National Material Reserves, Accounting, Updating, Leasing, Lending, Accounts Receivable And Write-Off Procedures

Original Language Title: Valsts materiālo rezervju glabāšanas, uzskaites, atjaunināšanas, iznomāšanas, aizdošanas, realizācijas un norakstīšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 877 in 2007 December 18 (Mon. No 70 67) national reserve storage, material tracking, updating, leasing, lending, accounts receivable and write-off procedure Issued under national law the substantive provisions article 9 i. General provisions 1 the questions determines the order in which the records are stored, updated, rent, lend, trade in and scrapped (recycled and disposed) national material reserves (material reserves).
II. The material reserves 2. materials librarian responsible reserves – State and local government institutions and merchants (hereinafter referred to as the librarian in charge) – a government agency "spare" (further – the Agency) chosen, taking into account the proposals of the authorities on the possible responsible custodians, exercising national civil defence plan tasks. These proposals are consistent with the relevant authorities of the State fire and rescue service.
3. the librarian responsible material reserves adopted in storage and determine the responsible person of the action with the substantive provisions in the storage, as well as ensure the conservation of material reserve from the time of acceptance.
4. material reception and transfer of the reserve shall be made with the acceptance and transfer of the Act (annex 1). The material of the reception and transmission of the reserves act is storage an integral part of the contract.
5. reserve Materials stored separately from other goods according to the storage contract.
6. the Agency shall not less frequently than once every two years to verify the responsible custodian's existing material reserves and their storage conditions.
7. The results of the inspection are presented to the inspection Act (annex 2). Inspection approved by the Agency's Director.
III. records of material reserve 8. the Agency shall ensure the material reserves. In addition to the librarian responsible accounting provided by the Agency for material reserves in General, listing the deposited material reserves.
9. material reserves account for material reserves accounting record. The register indicates the following: 9.1 responsible custodians of material reserves;
9.2. the responsible custodian for person in charge name and contact information;
9.3. storage of material reserve site address;
9.4. the material reserve;
9.5. the material reserves and accounting;
9.6. the period of validity of material reserves;
9.7. updating of material reserves;
6.1. use of material reserves;
9.9. the Agency's last inspection date and inspection number.
10. the librarian responsible shall submit to the Agency a report on the previous year activities with the substantive provisions. The report indicates the following: 10.1, marketed and used scrapped material, the name and quantity of the reserves;
10.2. a State or local government bodies, or the name of the economic operator to whom the material reserves transferred;
10.3. the deadline for the use of material reserves;
10.4. reserve materials (material reserves title, quantity, value, and update date).
IV. updating of material reserve 11. responsible custodians of the year before the material reserve expires, submit proposals to the Agency for material reserves update.
12. the Agency shall prepare a material reserve update plans for the current year and organizes material reserve update.
13. reserve Materials update: 13.1. realizing the material reserves and instead of purchasing new;
13.2. the retirement reserve materials and purchasing new;
13.3. using this provision, paragraph 12 of the plan materials included in the reserves responsible custodians of daily needs. Responsible custodians of that reserve shall be replaced with the new resources, which is equivalent to the substantive basis for reserves.
14. This rule 8.3. in the case referred to in subparagraph librarian responsible agency allocate the necessary financial resources to update the substantive provisions.
V. Material reserves and lending 15. letting State and local government bodies, or the merchant application for material reserves Agency submitted for consideration in hiring. The application shall indicate the following: 15.1 the material reserve;
15.2. material reserve;
15.3. reserve materials use and justification;
15.4. use of material reserve.
16. the Agency after that rule 15. examination of application referred to in paragraph 1 shall be drawn up in the order of the Cabinet of Ministers draft and material reserves lease project and with the mediation of the Minister for the Interior driven by the Cabinet of Ministers for consideration.
17. If the material reserves are required for the function of public administration, State or municipality institution 18 of these regulations, paragraph cabinet order may submit projects for the area responsible cabinet member. A member of the Cabinet of Ministers ensures the cabinet order of review of project progress and the Cabinet of Ministers.
18. the Cabinet of Ministers draft order for permission to rent or lend the material reserves: 11.2. rental or aizdodam of material reserves;
18.2. the material reserves leasing or lending.
19. the Agency shall ensure the cabinet order.
20. Leased or loaned material banned in the reserve to put use to third parties.
21. If the material reserves to leasing or lending is damaged, the operator shall pay the Agency the losses incurred due to material damage, or the reserve after checking with the Agency acquire new material reserves.
Vi. the realization of material reserve for Disposal 22 reserves prior to marketing materials evaluated. Reserve materials evaluated by order of the Director of the agency created an evaluation Committee. Panelists include: 22.1. the agency representative;
22.2. the stockholder representative;
22.3. specialist (expert), if the work of the Commission of the evaluation required professional (expert).
23. The Evaluation Committee shall assess the material reserves, determine their relative price and presented in the assessment Act, as well as drawing up an opinion on the possible disposal of material reserve.
24. This provision 23. Agency documents referred to in paragraph 1 shall submit to the Minister of the Interior. Minister of the Interior shall take a decision on the disposal of material reserve.
25. reserve Materials disposed of legislation on State and local divestment.
26. In the absence of any suggestion of disposal of material reserves agency can write off in Chapter VII of these regulations.
VII. write-off of material reserve 27. the librarian responsible for evaluating proposals submitted to the Agency for material reserves for writing off.
28. following this rule proposal referred to in paragraph 27 of the receipt by the Agency of material reserves Evaluation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Evaluation Committee). Panelists include: 28.1. a representative of the Agency;
28.2. the stockholder representative made a proposal for writing off of material reserves;
28.3. specialist (expert), if the work of the Commission of the evaluation required professional (expert).
29. The Evaluation Committee shall prepare and submit to the Director of the Agency for material reserves of opinion writing.
30. After obtaining the opinion of the Director of the Agency shall take a decision on the disposal of material reserve.
31. following the retirement of material reserves agency organizes the material reserves processing (rendering), transfer of reserve materials for recycling or if the reserve materials recycling is not possible, organise the material reserve disposal.
VIII. Closing questions 32. Storage contracts concluded with the custodians responsible up to this date of entry into force of the provisions, in force until they expire, but for no longer than 1 January 2011.
33. the rules shall enter into force by 1 January 2008.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Interior Minister i. Godmanis Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2008.
1. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 18 December 2007 regulations no 877 Interior Minister i. Godmanis annex 2 Cabinet of 18 December 2007 regulations no 877 Interior Minister i. Godmanis