The Provisions On The Public Environmental Inspectors Status And Cancellations, Sliding Criteria And Requirements And Certification Model

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par sabiedriskā vides inspektora statusa piešķiršanu un anulēšanu, izvirzāmajiem kritērijiem un prasībām un apliecības paraugu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 833 in Riga in 2007 (4 December. No 68 29) the provisions on the public environmental inspectors status and cancellations, sliding criteria and requirements and sample of the certificate issued in accordance with the environmental protection act article 23, second subparagraph, (I) general question 1. determines: 1.1. public environmental inspector izvirzāmo criteria and requirements;
1.2. the order in which the national environmental service (hereinafter service) grant and revoke the public environmental inspectors;
1.3. public environmental inspectors licence model. II. the criteria and requirements of the public environmental inspectors, 2. for public environmental inspector, the person in question meets the following criteria: 2.1 at least second level (B) State language skills;
2.2. age-at least 18 years;
2.3. at least secondary education;
2.4. is not penalized for intentional criminal offences against nature or the environment, are not penalized for 2.5 administrative offences in the area of environmental protection last year. 3. the public environmental inspectors, granted to a person if it passed the knowledge of service over pleasure (hereinafter certification) for the environmental laws that rule 6.3. referred to areas of activity, of administrative Pro ces and the administrative infringement proceedings. 4. the public environmental inspectors will engage in environmental control voluntarily and without remuneration. 5. Public environmental inspector under the law a specific competence, the following requirements shall be met: 5.1 running under the supervision of the authorities;
5.2. when carrying out checks, name, first name, last name, and displays the status of the risk environment in the company certificate of the Inspector;
5.3. with State environmental inspectors participate in the checks (after State environmental inspector's call);
5.4. within three days of the finding of the infringement shall be sent to the service or any other competent institution (after checking with staff) composed by tratīv in breach of Protocol in the admin and other things;
5.5. the administrative offence protocols used for dial service issued an administrative violation Protocol forms;
5.6. the administrative infringement of the service transfer protocol form, if they are damaged or not properly completed (cancelled), or have not been used;
5.7. provide an overview of the administrative offence drawn up protocols, examinations and other activities in the service ter miņo, but not less frequently than every six months;
5.8. the regular and independent complement knowledge of environmental laws, regulations and administrative processes, as well as participating in seminars held service the public environmental inspectors;
5.9. observe the instructions of the officials of the service monitoring and provide explanations (upon request);
5.10 transfers service to the withdrawn items and infringement infringement iz da swallowing tools removal day or the nearest possible time (when removing the die Nah referrals is not possible during work or other justifiable reasons);
5.11. If the withdrawn items of the infringement and infringement tools put the services, ensure that storage conditions in order to avoid damage to the quality of withdrawn cases and value (except in the case where the deterioration is not possible to prevent those inherent natural qualities);
5.12. the rules of conduct are respected, discredit the service, comply with the relevant provisions of the rules limits on conflicts of interest. III. status of the public environmental inspectors and cancellation 6. for public environmental inspectors, a person (hereinafter applicant) shall submit an application in the service. In the application the applicant shall bear the following information: 6.1. name, surname, personal code;
6.2. residential address and telephone number;
6.3. the scope of activities in which the applicant will carry out checks without the presence of inspectors and des vi will be the administrative offence protocols. Per son you can choose the following: 6.3.1. protection of fish resources and supervision according to the law on fisheries;
6.3.2. environmental control environmental law article 23 paragraph 3 of part three of the "a", "b" and "c" in the cases referred to in (a); these rules and at the bottom of the type referred to in paragraph 6.3.2. 7. the application shall be accompanied by the following: 7.1. information about the education and professional experience;
7.2. passport copy;
7.3. two photos (3 cm x 2);
7.4. a copy of the identity document. 8. the applicant for at least a year during the last two years carried out national environment officer, environment officer public status is granted without the attestation. 9. in the applicant's Attestation of knowledge in the following areas: 9.1. environmental protection laws and regulations under which the environmental inspector comradeship sa will take control;
9.2. administrative procedure and administrative record keeping violations. 10. the service creates the public environmental inspectors of the attestation Commission. The attestation Commission has the following responsibilities: 10.1. prepare appraisal issues and tasks according to the rules in paragraph 6.3 of the Kuma for the specified scope;
10.2. confirm the correct answers to the questions at the tation!;
10.3. ensure the attestation question, challenge and gets an answer not approved until the certification of airworthiness;
10.4. determine the procedure for the attestation, the duration and the consumables to be used;
10.5. within five working days after the attestation to assess the results of attestation;
10.6. the Protocol to approve the results of attestation. 11. Attestation work include: 11.1. questions on environmental protection laws and regulations;
11.2. questions about administrative processes and administrative management of the infringement;
11.3. the questions of environmental protection regulations according to the rules specified in subparagraph 6.3 scope;
11.4. the tasks according to the provisions specified in paragraph 6.3. scope-of the situation described in the administrative offence of preparing the draft Protocol. 12. The attestation is settled, if the applicant is received: 12.1. at least 90% of the maximum possible number of points for this note to KUMU 11.1., 11.2 and 11.3. the questions referred;
12.2. at least 80% of the maximum possible number of points for this note at the bottom of the income referred to in paragraph 11.4. task. 13. The applicant has the right to become acquainted with your appraisal work into Brandenburg. 14. The attestation service organizes once every six months. Before the attestation service applicants organise courses. About at the tation! the place and time of service shall notify the applicant in writing at least two weeks in advance. 15. Two weeks after the attestation service adopts the decision to grant the applicant the public environmental inspectors or deny the status of public environmental officer status. If the applicant successfully passed the attestation pursuant to paragraph 12 of these rules, the service takes the estimates of us refusal to grant public environmental inspectors. The public environmental inspectors, granted for two years. 16. the decision of the public environmental inspectors status indicates the central authorities and the scope in which the public environmental inspector passed the attestation. 17. the status of the public environmental inspectors shall be extended to two years if the environmental inspector comradeship sa filed an appropriate application. Public environmental inspector application for renewal shall be submitted to the service status for at least a month before the status date. 18. the service is not extended the public environmental inspectors, if the risks to the environment officer company: 18.1. not submit the rule 5.7. reports referred to below;
18.2. two years have not served the public environmental inspectors must come;
18.3. the obligations performed badly. 19. Service cancelled the public environmental inspectors status if: 19.1. received the public environmental inspectors, a written application for withdrawal of status;
19.2. found that the public environmental inspectors does not comply with the rules laid down in paragraph 2 of the criteria;
19.3. found that public environmental inspector violated environmental laws of the sardzīb Gorge. 20. the service may void the public environmental inspectors, if the public environmental inspectors in the performance of the public environmental inspectors, repeatedly violates the requirements of legislation, duties are not of high quality or not comply with the rules of conduct. 21. If the service has received the information or the fact that the company found the risk to the environment Inspector duties performed badly or do not follow the rules of ethics, Director-General of the service creates a public environmental review of operation Tora inspek Commission. The Commission shall examine the question of the status of the public environmental inspectors said the withdrawal or the status of nepa garināšan. 22. The public should be informed about the persons authorized to perform services, environmental control, service your website on the internet and update the public put environmental inspector list. The list indicates: 22.1. the public environmental inspectors name and surname;
22.2. scope;
22.3. the licence number and its expiry date;

22.4. the public environmental inspectors in the central institutions of the functioning of the unit. IV. the public environmental inspectors licence 23. Public environmental inspectors issued to public environmental inspek Torah certificate (annex). Certificate signed by the Director-General of the service. 24. On the certificate of loss of public environmental inspectors to immediately report to the Department. 25. the public environmental inspectors are prohibited from transferring a licence to another person or use it for purposes which do not comply with environmental laws and regulations and these rules determine competence. 26. the public environmental inspectors shall refer the certificate service if: 26.1. void in the public environmental inspectors;
26.2. the end of the period of validity of the certificate;
26.3. the certificate is corrupted or not properly filled;
16.4. a new certificate is issued. V. closing question 27 to this provision to the date of entry into force of the public environmental inspectors issued certificates are valid until the expiry date indicated therein, but not longer than until 31 December 2008. Prime Minister a. Halloween Environment Minister r. vējonis annex Cabinet 4 December 2007 rules no 833 public environmental inspectors licence model Environment Minister r. vējonis