Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 6 October 1998, The Regulations No. 392 "level-Crossing And The Installation Of The Transition, Outfitting, Maintenance And Closure Rules"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 1998.gada 6.oktobra noteikumos Nr.392 "Dzelzceļa pārbrauktuvju un pāreju ierīkošanas, aprīkošanas, apkalpošanas un slēgšanas noteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 29 in Riga in 2008 (January 15,. 3. § 36) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 6 October 1998, the regulations No. 392 "level-crossing and the installation of the transition, fitting, servicing and closing provisions" Issued under the Railway Act, article 20 of the seventh paragraph to make the Cabinet on 6 October 1998, the regulations No. 392 "level-crossing and the installation of the transition, outfitting, maintenance and closure rules" (Latvian journal, 1998, 289./; 2001, 135. No; 2003, 97. nr.) the following amendments : 1. Replace the words "in the text of the provisions of the railway technical inspection" (fold) with the words "the national railway technical inspection" (fold). 2. Supplement with 7.1 points as follows: 7.1 "given time, on any crossing, crossing shall be divided into the following groups: 7.11. temporary level crossings required for installation on railroad crossing the civil emergency situations or during construction; 7.12. the permanent crossing that be permanently for an indefinite period. " 3. Express 8 and 9 paragraph by the following: ' 8. Level crossings shall be constructed on a straight track and road sections where there is good visibility. Road intersection angle must be 90 degrees. If this is not possible, road intersection angle with the public-use railway infrastructure roads must not be less than 60 degrees, but with the use of railway infrastructure for private roads must not be less than 45 degrees. Level crossings where road intersection angle is less than that referred to in this paragraph the road rebuilding stage during reconstruction. Reconstruction project of the line with the railway infrastructure managers concerned. 9. Crossing installation provides the interested party after the horse with the accordance of the rail infrastructure, the institution that oversees the traffic safety on road, railway level crossings, the owner of the respective approach local and national railway technical inspection. " 4. Supplement with 9.1 and 9.2 points in the following wording: "to install the 9.1 (IV) category of permanent crossing to strategic (national) tracks where train speed is 80-100 km/h, you will also need a decision by the Ministry of transport. 9.2 to install the category IV permanent crossing over the public-use railway infrastructure, roads or category II, III or IV of a permanent crossing over the private use of rail infra structure, if the road crossing installation is economically justified and appropriate vehicle is safety, you also need a Cabinet decision in the following cases: 9.21 motorway crosses the three main tracks and more; 9.22. stages where train speed is greater than 100 km/h, and for the train tracks where train speed is greater than 40 km/h; 9.23. strategic (national) and regional rail stations of meaning period in places where visibility is not ensured in accordance with the provisions in annex 2; 9.24. If, in accordance with the provisions of chapter V of the requirements of subsection 1 over a road across the railway to public infra structures track is required, the supervising crew; 9.25. to the station track, which does not provide vision in accordance with the provisions of annex 3. " 5. Make the following paragraph 11: "11. installation the following should not be crossing: 11.1. category I, II or III level crossings are standing over public roads or the railway infrastructure of the permanent category I level crossings over the private use of the railway infrastructure; 11.2. all categories of temporary level crossings: 11.2.1. where the motorway crosses the three or more main track; 11.2.2. the stages where train speed is greater than 100 km/h, and for the train tracks where train speed is greater than 40 km/h. " 6. Delete paragraph 17, second sentence, the word "new". 7. To make 55 as follows: "55. the infrastructure manager shall convene the Commission, to decide on the permanent closure of the crossings, where the track crosses the engineering construction, providing track and road intersection at various levels and within no more than 2 km away from level crossings in populated areas or not more than 5 km away from the crossing outside the populated areas." 8. Supplement with 55.1 points as follows: "55.1 infrastructure manager shall convene the Commission one month to decide on the temporary level crossings, if there is a complete rail crossing the civil emergency or construction." 9. Express 56 the following: "56. to close 55 of these rules crossing. and those in paragraphs 55.1 cases, it suggests, for the opportunity to close the crossing at first agreed with those bodies, which are the representatives of the Commission. Of the rail infrastructure, based on the application of the person who proposes to close the crossing, the month shall be convened by the Commission and agreed by the members concerned, crossing time. " 10. Add to 60 after the word "Before" with the word "permanent".
Prime Minister i. Godmanis traffic Minister a. shlesers