The Order In Which The State Budget Allocated Funding For The Film Industry Projects

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā piešķir valsts budžeta finansējumu filmu nozares projektiem

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 165, Riga, 10 March 2008 (pr. No. 15) order in which the State budget allocated funding for the film industry projects Issued under Cabinet installations article 14 of the law, first paragraph, point 3-1. establish procedures according to the law on the State budget for the current year the appropriations allocated for this purpose in the national agency "National Film Centre" (hereinafter the Agency) granted by the State budget funds (hereinafter funds) film industry projects (hereinafter the project). 2. Eligible to apply for funding for the project may a legal person registered as the movie is (the manufacturer) or film distributor in the laws. 3. Project implementation funding agency for funding provided to the recipient in accordance with the Commission on 15 December 2006, Regulation (EC) No 1998/2006 of the Treaty establishing the European Community and article 88 87. application of the de minimis aid (published in the official journal of the European Union of 18 December 2006, L379) (hereinafter referred to as Commission Regulation No 1998/2006). 4. prior to the provision of funding for the implementation of the project the Agency verifies that the financial support granted will not increase the total amount of de minimis aid, which the beneficiary received in the fiscal year concerned, as well as in the two previous fiscal years to a level in excess of Commission Regulation No 1998/2006, article 2, paragraph 2 of the maximum scale. 5. Agency funding process has the following functions: 5.1. organise a design contest;
5.2. to evaluate the projects submitted;
5.3. to conclude the financing agreement and appropriate them to make direct payments;
5.4. in accordance with the concluded financing contracts to carry out supervision of the execution of the project. 6. to ensure the functions of funding allocation process, the Agency has the following tasks: 6.1 to develop and validate the design contest rules;
6.2. issue a design competition in the newspaper "Gazette", indicating the period for the submission of the project, total funding available, design competition, as well as the type of place where you can get acquainted with the tender regulation of projects and get additional information;
6.3. to inform about the design contest, publishing agency homepage design competition rules, as well as other information related to the project, including the results of the design contest;
6.4. create a permanent Commission of experts design competition project submitted for evaluation;
6.5. in case of need in the evaluation of the projects submitted to attract experts with advisory capacity;
6.6. within five working days of receipt of the written submission of the question to give written answers to questions about the design contest. 7. Before the draft of the invitation to tender, the Agency developed a design contest rules, stating: 7.1 design contest;
7.2. the project site is located, the time limit for submission and order;
7.3. the supporting documents;
7.4. project design requirements;
7.5. design contest results notification procedures;
7.6. other information. 8. the project shall be submitted to the Agency the draft call for proposals within the time specified in the order, and adding a completed project application form (annex). 9. the Agency registers the projects submitted, specifying the type and name of the project, the project received date and time, as well as the applicant's contact information. 10. Design competition projects submitted two rounds: 10.1 appropriate administrative compliance evaluation criteria listed in paragraph 11 of these rules;
10.2. the quality of the evaluation criteria set out in paragraph 18 of these regulations. 11. Design contest the first round of projects submitted, the agency assesses whether: 11.1. project the applicant complies with the provisions of paragraphs 2 and 3;
11.2. the project submitted and meet the design contest rules requirements. 12. If the applicant does not comply with the provisions in paragraph 2 and 3, the Agency shall adopt a decision on the rejection of the project submitted by the project applicant is notified. 13. If the project does not comply with the contest rules of the project requirements, the Agency asked the applicant to clarify the project project. If the applicant does not specify or clarify the project submitted, the Agency shall adopt a decision on the rejection of the project submitted by the project applicant is notified. 14. Design contest the first round of projects submitted shall assess within two weeks after the submission of the project. 15. where the design meets the provisions of this paragraph 11 the criteria, it is directed to the evaluation design contest in the second round. 16. the Agency's design contests shall submit the evaluation of project design contest second round creates the following permanent expert of the Commission (hereinafter the Commission): 16.1. feature film Commission;
16.2. documentary film Commission;
16.3. animated film Commission;
16.4. other film industry projects by the Commission. 17. The provisions referred to in paragraph 16 of the Commission's work in accordance with the rules approved by the Agency's Director. Panelists include professionals who have special knowledge or business skills movie industry and which do not represent the interests of the project. At least one of the members of the Commission are representative of the Agency. 18. the second round of the competition of projects submitted for the project according to its type, scored one of the provisions referred to in paragraph 16 of the Commission on the following quality criteria: 18.1. project in artistic quality;
18.2. the project's importance and actuality;
18.3. the project time and activity plan samērojamīb;
18.4. the applicant's previous project experience and expertise;

18.5. the cost of the design, as well as the goals, objectives and planned activities of the projected cost of the samērojamīb. 19. the Commission shall evaluate the projects submitted under this provision set out in paragraph 18 of the quality evaluation criteria and the Director of the Agency provided its opinion on the draft submitted to the approval or rejection of the project. Opinion of the Commission's recommendations. 20. the decision to support the project submitted or the rejection of the draft submitted by the Director of the Agency shall be adopted, having regard to the opinion of the Commission. 21. The Agency's staff decisions or actual action can challenge the Agency's Director. The Director of the Agency's decision or actual action can be appealed in court. 22. The Director of the Agency's decisions or actual action may be challenged in the Ministry of culture, but the Culture Ministry decisions subject to judicial review. 23. the agency within one month of the adoption of the decision on support for the project submitted to conclude a financing agreement with the beneficiary. 24. the Agency for the supervision of the project implementation, has the right to request from the beneficiary of the news on the progress of the project and the use of funding granted. The beneficiary does not provide the requested information to the agency within five working days of receipt. 25. If the agency finds that the financial resources allocated are not used according to the terms of the financing agreement, the beneficiary shall recover from the financial resources allocated. 26. If the beneficiary within one month from the date of receipt of the request of the Agency have not repaid the required financial resources, as well as has agreed with the Agency on other financial repayment schedule, the Agency launched legal proceedings with the beneficiary. 27. provisions applicable to 10 March 2008. Prime Minister i. Godmanis cultural Minister h. demakova Ministry of culture submitted the attachment Cabinet on 10 March 2008 the Regulation No 165 cultural demakova, Minister H.