Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 27 July 2004, Regulations No 629 "reclamation Cadastre"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2004.gada 27.jūlija noteikumos Nr.629 "Meliorācijas kadastra noteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 119 in Riga in 2008 (February 26. No 12) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 27 July 2004, regulations No 629 "reclamation cadastre" Issued in accordance with article 13 of the law of the land drainage in the first part of the draw of the Cabinet of Ministers of 27 July 2004, regulations No 629 "reclamation cadastre" (Latvian journal, 2004, 120 no; 2006, nr. 64) the following amendments: 1. provisions be supplemented by the following paragraph 3.1: "3.1 service maintains and preserves the drainage system, the waterworks structures , engineering studies and water management technical design documentation. " 2. Supplement with 8.6 points below as follows: "8.6. drainage system flushing documentation." 3. Make the following point 9.1.3: "9.1.3 reclamation cadastre of the graphic part of the scale of 1:100, 000;". 4. Express 9.2.2. subparagraph by the following: "drainage system 9.2.2. counting and the conversion documentation, technical regulation-making provisions of the transfer and on drainage systems and waterworks structures into adoption;". 5. To supplement the provisions and paragraph by the following: "drainage system flushing 9.3.5. documentation; 9.3.6. drainage system technical projects, simplified renovation and reconstruction of simplified documentation. " 6. Add to paragraph 11, after the word "inventory" with the words "transfer of sis topic drainage-making acts." 7. Make the paragraph 19 by the following: "19. Service after turning, prepares a summary of the data on State and national reclamation systems and up to the current year's 1 November shall submit it for approval to the Minister of agriculture." 8. Supplement with 20.1 points as follows: "If the drainage system 20.1 in accordance with paragraph 20 of these rules is not registered in the cadastre, land drainage the owner or legal possessor may propose its registration, by a territorial unit of the service application and the following documents: 20.11. fill the drainage system, a summary of the main indicators (annex 1); 20.12. drainage systems and structures disposition plan scale 1:10 000 (analog or digital). " 9. Make the paragraph 23 as follows: "the provisions of article 23, paragraph 13 electronic reclamation cadastre database service creates and implements to 2009 December 31." 10. Annex 1 Worded as follows: "1. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 27 July 2004, regulations No 629 11. Make annex 2 as follows:" 2. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 27 July 2004, regulations No 629 Prime Minister-traffic Minister a. shlesers Minister of Agriculture m. rose