Amendments To The Cabinet On August 3, 1999, The Regulation No 273 "footwear Product Labelling Procedures"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 1999.gada 3.augusta noteikumos Nr.273 "Apavu izstrādājumu marķēšanas kārtība"

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Clarifies 10.06.2008., Journal No. 89 (3873) Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 157 in Riga, 10 March 2008 (pr. No 15 16) amendments to the Cabinet on august 3, 1999, the Regulation No 273 "footwear product labelling procedures" Issued under the consumer protection act article 21, first paragraph to make the Cabinet on august 3, 1999, the Regulation No 273 "footwear product labelling procedures" (Latvian journal, 1999, 248./; 2005, nr. 28) the following amendments: 1. Make paragraph 10 by the following: "10. the manufacturer or his EU authorized representative established is responsible for product labelling of footwear and the accuracy of the information contained therein under the consumer protection regulatory laws and requirements. If the manufacturer or his authorized representative is established in the European Union, footwear product labels provide the importer that first put the footwear products to the European Union market (hereinafter importer). The seller is responsible for the sale of footwear products in the presence of the marking. ' 2. Supplement with 10.1 points as follows: "10.1 market surveillance authorities does the consumer rights protection centre. Making shoes in the market surveillance of products, consumer protection Center officials are entitled: 10.11. control and monitoring products on the market offer footwear compliance with requirements of this regulation; 10.12. to request and receive, free of charge the information required by these regulations to supervisory requirements; 10.13. to request and receive, free of charge, samples of the footwear products and organize their expertise to determine product compliance with the footwear requirements in these rules. " 3. Make the following paragraph 11: "11. If the consumer rights protection Centre finds that the footwear product labelling does not meet the requirements of these regulations, the manufacturer, his authorized representative or the importer identified non-compliance prevents consumer centres within the prescribed time limits. The manufacturer, his authorized representative or the importer does not eliminate the non-conformity, the consumer rights protection centre is entitled to prohibit the marketing of footwear to the requirements of this regulation for the provision of adequate labelling or withdraw from a trade around vu products. " 4. Supplement with 11.1 points as follows: "If the 11.1 inspection found that the footwear products do not meet the requirements laid down in these rules, the inspection shall be borne by the manufacturer, his authorized representative or the importer. If the footwear product manufacturer, his authorized representative or the importer is established in the Republic of Latvia, the inspection expenses to pay the dealer who first put the inadequate footwear products market of the Republic of Latvia. Expenses recoverable within five days of the inspection expenses supporting the date of receipt of the document. " 5. Express 2. paragraph 3 of the annex by the following: "3. the natural textiles and synthetic or non-woven textiles textiles are all products that are recognized as such under the legislation on the composition of the fibres on the labelling of textile products" Prime Minister i. Godmanis economic Minister k. Gerhard