The Procedures Of The Military Education Institutions Deducted A Soldier Repay The Funds Used For Training

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā no militārās izglītības iestādes atskaitītais karavīrs atmaksā apmācībai izlietotos līdzekļus

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 102 in Riga in 2008 (18 February. No 10 2) arrangements of military education institutions deducted a soldier released training used the funds released under the military service act article 18 Fifth 1. determines the order in which failure (except health failure or other justifiable reasons), or because of a breach of discipline after the election of military education institutions deducted a soldier or retired from professional service soldier (soldier) released for training the financial resources used. 2. the training of Soldiers spent the funds (-expenses) calculated a military educational institution. 3. Simultaneously with the order for the deduction of military educational institutions national armed forces Commander, taking into account the amount of costs and expenses, shall issue an order for reimbursement. Reimbursement shall be limited to a maximum period of six months. The soldier has the right to extension of the period of repayment, but it can not be longer than six months. 4. Expenditure for the soldier released military educational institutions in accounting. Worthwhile expenditure including the State budget. 5. If a soldier not release this in paragraph 4 of the rules in the order, military education institution spending recovered in court. Prime Minister i. Godmanis-Minister of Defence Minister of Interior Mr Segliņš