Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 2 June 1998 Regulations No. 214 "rules On Laundering Service Employee Pay System"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 1998.gada 2.jūnija noteikumos Nr.213 "Noteikumi par Noziedzīgi iegūtu līdzekļu legalizācijas novēršanas dienesta darbinieku darba samaksas sistēmu"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 25 in Riga in 2008 (January 15,. No. 3 32) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 2 June 1998 regulations No. 214 "rules on laundering service employee pay system" Issued in accordance with the law "on laundering" article fifth 1. make the Cabinet of Ministers of 2 June 1998 regulations No. 214 "rules on laundering service employee pay system" (Latvian journal 165., 1998,/; 2004 207. no; in 2006, 204. No.) the following amendments: 1. express the point 2 as follows: "2. the fix-control service staff the following month the base salary (in lats per month): 2.1 boss 1500-2078 2.2. Deputy Chief 1100-1512 2.3. Computing Services Department Manager of 900-1263 2.4 head of 700-1263 2.5. computing systems analyst 700-1059 2.6. business operations analyst at 650-1059 2.7. datoroperator 460-782 2.8. interpreter 450-782 2.9. senior clerk 400-523 2.10. qualified employees 200-523 2.11. physical agents 160-208";

1.2. to supplement the provisions under point 6.1 the following wording: "6.1 these rules 5 and 6 of this premium procedure, criteria for fixing the amount of the premium and the specific premium determined control Chief."; 1.3. make point 7 by the following: "7. inspection service employees under labour input can be prēmē by using financial resources up to 15% of the Fund's planned pay as well as funds from the money saved salary Fund. Control staff can prēmē a quarterly basis, taking into account his contribution for a specific period in the authority for action (work), as well as the implementation of the plan of action (work) the plan does not provide for emergency tasks. In some cases, no more than once a year-with the driver informed decision can cost an additional premium for the special contribution in the implementation of important measures. The evaluation shall take into account the investment in financial and economic benefit. The maximum amount of bonus payable at one time an employee may not exceed his monthly base salary, a coefficient 1.2. Specific premiums for the employee, assessing their contribution to the work and results of the work under the authority of the head of the agenda of certain incentives and criteria determined by the Chief of control, control Chief-Prosecutor General. " 2. This provision shall apply 1.1 with January 1, 2008.
Prime Minister i. Godmanis Welfare Minister of the nose.