The Memorandum On The Perennial French Language Training Programme For Public Administrations

Original Language Title: Par Memorandu par daudzgadīgu franču valodas apmācības programmu Latvijas valsts pārvaldes iestādēs

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 202, Riga, 25 March 2008 (pr. No 19) on the memorandum on the perennial French language training to the Latvian State administrative bodies Issued in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Act article 14 equipment, first paragraph, point 3 memorandum for multiannual 1 French language training programme for public administration authorities (hereinafter referred to as the memorandum) with these rules is adopted and approved. 2. the Memorandum shall enter into force at the prescribed time and in order. Prime Minister i. Godmanis Foreign Minister m. Riekstins project accepted and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of 25 March 2008. Regulations No 202 memorandum about the perennial French language training to the Latvian State regulatory authorities the International Francophone organization, the French Republic, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Belgian French community and of the Republic of Latvia, conscious of the role that the French can be and want it to be in international relations and the European continent, recognizing the importance of relations between the Republic of France , Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Belgian French community and of the Republic of Latvia, conscious of the role of multilingualism in the European Union context, the French as one of the working languages, with knowledge of the French language as a foreign language and the importance of language in international relations, especially with the European institutions, training for Government and other public institutions, shall communicate: to strengthen the French language as one of the European and international institutions the official and working languages of the international status of a Francophone organizations , The French Republic, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Belgian French Community support for the Republic of Latvia undertakes to improve the French language skills of officials in Latvia and diplomats, working with European issues, including those who work in the European institutions. For this purpose, will be implemented in the French plan for EU issues in Latvia planners also assumed responsible. It will be based on this memorandum, which both in nature and in practice keep Latvia and France in 2004 December 22 bilateral agreements concluded in the framework of the initiated. The objective of the plan is to gradually three years to train 300 officials of Latvia. At the end of the training, it is expected that the majority of them will be able to use French as the language of work, engaging in negotiations and drafting documents in French. The program for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to diplomats, as well as industry Ministry officials who work with European issues. Based on this memorandum every year until 30 November the Latvian party to develop, submit and discuss with the international organisation of the francophone national training plan which provides French language learning program and content, determining the number of officials and student status, achieving that level of knowledge, hours, budget estimates and the contribution of each party. Each year between the Latvian School of public administration and the French Cultural Center in Riga is a contract for the provision of services, which are laid down in the French language training programme (objectives, the amount of hours, material security, knowledge assessment and attendance control). The program is focused on the learning of French in the European communications environment. In the course are used both intensive and non-intensive session. Outside the State curriculum frameworks, by direct request of Latvia, International Francophone organisation may be awarded scholarships for French language training abroad for refining up to five high officials or the heads of the national regulatory authorities in the year. The Government of Latvia welcomes this international organisation de la Francophonie, the French Republic, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Belgian French Community support for public administration workers ' knowledge of French to supplement. It expressed its willingness to establish the knowledge of a language as one of the criteria for the promotion of civil servants and for recruitment to posts which require quality of French language skills. The memorandum shall enter into force on the date of its signature and has the status of a protocol of intent, which demonstrates the good will of the parties to the expression of French expertise in the promotion of Latvia's planners also assumed in the middle. The memorandum is drawn up and signed in five copies, each in the Latvian and French. 2008 ____ _____ ____ Maris RIEKSTINS in Riga, Jean-Pierre JOUYE the Latvian Minister of Foreign Affairs of the French Republic the French European Affairs Minister Abdou DIOUF on behalf of the International Francophone Organization Secretary General Daniel MENSCHAER of the French community of Belgium authorized representative in Latvia, the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Guy DOCKENDORF culture, higher education and Science Ministry first Advisor