Juniper (Juniperus communis l. var. suecic-AIT.) 0.8 11 II. Alien Species of Conifers 21 21.1. Balsam spruce (Abies balsame (L.) 1.5 mill.) 24 21.2. European spruce (Abies alba Mill.) 32 European ciedrupried (Pinus l. produced) 1.6 22 21.4. European Larch (Larix Mill. decidu) 39 Canadian tsug 3.2 21.5. (hemlokegl) (Tsug canadensis (l.) Carr.)
15. Russia 8.5 1.3 larch (Larix ledebouri (Rupr.) CIN.)
34. Black 21.7 3.0 pine (Pinus nigra Arnold) 21.8. Mount Menzies of 1.9 23 Douglas (of Pseudotsuga menziesi (Mirb.) Franco) 2.4-13.6.

West tūj (Thuja occidentalis l.) 1.4 21.10 16. Siberian spruce (Abies sibiric the Ledeb.) 30 Siberian ciedrupried (Pinus sibiric Du Tour) 1.9 22 21.12. Veimutpried (Pinus strobus l.) 2.7 36 21.13. Monochromatic spruce (Abies concolor (Gord. & Glend) Lindl. ex Hildebr.) 1.7 32 22.22.1 Ailantlap deciduous trees in Walnut (a ailanthifoli of Juglan Carr.) 1.4 20 13.8. Outdoor birch, šķeltlap (the pendulum of Betul ' Crisp ') 25 white robīnij 1.6 22.3. (the pseudoacaci l. Robini) 1.9 20 22.4. White willow (Salix alba l.) 4.5 20 22.5.
British Elm (Ulmus Montana Lindquis glabr can.) 22.6 30. Douglas 3.2 krustābel (Lindl., Crataegus to douglasi) 0.8 10 14.1. Yellow Birch (Betul is a British aleghaniens.) 15 Hibrīdpīlādz 1.2 22.8. (Sorbus hybrida (l.) 1.0 l.) 22.9. Dutch lang 10 (Tilia x Europaea l.) 2.8 26 22.10. Mountain Maple (Acer pseudoplatan l.) 2.2 22.11. Crimean Linden 20 (Tilia x euchlor k. Koch) 1.9 20 12/22. Field Maple (Acer campestris l.) 22.13. Mandžūrij of Walnut 18 1.5 (Max. of Juglan mandshuric) 1.6 18 22.14. Poplar and the hybrid (Populus genus) 5.0 35 paper Birch 22.15. (Marsh of Betul papyrifer.) 20 22.16. normal 1.6 beech (Fagus sylvatica l.) 3.8-22.17. Common beech , purpurlap (Fagus sylvatica ' Purpurea ' latifolia) 3.1 22.18. The usual 30, with oak (Quercus robur ' Fastigiat ') 22.19. The normal 24 2.4, lietussargveid Elm (Ulmus ' glabr ' Camperdown) 1.9-22.20. Normal zirgkastaņ (Aescul of hippocastan of l.) 3.0 23 grey Walnut 22.21. (l. to Juglan cinerea) 2.8 20 0.00. Pennsylvania's os (Fraxinus pennsylvanic Marsh.) 23 22.23. Broad-leaved lime 2.0 (Tilia platyphyllo a Scop.) 27 krustābel 22.24. Polka dot in the 3.1 (for punctat of Crataegus Jacq.) 22.25 8. Saldķirs 1.0 (cerasus Avium (l.) Moench) 1.6 12 red oak 22.26. (Quercus Rubra l.) 1.9 22.27. Blushing the 27 willow (Salix × Rubens Schrank) 3.1 25 22.28. Steppe Elm (Ulmus minor l.) 2.2 22.29 20. Silver Maple (Acer l. of saccharin) 3.2 26 22.30. Sudrabvītol (Salix alba ' sericea ') 20. Germany krustābel 22.31 4.5 (Crataegus alemanniens in the Fight.). the Green os 22.32 0.7 10 (Fraxinus pennsylvanic may subintegerrim (Vahl) Fern.) 2.0 22.33. Sweden 23 Rowan (Sorbus intermedia (Ehrh.) Pers.)
1.9 12 Environment Ministers-Minister with special responsibility for the acquisition of funds from the European Union's Affairs n. Brok