Provisions On The Duty Of The Legal Protection Of

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par valsts nodevu par izgudrojumu tiesisko aizsardzību

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 824 in Riga in 2007 (4 December. No 68 13. §) rules on Government duty on legal protection of the Patent Issued in accordance with article 49 of the law in the first part of rule 1 shall be determined for the protection of inventions in the country paid toll, and appropriate incentives. 2. the duty rates are as follows: 2.1 for the filing of the patent application for a supplementary protection certificate and the application for a European patent application for conversion (conversion)-75 lat;
2.2. for each subsequent claims in the patent application, if it is followed by the tenth claim,-15 lat;
2.3. for amendment of a patent application (by the applicant authority of the INI): 2.3.1. amendments in the description of the patent application or claims-35 lats;
2.3.2. other amendments-15 lat;
2.4. on the publication and registration of the patent in the patent register-60 lats;
2.5. each description of the invention and claims the page if the following ten pages in the publication of the patent and the patent register-3 lats;
2.6. for European patent and extension of the European patent for the invention and publication of translations of the claims specified in the publication of a translation, if translation of the claims presented to: 2.6.1. paper-35 lats;
2.6.2. e-25 lats;
2.7. the amendment to the claims of the invention or the publication of the translation-35 lats;
2.8. for maintaining the patent in force: 2.8.1. for the third year-60 lats;
2.8.2. for the fourth year-90 lats;
2.8.3. for the fifth year-100 lats;
2.8.4. the sixth year-$ 105;
2.8.5. for the seventh year-120 lats;
2.8.6. for the eighth year-150 lats;
2.8.7. for the ninth year-180 lats;
2.8.8. for each year from the tenth to the fifteenth year-$ 225;
2.8.9. for each year from the sixteenth to the twentieth year-300 lats;
2.9. for additional protection certificate of residence for each year from the first to the fifth year, or for the extension of patents each year-400 lats;
2.10. extension of time limits under the Patent Act article 44-20 lats;
2.11. the continuation of the proceedings after the failure in accordance with the Patent Act article 45-30 lats;
2.12. for restoration of rights under Patent law article 46 – 60 lats;
2.13. the appeal relating to the decision of the Board of patents-120 lats;
2.14. the objection about the granting of patent-120 lats;
2.15. the limitation of the scope of the patent-50 lats;
2.16. for patent or the patent application right of transfer or license registration (except compulsory licence)-30 lats;
2.17. of a certified extract and duplicate production of patents based on patent Register documents and materials: 2.17.1. service of a document, certifying the patent application prior to high-6 lats;
2.17.2. issue of duplicate patent-30 dollars. 3. If the patent application is filed: 3.1 the inventor who created the invention, the State fee shall be paid in 40% of these rules laid down in paragraph 2, the toll rates;
3.2. the pupil, student or pensioner who created the invention, the State fee shall be paid 20% of the provision set out in paragraph 2, the toll rates. 4. a State fee shall be paid before the provisions referred to in paragraph 2 perform actions. 5. State fee including the State budget. Prime Minister a. Halloween Justice Minister g. Smith