The Amendments To The "information About The Structure Of The Bank's Portfolio Preparation And Submission Rules"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi "Informācijas par bankas kredītportfeļa struktūru sagatavošanas un iesniegšanas noteikumos"

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Financial and capital market Commission, the provisions of regulations No 35, Riga, 7 March 2008 (pr. 10. p. 2)
The amendments to the "information about the structure of the bank's portfolio preparation and submission rules" make financial and capital market Commission of 16 July 2004, regulations No 157 "information about the structure of the bank's portfolio preparation and submission rules" (hereinafter-the rules) the following amendments: 1. Express 1.1. paragraph by the following: "1.1." information about the structure of the bank's portfolio preparation and submission rules "(hereinafter-the rules) issued in accordance with the law of credit institutions article 50.8 sixth."
2. Express 3.6 the following wording: "economic sector 3.6 3.6.1 credit expansion in economic sectors use the NACE Rev. 2. nomenclature in accordance with the following classification: code 1 2 economic sector agriculture, forestry and fisheries A crop and livestock production, hunting and related ancillary 01 forestry and logging 02 03 fisheries, mining and quarrying (B) manufacturing (C) food production 10 11 manufacture of beverages manufacture of tobacco products manufacture of Textiles Clothing 12 13 14 wood production wood and cork products, except furniture; straw and wicker products manufacture of paper and paper products 16 manufacture 17 printing and reproduction of records 18 chemicals and chemical products manufacture of pharmaceutical assay and 20 pharmaceutical production in 21 of 24 metals fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment manufacture of Furniture 25 31 Equipment and appliances repair and installation of 33 electricity, gas supply, heating and air conditioning (D) water supply; sewage, waste management and remediation (E) construction (F) wholesale and retail; automotive and motorcycle repair cars and motorcycles (G) wholesale, retail and repair 45 wholesale, except for cars and motorcycles retail trade, except of the 46 cars and motorcycles 47 Transport and storage (H) land transport and pipeline transport 49-50 water transport 51 air transport auxiliary storage and transport postal and courier activities 52-53 accommodation and food services (I) information and communication services (J) financial and insurance activities (K) transactions in financial services , except insurance and pension accumulation activities of Number 64 64.20 64.91 financial leasing other lending services not elsewhere classified 64.92 financial service activities, except insurance and pension accumulation insurance, reinsurance and 64.99 pension accumulation, except compulsory social insurance, financial services and insurance 65 activities complementary activities 66 financial market management operations in securities 66.11 66.12 other financial services complementary activities, except insurance and pension accumulation of insurance and pension accumulation 66.19 complementary action 66.2 operations with the real estate L professional , scientific and technical services, administrative and ancillary services M operation N public administration and defence; compulsory social security education health and P O social care Q arts, entertainment and recreation other services S R no information Z If credit is not possible to identify the characteristics of the economic sector due to lack of information (for example, "10" or "11"), use the attribute (in this case "C"). Characteristics of the sector (for example, "C") may be used only for those loans, which it is not possible to identify the characteristics of the subsectors.
3.6.2. Economic sector determines the loans made to borrowers, which are not residents of the Central Government, local government or nonprofit institutions serving individuals. Loans to households, which are issued to residents, use the attribute "X 1". Credits issued to non-residents use the attribute "X 2". Credit for the Central Government, local governments and individuals represent nonprofit institutions use the attribute "Z".
3.6.3. Credits with an original term of repayment is up to one year, the economic sector is determined by the borrower's activity. Credits for the original repayment period is longer than one year, the economic sector is determined by the industry, the development of which the credit was issued. "
Financial and capital market Commission President When the U.