Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 16 May 2006, Regulations No. 395 "rules For Centralised Exam Content And Procedures"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2006.gada 16.maija noteikumos Nr.395 "Noteikumi par centralizēto eksāmenu saturu un norises kārtību"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 247 in Riga 2008. on 8 April (pr. No 22 11) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 16 May 2006, regulations No 395 "rules for centralised exam content and modalities" Issued in accordance with article 46 of the law school's third and the General Education Act, paragraph 12 of article 4 to make a Cabinet of 16 May 2006, regulations No 395 "rules for centralised exam content and modalities" (Latvian journal, 2006, 78 no) the following amendments: 1. Replace paragraph 9, the words "space and time" with the words "location , time, pattern, head and hearing part of the interviewer ". 2. Supplement with 11.1 points as follows: "learners who have 11.1 pedagogical Medical Commission opinion on the health situation of the trainees, the capacity and level of development of appropriate educational programs or the implementation of speech, education or clinical psychologist's opinion on learner special education needs, the Centre for the exploitation of basic education exams determine different process activities and support measures. Additional support measures to evaluate and propose to the educational institution. Learner or his legal representative may refuse from support measures, on the basis of the student or his or her legal representative in the educational Manager. " 3. Delete paragraph 12, the words "education authorities and sent". 4. Replace paragraph 14, the words "preparatory order" with the word "organization". 5. Replace paragraph 15, the words "wishes to" sort by "sort". 6. To express the following paragraph 16: "16. Educational institution create a student list, which will sort the exams. The list specifies in the learner's name, surname, personal code, the class exams and education program code (hereinafter-the Organizer a list of exam), collects information about the required exam number of the material, the required number of adapted material increase in print. The exam Organizer list and information about the required exams and materials adapted to the number of materials submitted to the municipal educational administration until the first semester of the school year. " 7. Replace paragraph 17, the word "language" with the words "adapted to the number of materials". 8. Supplement with 27.1 point as follows: "the municipal education Board 27.1 to 1 of the school year concerned may appoint joint managers of each exam and oral part of interviewers." 9. Replace paragraph 31, the words "other professionals" with the words "municipal education administration specialist". 10. Replace paragraph 34, the number "1." with the number "20". 11. Replace the words "in paragraph 37 of the school year in September" by the words "until the school year 1 December". 12. Delete paragraph 41.2. the words "and a test material". 13. Delete paragraph 71, the words "or hearing". 14. Make the following paragraph 72: "72. Learner who obtains a general secondary education for minority education programmes, is entitled to choose the exam language execution-Latvian or Russian (except exams in foreign languages)." 15. Delete paragraph 89, the words "article or". 16. To supplement the provisions of the following paragraph 93.1: ' learners who are supporting 93.1 reasons do not come for the exam on time and who need to sort, exam time determined in accordance with the provisions of the Cabinet of Ministers on State tests during the school year concerned. " 17. Make the following introductory paragraph 99: "99. the procedures the Commission shall revoke the student exam work, its parts or individual task assessment if:". 18. Make 100. paragraph by the following: "100. If the wrong exam material prepared, the Commission shall decide on the exam objectives, or part of the evaluation of all learners who have taken the exam. " 19. Make 109. paragraph by the following: "109. Learner or his legal representative (9. class learner-legal representative with written authorization) the administrative procedure law has the right within one month of the date of issue of the certificate, to submit the application requesting the Centre to review the exam received a rating. The application shall be accompanied by the original of the certificate must be issued. " 20. Make the following paragraph 111: "111. Appeals Commission hears from students or their legal representatives received submissions, review the exam the assessment and shall take a decision on the continuation in force of the rating or change it. Center Commission decision notified to the applicant in writing. " 21. Annex 1 to express the following: "1. the annex to Cabinet of 16 May 2006, regulations No 395 Prime Minister i. Godmanis, Minister of education and science t. koķe