Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 20 March 2007 No 182 The Provisions Of The "regulations On The Real Estate Object Detection"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2007.gada 20.marta noteikumos Nr.182 "Noteikumi par nekustamā īpašuma objekta noteikšanu"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 216, Riga, 25 March 2008 (pr. No 19 40) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 20 March 2007 the provisions of the "rules on 182 real estate object detection" Issued under the real estate cadastre of the State law, article 22 and article 43 second paragraph do Cabinet of 20 March 2007 the provisions of the "rules on 182 real estate object detection" (Latvian journal, 2007, 50 no) the following amendments: 1. Delete paragraph 4.6. 2. Make paragraph 5 by the following: "5. If the object of real estate or land units determination is inconsistent with the national real estate cadastre of the Act, these regulations or the construction, regional and spatial planning regulations or national requirements in a single computerised land register is found contradictory information, the State land service accepts the submission sponsor and in the Act on administrative procedures the deadlines set by the decision on the refusal to be prepared to accept the order. The decision on the refusal of the agent is entitled to challenge the State real estate cadastre under the procedure prescribed by law. " 3. Make 285. paragraph by the following: "285. building total area is calculated by summing all the indoor and outdoor areas. Room area is calculated according to the rules in paragraph 270 above requirements. Indoor and outdoor area excludes window and doorway area regardless of the thickness of the bulkhead wall, or in which they are located. " 4. Make the following introductory paragraph 287: ' 287. If the space includes a room for group use, according to this provision the attachment has a 26 "-one apartment 1110 home living room group," "1121-two dwelling houses the living room group" or "1122-three and more apartment home living room group", it indicates one of the following room types: ". 5. Make the introductory paragraph 288, the following: "288. Other rooms that are part of the group that the use of this provision complies with annex 26 (except" 1110-one apartment home living room group, "" 1121-two dwelling houses the living room group or "1122-three-and more dwelling residential group home"), indicates one of the following room types: ". 6. Replace the words "paragraph 298.2 scores" with the words "indicators, expressed in percentages, rounded". 7. Express 300. point as follows: "300. the physical condition of the building is determined as a percentage depending on the buildings main constructive element-Basic, walls, floors and roof-physical condition of day determine, pursuant to this part of the building, the result rounded to the nearest five percent." 8. Delete paragraph 311. 9. Supplement with 5.20. the following subheading: "State secret status 5.20 appropriate building cadastre of 401.1 trying to launch the built, reconstructed or renovated State secret status of the building cadastre, the proponent determine the State land service shall provide: proof 401.11. include: 401.11.1. information that the building complies with the State secret status of the object; 401.11.2. building name; 401.11.3. information on the total area of the building and its distribution on the floor; 401.12. municipal decisions on the allocation of the address, if the address is not registered in the State Register of addresses. Cadastre in trying determine 401.2 building raksturojošo indicators: 401.21. making external monitoring; 401.22. using the documents filed by the agent. building land in the trying of 401.3 measured 262.1. these provisions, 262.2., 262.3., and in paragraph 263 262.4. referred to in paragraph size and records them in building plots. 401.4 building sketches used in the preparation of these regulations and paragraphs 265.266 in those documents. the height of the fever building 401.5 corners from the basic level to the surface of roofing and exterior wall intersection of follow-up. 401.6 building plan prepared under this rule 279. the requirements referred to in paragraph 1, without specifying the coordinates of the point structure. in the calculation of the amount of 401.7 Building includes: 401.71. building area (m2) calculation; būvtilpum calculation 401.72. (m3). building area calculation 401.8 carried out according to the rules in paragraph 281. 401.9 Būvtilpum is calculated by multiplying the area of the building with a height of. the physical condition of Buildings 401.10 down under this provision in annex 38. the building's main use of 401.11 type and type determined according to the name of the building and technical indicators. 401.12 groups use determined in accordance with the rules referred to in annex 26. Space groups use corresponds to the principal use of that part of the building. 401.13 performing cadastral trying, arbitrary signs of construction not determined. the building cadastre in 401.14 trying: 401.141. on the underground floor is taken "0"; 401.142. the Group adopted the number "1"; 401.143. If the framework and roof covering material is impossible to determine the external survey, indicates "other material". 401.15 regardless of actually building the space group and the space for the number of cadastral information system records the one group with one room on each floor, where the record name "space group" and "space". 401.16 building cadastral Affairs determine made pursuant to this provision 29. the requirements referred to in the annex shall not be included in the floor plans. " 10. Express 27. the annex as follows: "Annex 27. Cabinet of Ministers of 20 March 2007, regulations No 182 of constructive elements of a building proportion type group code (2 marks) or type code (8 marks) type the group name or type name of the elements share Constructive (%) basis for wall covering roof wall box (Windows, doors) decoration special (electro-technical, san-technical) together over-cover the floor together and divģimeņ of single-family residential 01 home apartment building 10 30 10 14 12 13 27 10 15 9 61 10 10 20 6 02
66 10 11 21 3 03 Business institutions and commercial buildings 9 33 12 8 14 67 8 9 17 7 04 traffic and communication buildings industrial buildings 9 34 15 6 12 67 9 6 15 9 05 12 33 8 4 12 67 12 10 22 9 12520502 vertical cylindrical surface reservoirs (with 5000 m3 of būvapjom and more) ammonia , petroleum, liquid chemical and oil products storage, built to 1995 (inclusive) 100 12520503 vertical cylindrical surface reservoirs (with cupola roof construction and the būvapjom 5000 m3 and more), ammonia, petroleum, liquid chemical and oil products storage, built after 1995 06 public buildings of Small summer stage 7 30 12 8 14 64 13 11 24 5 12610601 of agricultural buildings 18 42 7 4 4 57 11 3 14 11 21 40 0 6 6 52 0 16 16 11 07


The Inadequacy of agricultural sheds 5 12 0 0 2 14 0 24 24 57 08 20 32 10 8 9 59 10 4 14 7 12010801 sheds with a metal or stone pillars and artificial lighting 5 12 0 0 2 14 0 24 24 57 12010802 sheds 5 12 0 0 2 14 0 24 24 57 note. If this building type code when building cadastral trying, corresponds to a given building, determining the physical condition of the building, you must apply for this type of constructive elements of the specified percentage (%). " 11. To supplement annex 29 to section 3.3.1 as follows: "3.3.1 date of the last reconstruction or renovation;". 12. To supplement annex 29. subparagraph following 3.16.8 "3.16.8. date of last refurbishment or reconstruction." 13. To supplement the annex to the 30 point 3.3.1 as follows: "3.3.1 date of the last reconstruction or renovation;". 14. To supplement Annex 31 3.11. subparagraph by the following: "3. the date of the last reconstruction or renovation." 15. To supplement the provisions of this annex, with 38: ' Annex 38. Cabinet of Ministers of 20 March 2007, regulations No 182 criteria for determining the physical condition of State secrets for building of object if the cadastral uzmērām building is one of the elements, it is not being taken into account in determining the physical condition of the building, increasing the building's physical condition. Completely without basis, the increase is about 7%, 64%, on walls-floors-by 24% and the roof-by 5%. If constructive element is missing a part, the physical condition of the constructive element of the increase shall be determined in proportion to the part of it. Physical condition (%) do not increase the existing elements of the building carried out prior to the determination of depreciation building existing elements. Determining the physical condition of the existing building elements, it is attributed to the depreciation of the building as a whole according to the table mentioned in depreciation characteristics. Cadastral uzmērām building physical condition assessment results, expressed as a percentage rounded to the nearest ten percent.

No PO box depreciation (percent to) the main signs of depreciation 1.10 structures in good condition, some tiny defects 2.20 some tiny cracks in masonry walls, wooden exterior siding places chappy, the roof damaged Tin finishing 3.30 sites lean weld wall, wooden exterior siding or stucco significantly cracked, roof linings made of tiny repair (patch) 4.40 separate bricks from the tattered eaves, a nolup facade plaster under the eaves at the corners, some deep cracks or the aizziest, wooden siding rotten under the boxes or at the base of 5.60 base compaction, Observed significant cracks in the Foundation and walls throughout the building, the wooden walls cut the window or door frame, experiencing depression, roof rafters visible defects 6.80 walls followed from the vertical position, the wooden walls from General izpuvum, roof damage significantly 7.90 in the shipbuilding part sagāzuš its restoration is effective 8.100 Has detected one or more building constructive elements, but they are in poor technical condition, '' Prime Minister i. Godmanis Justice Minister g. Smith